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A maxi dress is a long gown which is worn by women. Stylists have counted up to hundreds of different maxi dresses designs. There are tartan, polka dot, striped, bold color dresses, well as you already dig it, there are plenty of maxi gowns styles and variations. Mostly these dresses come in stretchy fabrics, so it’s common, that pregnant women use them as maternity dresses. Anyway, let’s take a look which of maxi dresses will be in trend this season. For this summer many designers and labels offered different styles, starting from casual, sport to beach and evening styles. Long dresses never go out of fashion, as long as weather allows wearing it. I’d say it’s kind of femininity impersonation.

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During spring time most of girls and women try to give up winter heavy garments and choose something airy, simple and easy. Most of women wear pastel color dresses, yet some try on bold and bright colors, like green, yellow, sky-blue, red and fuchsia. Some fashionistas team maxi dresses with short (cropped) leather jackets, I think it looks stylish.

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Summer time is beach time and there is no doubt that every girl at least one time tried to pull on maxi s. As you can see from the images below there are many maxi dress colorations: animal sprints, bold colors and fresh patterns. Some women put on maxi dress at work. I advise you to try on striped gowns, or navy style. Every garment that comes in navy style associates with summer, beach, yachts and relaxation.

During autumn season stylists offer us warm color maxi dresses mostly in brown, coffee, brown sugar and dark milk hues. I personally advice you to try some bright colors: burgundy, dark green, mustard. For Office time you can always go for maxi black dresses accessorized with necklaces, tights and neck scarf.

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Maxi dress looks perfect with any outerwear, so you can simply pull on coat, jacket, formal jacket or even fur coat. One thing which looks weird is sport style jackets and puff jackets.

For those who like sport style I advice to try urban style maxi gowns, which are relaxed and stylish. This season trendy colors for sport style maxi dresses are blue, yellow, green and black designs.

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If you are bold enough, then you can always try to find some architectural silhouette maxi dresses, like the bell maxi dress, which underlines your waist. Anyway, if you want long dresses for a formal event or party, then the best choice is black color dress, its classic.

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