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Today we are about to see male models and businessmen street style looks that appear to be dapper, off-duty, grunge, hipster and smart inspired. That's an impressive compilation which features creative outfit combinations that are adoptive and practical. We think every guy will find here something interesting, which will for sure update his everyday wardrobe. All the presented outfit ideas were snapped in New York, Paris, Milan and London streets during fashion weeks. Here are showcased well-dressed dudes who appear in trendy clothing. You are about to see our favorite looks from hard-working guys outside the shows. Let's see exciting fashion trends that are going to be in style for dudes this year.

Become suit-addicted!

Wear suits during your working hours and weekends.

Some male models love wearing hipster inspired clothing, by mixing leather jackets with beanies, simple tees, chambray shirts and ripped jeans.

How about mixing hipster style with formal suits?

Floral shirts for guys are superb.

Military versus hipsters and suits.

3-pieced look.

Moto jacket and the bicycle.

Peacoat + chambray shirt + relaxed tailored trousers.

Striped tee + casual shirt with rolled up sleeves + white slim pants + colorful loafers + fedora straw hat

Another striped tee, while this time it's teamed with blue cardi-blazer and rolled up tailored shorts.

Make it rock and roll.

Keep it simple with tee and ripped rolled up jeans.

Smart casual.

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