Men’s Looks: How To Wear A Polo Shirt

What do we have got here, yes, these are real man's wardrobe pieces, that make them look stronger and confident- we are speaking about men's polo shirts. This season is a great comeback of these shirts. We remember that they were absent for a while and this year they are back in town. This is really a versatile look, which can be styled absolutely with everything, starting from casual, semi-casual to formal looks. Many men are wearing them during the golf play as this item is very practical and classic. Many celebrities, movie stars are pairing them with white pants for a yacht walk, for a simple lounge wear or just going at the beach. We think it's the right time to say why this design comes back in fashion.

How To Wear A Polo Shirt  (1)

How To Wear A Polo Shirt  (2)

There are numerous of reasons, but there are two main reasons: firstly, many brands offering us to wear them, as it looks sporty and timeless at the same time, secondly, many movies feature these polo shirts, just take a look at Leonardo Dicaprio who appeard in so many variations, colors and styles during his play in The Wolf Of Wall Street.

Polo Shirt For Men (1)

Polo Shirt For Men (1)

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Polo Shirt For Men (2)

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Anyway, it's time to see some possible ways of how you can wear this item with other wardrobe looks. If you want a nice old Hollywood look, like a preppy guy, then team this shirt with cool chinos or pressed trousers and cool loafers or driver shoes. Those who want a relaxed style, then why don't you team them with cool blazer or leather jacket for a semi-casual look. Those men who want to mix and match 1950's, 60's and 70's then we advice to look for nice styles that feature different patterns, prints, stripes and checks. All those colorful and bold crazy colors can be teamed with cool skinnies, trousers or shorts. We love how guys roll up their trousers for a casual and cool vibe. Keep in mind, that the best shoes that suit these polo shirts are sandals, sneakers, loafers and oxfords. Anyway, let's get some inspiration from the streets fashion.

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  1. I don’t know what it is but the polo shirt is supposed to be casual yet manages to make a man look dapper and so stylish! ~ Richard

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