Men’s Looks: The Dapper & Casual Chic Style

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Today's topic is men's dapper and casual chic style looks. If you want to impress your girl with your uniqueness, then Drapper look will make her crazy. This style requires no rules, so try to feel comfort in the way you are dressing. you can wear perfect shoes with bare feet, or you can try on monochromatic suit or go crazy with wild prints, textures and colors, in other words, everything is up to you. As you can see from the images below, you can easily wear buttoned cardigans over shirts, tees styling them with chinos. There are lots of variations of Dapper styling, like wearing suits as David Ghandy does, look at him wearing Al Capone style fit. Sometimes it's very cool to appear in cocktail attire instead of normal urban look, I mean, you can always go for gray slim suit, gingham shirt and cool black suede loafers.

Or you can always create a fresh casual Friday work style and appear in casual chic style clothes wearing slim leg jeans (might be rolled up), button down oxford shirt, campus inspired jacket, knit tie and Converse chucks, sound good, right?

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  1. Kurt says:

    In the fourth picture, do you have any idea what clothing site it came from? i really like the suspenders.

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