Men’s Style: Wearing Sandals with Socks

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We have already spoke about the possible ways for women to wear sandals and now it's the right time to discuss men's world. So, if you see man wearing this kind of footwear combination, then you should know, that this man is the fashion-challenged person, who is individual and doesn't give any feeling about your thought. Some may say, why should I wear socks during the summer, as it's quite warm and I can wear those shoes without them, while the others are driven by the unwritten law, that men must not wear these shoes with socks. We personally consider wearing socks with these open shoes is nothing wrong, why? First of all, fashion has no borders and people will always invent something new and original, that's why why should we stop evolving, right?

Indeed, this style is a controversial fashion combination and a real phenomenon that is discussed in many countries, but we love wearing what is comfortable and practical, that's why if you feel comfort while wearing this style, then why not?

Some men prefer wearing socks in sandals, while the other wear without them. That's a personal choice. Of course there are men who consider, that wearing sandal-shoes with socks is only popular among the older generation, but those who think this way, PLEASE take a closer look at these images, do you find these men old, we don't think so. Many celebrities, like David Beckham and Justin Bieber were caught wearing this style and we don't think they felt wrong about it. During the winter season many boys and men wear knitted socks, that are teamed with edgy footwear designs, that transmits the casual and masculine touch.

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  1. Antome says:

    Hey, how I agree with you! While I personally think that most sandals, always look at least slightly better with shorts and no socks, for men, if feet are groomed and unless they look particularly “bad” on themselves, I think that with the right outfits and the right socks and sandals, this look can be particularly stylish, it doesn’t look at all about dorky and goofy as they say, unless shirts and socks are slobby and over ankle, etc.
    Hey which model and brand of sandals are the leather and buckle ones in the first four pics, I want to try them (still with shorts and no socks, though ^_^).

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