Modern Women’s Spring-Summer Vests

We have already spoken with you about winter vests and it looks like we have to move further and see some of the brightest spring-summer gilets that will underline your femininity and make you stand out the crowd. As we have already mentioned the styles, then you should know: everything depends on you and it's up to you which style you will choose. Many brands and designers offer us different layers that might make you look like a rock star, grunge girl, Bohemian, hippie, glamor lady or urban denim lover. Anyway, let's see some bright looks that were snapped on the catwalk, streets of big cities and photo shoots.

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Our favorite style is a laid-back Bohemian look, that features printed vest teamed with floor-length skirt or dress, simple tank and oversize handbag. Well, it's only one of our favorites, as there are many other styles that can be used as casual, everyday, formal outfit. There are beautiful options, like one-piece jumpsuits that come along with nice gilet which can be either long or cropped. So, if you are getting ready for a cocktail party or a night club, then keep in mind, that this sleeveless outerwear can play role of the main accessory, that's why you can simply forget about statement necklaces and let you outerwear play the main role. The color of your gilet can be the same as your top, while you can always wear bright color pants, skirts, that could underline your style. We love loose and boxy shape bottoms that come in bright colors, as it always attracts every person around you. If we speak about the fabrics then everything depends on the weather, as if it's warm, then you can try on lace, silk or perforated vests, while if it's quite cold, then you can go even for winter styles like fur and leather, but keep in mind, that if you will layer it with a trench coat, then it might be too warm and you will start to sweat.

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