Mohawk Hairstyles – Beauty Trends and Ideas

Make it punk and rock and roll! Today we would like to share with you mohawk hairstyles that are going to rock this season. You are about to see fresh beauty trends and ideas that can be opted by you. In today's fashion world many stylists offer us various styles, you have to just scroll down and see favorite versions. Thanks to such update, you will look edgy and bold. The upward spikes are not in trend anymore, that's why try on modern mohawk which can be done in beautiful color accents. Most of these looks can be done at home, while as you have noticed, there are styles which can be done only by professionals. There are known different versions of this look, starting from classic styles which feature shaved sides and raised hair, thin hawks to Chelsea-hawks, rayhawk and mohawk community.

Hald updo and side braided.

Here we see Pink wearing combed back version and the other one stands up.

This one features a braided ponytail in center parting and a faux feather details.

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