Red Lips Are Must Have This Year

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This year is going to be full of new styles, new trends, new color shades and beauty tips, while, today we are going to speak about one timeless beauty tip which is a real woman's power: red lips. This year is all about classics, that's why if you love this color, then go for it. We love it, that's why you are going to see many examples of possible shades. We prefer deeper shades of red lipstick, that's why you can try some deeper shades of cranberry colors, as this shade makes your lips look classic, elegant and versatile. Keep in mind, if you are planning to be outdoors, then the best choice will be to pick a softer shade, while for an evening event it's better to choose bolder one.

Red Lips  (1)

If you have thin lips, then it's better to avoid deep shade color, as your lips will look even smaller. So, if you decided to choose red lipstick, then use light versions of eye-makeup. So, if you are using this lipstick, then do not use the same color lip liner, as most of times it doesn't matches your main lipstick. Please note, all the shades of red are perfect, as they make your persona look bold and statement.

Red Lips  (1)

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