Shoulder Length Haircuts For Women

The shoulder length haircuts are considered to be versatile, thanks to easier care and great variety of possible styling experimentations. I think it would be much harder to find appropriate options for short versions, am I right? Today we're going to observe this year's best cuts that will update your look and make your appearance brighter, youthful and modern. The basics shapes remain to be bob, square and cascade haircuts, where the first two are ideal for office wear. Indeed, the work appropriate look includes versions of smoothened hair with slightly wavy locks. If we speak about this season's must haves, then try on a grunge inspired version, which features messy natural look. Those ladies who want more feminine appearance can try wearing cascade, which adds an additional volume and softens face shape. The layering of this look makes an effect of light carelessness.

The smoothened and wavy look, which one is better?

The middle part and waves.

Natural look will make you more individual.

Messy version and more elegant.

I am in love with this cascade and bangs

The bangs will always compliment your sunglasses.

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