Stunning Coat Dresses

The first thing you should know about coat dress for this year, it is the heaviness of the fabric. It has to be not so heavy. This outerwear staple is worn over your top or dress. That's why choose the one which suits transitional wear. It should be cinched at the waist to underline your feminine silhouette. If your design is straight or shapeless, then we advice you to add a belt. The fabric should be warm, while do not buy heavy one, otherwise you will sweat in it. If we speak about the neck and collar area, then there should not be too much detail. The design has be very similar to a coat, but keep it softer and lighter, in other words - keep the balance. So, if you want a perfect coat-dress, then take a closer look at these interesting ideas.

Coat Dresses 2014 (1)

This one is quite shapeless and styled with thin scarf, statement clutch bag and impressive sunglasses. We love these sandals.

Coat Dresses 2014 (2)

You can always embellish your coat dress with a bright belt, which will underline your silhouette and make you look bold. We love the turquoise color of this look.

Coat Dresses 2014 (3)

This one is quite casual.

Coat Dresses 2014 (4)

If you want an updated evening touch then try on a black color.

Coat Dresses 2014 (5)

If you want to try on something fashion-forward, then this one is meant for you.

Coat Dresses 2014 (6)

The vibrant print is this 2014 season's must have (we love flared silhouette).

Coat Dresses 2014 (7)

If we speak about materials, then this year is all about furs.

Coat Dresses 2014 (8)

The silhouette may vary from fitted to asymmetric and creative cut-outs.

Coat Dresses 2014 (9)

A double breasted version with a flared bottom will underline your sweetness.

Coat Dresses 2014 (10)

This look is quite girlish and cute thanks to those circled sunglasses and bows.

Coat Dresses 2014 (11)

As you have already noticed, the colors vary from dark to light and ethereal. Here we see a sweet pink one.

Coat Dresses 2014 (12)

Vibrancy is very important, as it underlines your strong sides.

Coat Dresses 2014 (13)

How about some retro shapes.

Coat Dresses 2014 (14)

Animal prints are still in trend.

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