Style Tips: How to Wear Black Blazer

Today's topic will be the possible ways of wearing black blazer and how to style it with other colors. Yes, we are going to speak about color combinations of the modern fashion world. As you all know, each color requires an individual approach, so that you either combine it either use it solo. Today we will speak about the amazing combinations, that are so must have this season. As you all know, this color is popular nowadays, well, honestly that's a timeless bloom, which will never go out of style. So, let's have a look at some tricks and tips of the possible clothing wear options. A blazer will never let you down, as it look gorgeous at work, polished at cocktail party and stunning over an evening gown.

Black Blazer For Women (1)

All you need is a just a little bit of inspiration, that's why we want to share with you this amazing compliation of looks that will not only inspire you, but will make your daily and formal wardrobe come true.

If we speak about special events, like going to opera, or other formal occasion, then you can always dress your blazer up with fitted dark gown, statement earrings and pointed-toe pumps to make standout appearance. If it's a casual day wear, then you can always throw your favorite little blazer over your shoulders and dress a graphic tee underneath along with cool and slouchy print pants for a relaxed but slightly polished look. Another relaxed touch can be reached by wearing a sweet blue or other color knitwear (sweater, cardigan) underneath your black outfit. Make it ultra urban, by wearing jeans (boyfriends, skinnies, regular), simple white tee and your cool jacket, or wear it over a fitted hoodie. Some ladies love a downtown look, when they dress in all black ensemble, adding some eye-catching leather trousers and chic high heels. Don't forget to mix up the colors, as you can wear black on top and some fresh and bright for bottom, like red jeans or leather pants for instance. Fashion offers amazing updated looks, like going modern: wearing leather shorts and belted blazers for ultra glam look.

Black Blazer For Women (1)

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'Louis Vuitton - Marc Jacobs: The Exhibition' - Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2012

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Ralph Lauren resort 2014

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