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Best Animal Print Dresses For Spring-Summer

Are they? Yes they are! Animal print dresses are here to stay. Today we want to draw your attention to the best animal print dresses for spring-summer season. All the presented designs are ideal for parties, fabulous events and night clubs. Each of the presented styles will for sure make you feel confident and capable of anything, as the wildness is on your side. This print is back in vogue and it's reworked in a more classic way, so it doesn't look cheap. Before making any money moves, you have to know what fits, patterns and lengths are in trend this summer. The best way to know how to wear it in the streets and various occasions is to see examples. We tried to find fabulous options what will ideally fit slim fit, curvy and plus-size women. Take a look at the following tips and let us know what you think.

Animal Print Dresses For Spring-Summer 2015 (1)
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Leopard Print Skirts For Autumn-Winter

How about adding a wow effect to your overall look by wearing a leopard skirt. Today we want to share with you girls and women this awesome compilation of different marvelous skirts which feature leopard print. This wardrobe piece will definitely complete any outfit, so you only have to make right combinations. In this post you are going to find various outfit inspirations, which will make you look different and unique. The latest fashion collections showcased numerous combinations and color variations of this predator print. We love colorful patterns as well as muted and smooth shades. You can either wear these skirts for semi-formal occasions, either for night outs. The designs for this Fall-Winter season are different and start from short ones to maxi. Pay attention to your accessories: try to wear metal or jeweled bracelets and earrings to accentuate your unique look. If we speak about shoes, then wear mid-heels in gold and tan for work and tall boots for night outs.

Leopard Print Skirts For Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 (1)

You can go for a sharp look by wearing a moto inspired black leather jacket and bright color pencil bottom.

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Leopard Print Clothing For Women

Which animal lives in your body. Today we bring you a compilation of gorgeous leopard print clothing which is going to be in fashion during seasons. The showcased collection includes edgy tops, shirts, tops, dresses, bombers, jackets, coats, as well as leopard on leopard print clothing sets. Enjoy your evenings with friends sporting beautiful and modern fashion updates. Believe us, these eye-catching separates and ensembles will for sure prepare you for evening adventures. All these fresh and colorful clothes can be worn for work and offices. Some women think animal print is quite daring to wear, but listen, all you have to do is to try it once and you never stop wearing it in your daily life.

Leopard Print Clothing 2014-2015 For Women (1)

Sleeveless blouse which is worn with high waisted skirt will look awesome with skinny jeans and tall boots. Do not afraid of mixing up casual wear with formal pieces.

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Leopard Print Pantsuits for Women

Let's talk about pantsuits. In today's compilation we want to share with you women pantsuits in leopard prints. You are about to see various sizes, styles and silhouettes from different fashion designers. It's no secret that a a tailored suit is a great addition to any wardrobe, that's why we want to show you interesting and modern updates which are not only perfect for the office wear but also for various night outs in the town and cocktail parties. The structure of suit jacket can be either slim, relaxed or loose-fit, while the pants can be flared, slim, classic as well as pleated, but you can go for straight-leg, wide-leg, bootcut, etc. We love seamed shawl-collar jackets with long sleeves, shoulder pads and shawl collars. The blouse should be either bright or muted. If you will choose a casual top for your suit, then the overall look will be more relaxed, while the formal blouse will add more sophistication and it will turn any pantsuit into professional look.

2014-2015 Leopard Print Pantsuits for Women (1)

Here we see an animal print worn under gold metal biker, that's why it looks more semi-formal. The look is updated with a little clutch with chain strap.

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Leopard Print Coats and Jackets For Women

If you are one of those ladies who want to be spotted in the streets, then we advice you to go for leopard print, which is still popular and trendy this season. In this compilation you are about to view amazing coats and jackets. In today's fashion world leopard pattern is already classic. These coats are really popular this year, so, if you are a big fan and currently looking for a perfect outerwear, then we highly recommend you to look at this terrific selection of gorgeous woman's outerwear. New season comes with sophisticated and feminine silhouettes, various colors and hues. Here below are presented different styles, so that you can choose the one that best fits your style.

2014-2015 Leopard Print Coats and Jackets For Women (5)

Mid-length collarless leopard coat worn with the same print top and bottom.

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Women’s Leopard Print Accessories

How loud you can go with leopard print? Today we want to show you season's predator print accessories which will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. This post includes various eye-catching pieces, starting from handbags, shoes, to hats, scarves and belts. This pattern did not go out of fashion, that's why many designers highlighted many different styles and pattern trends of women's wild side during their runway shows. You are about to view gorgeous colors (yellow, black, orange, red, pink, etc.), vibrant and bold designs, modern silhouettes and amazing fabric choices. Each of the presented accessories will make you look playful, statement, youthful and self-confident.

Women's Leopard Print Accessories 2014-2015 (1)

That's a wow effect shawl which will for sure make you look glamor, statement and elegant. You can wear it at work, office or even at cocktail parties.

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How To Style: Zebra Print Dresses Polyvore Combinations

Many of you wondered if it goes perfect wearing a leopard print, then what about other animal prints? Today we are going to speak about zebra print dresses that are going to hit the streets this year. This monochrome print makes you stand out the crowd at once, that's why it's essential to know what and how to style your eye-catching piece. Of course, there are numerous ways of how you can wear your zebra print, while we want to share with you some amazing images that were found on Polyvore. Here are presented the ways of how you can combine your dress with different accessories, like sunglasses, hats, shoes to look fabulous this spring and summer season. The ideal thing about this ensemble is that it suits for almost any occasion. So, before you proceed further, we have to advice you to embellish your gown with the right accessories, as you can either go all black for a sophisticated touch, either all white for a sweet and girlish vibe, so it means you can wear simple or bold accessories. Let your wild animal out...

Zebra Print Dresses Polyvore Combinations (1)

Flare skirt and high neckline sleeveless zebra dress is styled with yellow wool scarf, Chanel purse bag, white and black leopard print cat-eyes with mirror lenses and lace up ankle boot style shoes.

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Trendy Looks: Women’s Leopard Print Clothing

How about wearing leopard print clothing this year? Today we want to share with you amazing and trendy looks that include awesome leopard print which makes you look elegant, modern and feminine. It's no doubt that this wild print continues to be spotted in the street style images, on the runways and many fashion retailers stores. We would like to share with you amazing looks that come with beautiful fits and lengths. You are about to see here cool skirts, jackets, skirts and outerwear which features all those wild spots. Jungle never ends and we have so many options for you this year, that you will for sure would like to try on. Nowadays, it's quite easy to choose the appropriate styles and fits, that's why keep your eyes wide open and like the one which is your favorite. We think every fashionista has at least one piece with this wild animal print in her closet.

Women's Leopard Print Clothing - Trendy Looks (1)

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How to Wear Leopard Print Clothing

Today's topic is all about leopard print and how to wear it this spring-summer season. It's no secret, that fashion world offers us plenty of this animal print clothing and accessories, which are not only eye-catching but practical and stylish. Thanks God, this print is no more a shocking one, which makes everyone looking at like on some kind of freak or pervert. Today this is a already a classic print, which can be spotted on suits, jackets, coats, dresses and accessories. Our mission for today is to bring you some fresh ideas...okay, they are not fresh, but they for sure will help you to know how and what is better to pull on these warm days of summer.

Leopard Print Clothing
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Leopard Print Coats For Women

Today we are going to speak about the possible styling of leopard print coats. There are so many interesting ways of how you can wear this animal print outerwear, from casual to downtown cool, from work appropriate to model-off-duty, it's no secret, that leopard print outerwear is a versatile piece for any girl with any personal style, as it can be glamor or grungy, or classic at the same time. Animal print layers will remain trendy even the next fall 2014 season, that's why it's very essential to see possible variations of this outerwear styling. It can be easily pulled on with classic all-black ensembles, pay attention that wearing this outerwear design you automatically make a statement, that's why it's very important to choose the right clothes.

Leopard Print Coats For Women (1)
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