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Formal Style For Bald Man with Beard

In today's post we are going to share with you formal style attire for bald men with beard. When a man becomes bald, the majority of them start to grow a beard. Well, you might think it's because they want somewhere to have a hair grown, but in real life, men start to grow a beard only because it fits their new look, by making people to concentrate on their chin instead of their heads.

So, we have searched for stylish bald men with beard who wear formal style clothing in their daily lives and here is result. You can either look business-like, retro, draper-inspired or smart-casual. Everything depends on your personal taste.

Formal Style For Bald Man with Beard (1)

The man appears in a slim fit formal suit, printed shirt, bow-tie, black brogues and optical rounded frame glasses.

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Casual Style For Bald Man with Beard

In today's article we are going to speak about casual style clothes for bald men with beard. You are about to see some great fashion tips which will definitely help you constructing your own everyday wardrobe. We think everyone knows, that baldness doesn't suits everyone, that's why it's very common to grow a beard, mustaches or make the chin unshaved and keep such look by grooming it with special electric razor. Anyway, here are presented the most essential and original styles, which are both attractive and functional. As you can see from the images below, there are very interesting options which you can try out this season. Keep attention to the fit and colors combinations, so you don't look too bright or dark. Anyway, let's get inspired by the following Polyvore combinations:

Casual Style For Bald Man with Beard (1)

The first image shows us a man with unshaved chin who sports a striped top, classy blazer, tailored pants, gold watches and leopard print sneakers.

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How to look fabulous if you are bald man

If it happened so, that you are going bald, then it might feel like you are heading on something unknown, but in the end, nothing has changed, as you are still the same cool guy, who lives his life and is still happy and full of energy. Well, there might be some questions which might ask balding guy: Do girls find bald guys attractive? Should I totally shave my head or can I leave some hair around? How should I dress to look fabulous? We will briefly answer the first two questions: Most of girls do not think about the hair of the man, but they do think about the guys manners, how he talks, what he says and how fitted is his body. Regarding the shaving your head, well it depends, how much hair have you already lost, as you can make the same styling as Jude Law does, but if see that the back and the front sides are too "shiny", then we recommend you to totally shave your head. So, we have finally approached to our main question: how to look fabulous if you are bald man. Here are the best tips for you:

bald man style (1)

How about wearing smart-casual style clothes, which will underline your uniqueness and individuality. Try on a black blazer, cool jeans, ivory white shirt, creative tie and suede shoes. If you think that your scull structure is not looking great, then we advice you to try wearing black plastic frames, which will make you look more elegant and sophisticated.

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Bald Men Casual Style

This time we are going to see casual styling tips for bald men. First of all, casual wear is cool, comfortable and very practical. If we speak about bald guysm then there are no restrictions, while keep the balance in layers, we mean, if you have a little head then it's better to wear hats. If you are not fan of headwear, then avoid wearing neck-scarves, as they may accentuate your head. Those guys who have normal head structure, then they can try on various combinations. Today, we have plenty of looks which feature plenty of casual wear options starting from hipster inspired to smart casual, sporty and beach style. You are about to see a wide assortment of versatile looks, which consist of mix and match clothing sets. Be sure to shop for different denim separates, polos and shirts in various colors.

Bald Men Casual Style (1)

How about wearing double denim: regular jeans, chambray shirt, single-breasted light coat, desert boots and leather rucksack.

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Bald Men Formal And Evening Attire

In today's post we want to show you bald men's basics which are ideal for evening events. You are about to see style tips from Polyvore. Here are showcased perfect ideas for meetings, business events, as well as smart casual looks, dinner professional looks, as well as tuxedo clothing sets. As you can see from the images below, the dressing options are numerous, that's why it's very important to combine traditional and timeless classics with modern fashion, adding sleek and elegant pieces. Here are shown men suits which are ideal for bald guys and businessmen. All black looks are ideal for any formal occasion, while there are semi-formal wardrobe essentials, which will look awesome, masculine and powerful on anyone. We hope these Polyvore combinations will help you to create a polished and strong wardrobe.

Bald Men Formal And Evening Attire (1)

Slim fit three-piece suit, dark navy shirt, dark blue shoes and aviator sunglasses. This style looks best on Jason Statham.

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