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Doll Style: Barbie Make Up and Beauty Looks

How about looking like a real Barbie doll? Today's topic is about doll style make up and beauty looks which will underline your girlishness and perfection. Thanks to the pink and shiny effects you will update your style and create an eye-catching look. We think every girl enjoyed playing with her dolls during the childhood and we can bet, that you have dreamed about having the same look some day. In today's compilation, you are about to see stand-out samples of doll style make-ups. Everything depends which party or event you are going to visit: if it's more formal, then try on light version of this sweet beauty look; if it's a casual event and cocktail party, then try on bright and vibrant option. If we speak about the possible eye-shadow colors, then try on pink, violet, sky blue and turquoise shades, while for lips you may from try natural shine to violet, pink and patent light red.

Barbie Make Up and Beauty Looks and Doll Style (5)

Some women try on the same color clothing sets to suit their new look.

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