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Formal Style For Bald Man with Beard

In today's post we are going to share with you formal style attire for bald men with beard. When a man becomes bald, the majority of them start to grow a beard. Well, you might think it's because they want somewhere to have a hair grown, but in real life, men start to grow a beard only because it fits their new look, by making people to concentrate on their chin instead of their heads.

So, we have searched for stylish bald men with beard who wear formal style clothing in their daily lives and here is result. You can either look business-like, retro, draper-inspired or smart-casual. Everything depends on your personal taste.

Formal Style For Bald Man with Beard (1)

The man appears in a slim fit formal suit, printed shirt, bow-tie, black brogues and optical rounded frame glasses.

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Casual Style For Bald Man with Beard

In today's article we are going to speak about casual style clothes for bald men with beard. You are about to see some great fashion tips which will definitely help you constructing your own everyday wardrobe. We think everyone knows, that baldness doesn't suits everyone, that's why it's very common to grow a beard, mustaches or make the chin unshaved and keep such look by grooming it with special electric razor. Anyway, here are presented the most essential and original styles, which are both attractive and functional. As you can see from the images below, there are very interesting options which you can try out this season. Keep attention to the fit and colors combinations, so you don't look too bright or dark. Anyway, let's get inspired by the following Polyvore combinations:

Casual Style For Bald Man with Beard (1)

The first image shows us a man with unshaved chin who sports a striped top, classy blazer, tailored pants, gold watches and leopard print sneakers.

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Popular Men’s Beard Styles

Let's talk about men's beard styles, which ones are in trend these days and which ones are timelessly popular. This hair manages to transform any young guy into a hipster, caveman or a real man, but one thing is crucial, you have to care about it, yes, that's is like an everyday hygienic routine. It's obvious that girls and women do like men with hair on their cheeks, but some guys do not have a proper and real beard, due to their age. Of course, this look transforms every young boy into a man. Women do like scruffy looks as well as shaved Don Draper style, but today, we are going to speak about masculinity and aggressiveness which is given by man's unshaven look. But, how long can you wear it, so it looks attracting and awesome, well one thing is for sure do not wear goatee, as it looks ridiculous.

Popular Men's Beard Styles (1)
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