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Casual Black & White Clothing Combinations For Women

In today's post we want to share with you casual black and white clothing combinations which are ideal for women at any age. We have gathered all these awesome looks to show you the best options of b&w styles. As you have already seen, there are thousands of chic possibilities how to look great and combine your white and black attire. We want to give you some valuable tips which will make you noticed. You can try on black outfit with white elements or accessories, so that you look fabulous. In other words, you can try on almost anything you want, starting from sweats with leather shorts to leather outerwear with jeans or chinos. Don't forget to experiment with colors concentrations, as you can make it all in one color and then add some shades of the opposite color. other one. Here are shown possible apparel combinations, which will complete your casual look.

Casual Black & White Clothing Combinations (1)

Keep it urban by wearing a leather biker jacket with simple white tee, distressed boyfriends, high top sneakers, leather backpack, and a cool snapback.

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Women’s Formal Black & White Clothing Combinations

This time we are going to share with you beautiful women's formal black and white clothing combinations which are going to make you look stunning, elegant and timelessly chic. This formal attire is perfect for meetings, evening events, as well as special occasions, like operas and glamour soirees, masquerade balls, etc. When we think of monochrome looks, it might seem to be very easy to style and simple, but in real life it appears to be very hard to find the right balance and fit. We want to show you the most easiest looks of the possible B&W clothing combinations, which for sure will create that ultimate glamorous look. No matter, if you want yourself a night out ready outfit on the town or the workday stylish look, you need to know the following rule: keep it simple. The fitted silhouette will for sure make you look more modern and sophisticated. Anyway, let's see the following Polyvore styles below:

Formal Black & White Clothing Combinations  (1)

How about black and white sequined dress worn with woven heels, monochrome tote, feminine sunglasses, smart-casual watch and a trilby hat.

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Women’s Monochrome Looks For Spring

There's no denying that colors are very important in woman's wardrobe, that's why we decided to draw your attention on monochrome looks for spring season. We are going to show you stand out looks which feature black and white colors. After two seasons of rich shades designers updated their resort collections with fresh, minimalism and modern makeover. We love that pattern play, which comes with geometrics, checks, vibrant abstracts, polka dots and stripes. As you can see, this combination has a sartorial look, which is versatile and timeless. It's perfect for any occasion, starting from work to weddings and parties. You can always experiment with texture play, choosing gauzy and lightweight fabrics. We hope this compilation will inspire you to create your own look. All in all, it's a statement making trend, which can be easily pulled off with color blocking updates, as well as 1960's inspired prints.

Women's Monochrome Looks For Spring 2015 (1)

Keep it simple, yet modern by trying on a simple shirt paired with a strapless top and wide-leg pants.

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Black & White Stripe Tops – Women’s Fashion Trends

Today we want to share with you black and white striped tops which are one of this season's fashion trends. You are about to see amazing and fabulous looks which feature striped blouses, tops. shirts and tees. We want to share with you latest catwalks and lookbooks which feature this awesome trend. As you can see, there are multitude of ways to wear stripes this summer season. Those of you who want a timeless appeal will for sure fall in love with these pretty and effortless classics. You may sport oversized, either fitted silhouettes, super-clean lines, casual and formal basics which for sure make you stand out from the crowd. Many stylists advice us to keep it easy and make the right balance, which will underline your personality and uniqueness.

Black & White Stripes - 2014 Women's Fashion Trends (1)

Loose-fit top teamed with red skirt suit.

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Black & White Clothing Combinations For Women

Wearing black and white clothing will for sure make you look beautiful, while the styling is quite simple. We love various combinations of separates, dresses paired together, that's why we would like to share with you these beautiful and sophisticated styles from Fall-Winter runways and lookbooks. There are known several reasons to follow this trend for autumn and the first one is the classic update which is versatile and never goes out of style, while the second reason is the high popularity among celebrities. Thanks to the sharp aesthetic the monochromatic looks will never go out of style. We have spotted a number of fashionable clothing sets in numerous fashion show and today we would like to draw your attention to these marvelous combinations.

Black & White Clothing Combination Ideas 2014-2015  (1)

All white pantsuit styled with a black shirt and white flat shoes.

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Black & White Outfit Combination Ideas for Summer

If you are one of those ladies who wants to create a contrast clothing combination by wearing black and white outfits, then let us share with you this awesome compilation of dark colors, smooth textures and feminine silhouettes. That's a gorgeous comeback which draws everyone's attention, it gives additional elegance and it's very easy to accessorize. The black and white clothing for sure will hide figure flaws, like black side panels at the waist which create curvier illusion, while vertical lines make the illusion of height. These outfits can be either dressy or look casual. Keep everything sleek and simple, while make accessories shine and glitter. The monochrome outfits can be either classic or striking modern, everything depends on your imagination and event. The work appropriate outfit is always black skirt/ trousers and white top (make it contrary)- looks effortlessly chic. Anyway, we think this compilation of runway and lookbook ideas will for sure help you to make an outstanding outfit look.

2014 Black & White Outfit Combination Ideas  (1)

A classic dress worn with long coat.

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Chic Street Style: Striped Tops

It looks like stripes will never go out of style, as we see them in summer, winter and transitional collections. They appear to be thick, skinny, black on white, white on black, red on white, white on red, etc. Today's post is about the great variety of styling tips that appear in street style images. All the presented looks are extremely versatile, as they can be used for working hours at the office, business meetings to casual weekends and late cocktail parties. The striped top looks fantastic thanks to the glamor update which can be made by teaming your clean and chic top with bright gold hued accessories. There are other ways of how you can stay 1960's retro inspired and sophisticated wearing this piece, by mixing it with 1990's grunge style essentials, like rolled up boyfriends and leather jacket. Here below are shown interesting styling ideas that will bring you to the next level.

Striped Tops - Chic Street Style Looks (1)

Some girls love wearing navy style clothing combinations in all white, like going sea-side.

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