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Suit Jackets & Blazers For Women

Every woman seeks for something unique, so that she can spice up her wardrobe. In today's post I want to share with you a great collection of women's blazers and suit jackets. Personally, I think it's quite easy to create new outfits by combining suit jacket with your favorite garments. Blazers can look fantastic on everyone. The great thing about this cover-up is the versatility, as you can wear it to school, work and cocktail parties. You are going to find here plenty of styles, starting from classic ones, like single-breasted and double-breasted to modern, boyfriends, long, uniform-inspired, oversized, cocktail and smart-casuals.

2015-2016 Suit Jackets & Blazers For Women (1)

That's a uniform inspired black style with statement buttons.

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How To Wear Two Button Blazers This Spring-Summer

The today's story is about stunning ways of looking preppy and modern this spring-summer by wearing a cool two button blazer. You are going to find out the best ways how to wear this semi-formal piece in your everyday life, as well as at special occasions. There are so many fun and easy ways to look preppy and gorgeous by wearing a two-piece suit jacket this summer. Simply throw them on over your dress or shirt and walk out the door. There are monochrome, navy, gray designs, but there also colorful ones that are so easy to wear with your simple dark colored separates. Here are shown the perfect examples of stunning designs that were seen in various recent lookbooks and runway shows. As you can see, there are so many different ways how you can combine your outfit, by making it look modern, school-wear inspired, casual, boho chic, office appropriate and 1970's inspired. Check out some of the coolest looks to get inspired from.

Two Button Blazers For Spring-Summer 2015 (1)
Keep your eyes on one of these pretty blazers that will automatically make you noticeable in the crowd. We see fabulous looks to try on this summer season.

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Women’s Blazers and Jackets For Fall-Winter

There are so many ways of wearing blazers and jackets this Fall-Winter season. Today we want to show you amazing ideas and combinations that feature this street-chic piece. It can be a ideal update for any occasion. Just imagine how perfect it looks on simple outfit. This wardrobe staple upgrades your daywear basics and makes is easy for wearing at work, dating or shopping. We would like to show you plenty different ways how to dress down this perfect layer. You are about to see traditional ways of wearing it, as well as smart, classic and sophisticated methods. There is no doubt about the ease of teaming it with various styles, from urban, glamor to boho chic and grunge. Read on for a few different ways to dress down a jacket this Autumn season.

Women's Blazers and Jackets For 2014-2015 - Best Catwalk Looks (1)

How about pinstripe version which can be worn with a simple black tee and tartan trousers with zip pockets.

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Women’s Blazers & Jackets For Work

Today we are going to speak about women's work clothing which is worth to buy. You are about to discover best feminine apparel, which includes blazers and jackets. The presented collection features office attire that underline your style and makes you look smarter, by underlining your professionalism. Of course, this compilation includes tailoring pieces that for sure update any job wardrobe, but our mission for today is to show you the most essential and best styles that are meant strictly for business only. All the presented looks will suit tailored pants, skirts and shorts. Of course the showcased fashion sets appear to be basic, but we want to assure you, that all these layered items are versatile and can be styled with any formal piece. Some may say, that the 1990's are back in town, while some of the presented looks remind us of uniforms of private schools.

Women's Blazers & Jackets For Work (1)
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Style Tips: How to Wear Black Blazer

Today's topic will be the possible ways of wearing black blazer and how to style it with other colors. Yes, we are going to speak about color combinations of the modern fashion world. As you all know, each color requires an individual approach, so that you either combine it either use it solo. Today we will speak about the amazing combinations, that are so must have this season. As you all know, this color is popular nowadays, well, honestly that's a timeless bloom, which will never go out of style. So, let's have a look at some tricks and tips of the possible clothing wear options. A blazer will never let you down, as it look gorgeous at work, polished at cocktail party and stunning over an evening gown.

Black Blazer For Women (1)
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How to Wear Red Clothes This Year?

As we have already spoken about red accessories, then we think it's time to move forward and this time let's speak about women's red clothing, which can be worn this year. For many of you this color means power, vibrancy, sophistication, brightness etc. while for us this color is just another variation of possible ways of dressing. That's why have a look at these pretty options, which can make you look differently in everyday life. Let's tart from red blazers. That's a very versatile piece, which is best for working days and after-parties, as well as cocktail parties after work. Just imagine yourself wearing bold blazer teamed with cool LBD or black pencil skirt and white blouse, looks amazing, right?

red coats for women (1)
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How to Style Striped Clothing for Fall-Winter Season

Today's topic is about women's clothing which comes in bold stripes. So, if you are looking for a beautiful striped piece, then you definitely have to check out this amazing compilation of women's ready to wear garments, that come in trendy stripes. Every garment looks sporty and classy, that's why you shouldn't be afraid of trying it on yourself. Of course there will be those girls who might be skeptical about the stripes, but listen, who gives a word, if it really suits you, right? That's why let's take a closer look at these contrasting pattern pieces and choose one for ourselves. I'd like to start from amazing skirts, that can be styled in so many different ways. The striped skirts can be either long or short, everything depends on your mood and the possible variations which you might try on yourself. We personally like A-line skirts that are striped in mid lines; all these designs can be styled with various clothing pieces, starting from blouses, form-fitting tops to chic sweaters that are good enough for cold winter days.

Striped Skirts (1)

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How to Wear Sequin Blazers and Jackets

Sequin blazers make us look timeless elegant and glamour at the same time. These layers are so versatile, as you can wear it at almost every party and even at Christmas celebration as well as in your daily life, like a casual jacket: it can be classic and edgy at the same time. Well, most of girls and women tend to wear shiny jackets and blazers for the evening. How to not look like a weird man or a magician in a glamor outerwear, well you have to pair your jacket with basics, like simple white tee, black pumps and cool skinnies or leather pants. As you can see from the images below, many girls and women wear shiny blazers with soft leather moto cross leggings and blouses, or cool baggy shorts with leather boots. Some girls appear in fitted tees teamed with jeans and high heels, some sport baggy tuxedo trousers teamed with lace tops, others combine embellished jackets with skinnies or pencil skirts and silk camisole.

How to Wear Sequin Blazers and Jackets (1)
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Women’s Blazers

Let's talk about blazers. As you all know, that this is highly versatile piece in our wardrobes, right? So, in the recent years many fashionistas and bloggers pulled on leather jackets, but nowadays we see many girls and women wearing classic blazers, yes we have noticed that the blazer trend comes back and it's very common for people to wear semi-formal looks and blazer makes you automatically more formal. One great thing which you should know is that blazers will never go out of fashion and this year is the year of th eye-catching looks, where blazer hits the first place. The fashion world comes with so many styles and shapes, including fitted ones, oversized, boyfriend styles, as well as classic ones. You can go preppy or classy with your favorite blazer.

Women's Blazers 2014 (1)

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Fitted Print Blazers for Plus Size Women

Today we bring you this gorgeous and versatile collection of plus size women's fitted blazers that feature so beautiful and eye-catching prints. Well, for some of you there is nothing classier than a color of black and white tailored jackets, right? We tell you: it's better to invest in a versatile blazer which is not only formal but can be used as a casual piece for your daily use. Today, we have gathered beautiful designs of printed blazers which come in so many patterns. Our favorite ones are with single button beneath the bust line which create a slimmer silhouette. As you can see, there are so many fitted blazers in bold and bright prints, including designs in polka dots, bold color versions and our beloved houndstooth jackets. We think, it's the right time for your inspiration.

Fitted Print Blazers for Plus Size Women (1)

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