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Trendy Blonde Hairstyles

Surely, there are thousands of beautiful and awesome hairstyles we all know, yet, there are some trendy blonde looks which are going to be popular this season. Every new season brings interesting styling ideas and fresh colors, that's why we want to bring you fashion-forward looks, which are incredibly spectacular, dramatic and classic. You will definitely find here interesting ideas for any hair type, face shape, style and age. If you really want to make changes in your overall look, then these pretty updates will for sure highlight your best assets and radically change your everyday look. Anyway, let's see these bright and beautiful blonde color looks which are so must have.

2014-2015 Trendy Blonde Hairstyles (1)

How about combing your hair backside.

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Long Curly Locks For Women

This Spring season's Meadham Kirchhoff fashion show was full of long curly locks which looked like braids. The models appeared on the catwalk wearing red hair and blond color hairstyles. This season is all about girlish looks, that's why we advice you to look for sweet floral dresses and fitted suits which will look awesome with your curls. We would say it's a renaissance hair which is updated with gothic touches, bows and straw hats. We love this fresh look which is lush and statement. Believe us, this style will for sure make you stand out from the crowd. Those of you who will try this look will definitely look like a Bavarian girl, sweet teenage or a witch. Go and try on this fresh update.

2014 Long Curly Locks For Women (1)

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Blond Straight Bob Haircuts

In today's post we want to share with you blond straight bob haircuts for this season. This classic look makes a timeless update, which can be worn by everyone. This classic cut never goes out of style, while keep things right and make it suit your face shape. The graduated look suits squared shaped, long styles suit rounded (PLEASE NOTE: round face can look rounder with haircut to the chin, but if you keep side-swept bangs, which will add angles then you can try it), long, blunt bangs and A-line are perfect for heart-shaped and ovals, while the long bobs with side-swepts bangs are perfect for all faces. Another great thing is you can customize it so it matched your personality. Anyway, let's have a look at these inspiring images and choose the favorite look.

2014-2015 Blond Straight Bob Haircuts (2)

Bob with angled bangs

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Blonde Hair Color with Brown Lowlights

Today's topic is blonde hair with brown lowlights. That's a perfect and timeless look, which makes its wearer look classy and bright. This color update looks marvelous both on short, medium and long hair beauties. If you are ready to make changes in your overall appearance, then let's begin.
Prepare for a romantic look, as you are about to experience an ideal modification. This retouch will make your blonde look even miraculous. The brown lowlights won't make the damaging as the full hair dyeing. If your hairstylist is a real professional, then we can assure you, that you will look like a real celebrity. Lowlighting makes blondes timelessly chic and stylish. These images will help you to choose the right shade and choice.

Lush look

Blonde Hair Color with Brown Lowlights (2)

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