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Cool Metallic Tops For Women

This time we bring you a compilation of festive, bright and statement women's metallic tops for season wear. As you can see from the images below gold and silver metallics dominate the runways, while many brands and designers offer blue, green and other shades. Those of you who are a bit afraid of standing out the crowd will definitely like the presented samples, as every top can be covered by casual or semi-formal cardigan, blazer or outing. Each design looks awesome as it makes your eyes shine brilliantly. Each style can be worn at the office, as well as for formal and special occasions. The presented pieces will definitely look great with cool toned accessories. Make your combinations fun and fresh, by styling it with easy to wear bottoms. Here are shown shiny blouses and tees which look kind of 1970's inspired. No matter if it's cold or warm outside, you can try on various styles by experimenting with layers. Stick to relaxed looks and keep your eye on pale colors. Check out possible combinations here below:

Metallic Tops 2014-2015 For Women

A V-neck silvery top worn with patent silken skirt and fur gloves.

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How to Wear Red Clothes This Year?

As we have already spoken about red accessories, then we think it's time to move forward and this time let's speak about women's red clothing, which can be worn this year. For many of you this color means power, vibrancy, sophistication, brightness etc. while for us this color is just another variation of possible ways of dressing. That's why have a look at these pretty options, which can make you look differently in everyday life. Let's tart from red blazers. That's a very versatile piece, which is best for working days and after-parties, as well as cocktail parties after work. Just imagine yourself wearing bold blazer teamed with cool LBD or black pencil skirt and white blouse, looks amazing, right?

red coats for women (1)
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Blouses Wearing With Suits

Today we are going to speak about blouses that can be worn with your perfectly tailored suit. One important thing to know about blouses is that you have to feel comfortable and conservative, that’s why we will speak about the right size of blouses. It’s no secret, that majority of women want to look in the business place like a powerful business woman not some kind of glamor chic. That is why it’s very important not to wear tops that draw men’s attention to your breasts. Never unbutton your blouse too low, and it’s not appropriate to wear sheer tops, that’s why better to wear sweaters that are fitted and comfortable. Oversize blouses look casual and unprofessional.

Blouses Wearing With Suits (1)

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