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Long Bob (LOB) Haircuts

Today we are going to speak about long bobs, or LOB haircuts. The medium hair girl/woman can try on this marvelous look to update her look. In today's compilation you are about to see various options of lob haircut of this year, which come in straight, with or without bangs, blunt, curly or wavy styles. Thanks to the great versatility, you may look feminine, chic or sophisticated. The great plus is that it suits any face shape, that's why it screams femininity. You may ask, why so many girls are obsessed with this look, well, have you seen Jessica Alba, Alexa Chung, Nicole Warne, Leigh Lezark, etc. All these women are ambassadors of the lob. The great thing about this cut is the clean appearance and simple styling.

Long Bob (LOB) Haircuts 2014 (11)

The lob extremely suits women who are over 30, as it is considered that once you cross that age, you have to make something shorter, that's why it's a strategic update, which makes you look youthful, yet elegant.

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Medium Bob Haircuts – Celebrity Style

How about get some inspiration from celebrities hairstyles? Today we want to share with you medium bob hairstyles that are going to be in trend this season. Here are presented adorable medium haircut ideas that will transform your look drastically. How about to follow the latest hair trends and create something unique and individual? Let's have a closer look at the presented medium bob haircuts that will suit almost every face shape, that's why these classic square bob and graded cuts will amaze everyone around you. So, if you want to look awesome and attract men, then we advice you to have a look at the presented hair styles.

Keira Knightley wearing an amazing bob cut.

Medium Bob Haircuts 2014 (1)

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Popular Long Bob Haircuts

Today we would like to share with you this year's most popular long bob haircuts that will bring you to the next level and change your overall appearance drastically. This style ideally suits those women who do not waste too much time in front of the mirror by styling their hair. Here are presented long square bobs, long wavy bob cuts, straight and layered designs.

These beautiful ideas will for sure update your look and make you look freshed up and interesting. We really love the versatility of the long bob haircuts that make every woman updated, pretty, classic and timeless.

Long Bob Haircuts 2014 (2)

That's an ideal straight cut for heart shape faces.
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Straight & Slicked Back Bob Haircuts

Let's have a look at straight and slicked back bob haircuts that appear to be this year's must haves. We have seen many fashion shows that featured these amazing cuts. We must admit, all the models who appeared in such cut looked sharp and modern. For some of you this cut looks quite basic, but listen, you may update your hair with cool hair products that will make you look individual and unique. The great thing about this cut is that you do not have to waste much time while styling it, just dry your hair and go for work, or you can be creative and use hair mousse to make it slicked back. All in all, these models look effortless and active to us.

Straight & Sleek Bob Haircuts 2014 (1)

Middle part straight bob looks awesome with a pale make-up and red lips.

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Trendy Bob Haircuts For Summer

Here is another post regarding trendy bob cut styles that are going to be in trend this Summer. We are about to see these amazing runway images that feature models wearing different bob styles. As you have already noticed, these cuts make girls look fresh and youthful, that's why if you want to look a bit younger than you are, we highly recommends you to try on one of these trendy styles. We advice you to look through all these lengths and choose the one which will definitely suit your face shape. We see here shoulder length and chin length styles that look effortlessly cool and fashionable.

Trendy Bob Haircuts For Summer 2014  (1)

A chin length bangs bob cut looks cool on rectangular and triangular face shapes.

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Trendy Bob Haircuts

This time we would like to draw your attention on trendy bob haircuts that are really popular this year. There are known various options that will make you stand out the crowd, that's why we would like to underline some of them. The classic bob is very elegant and reminds us of school-inspired haircut, while the graduated styles are awesome and can be worn at the office. Many women choose side swept large curly look, as it features large bob with curly ends. While those who are bold may try lopsided choppy cuts, that look amazing and modern. As you have already noticed, this season has a lot of styles that feature bangs and curls, so we advice you to take a closer look at the presented collection.

Bob Haircuts 2014 (1)

layered mid cut is ideal for oblong faces

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