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New Amazing Hairstyles in Marie Claire France

Let's take it to the next level with a help from Barbara Palvin, who looks amazing in the June's issue of Marie Claire France. She is a real spring beauty, as we see showing off trendy looks, which are worn by Barbara. The dark-haired model appears in portrait images donning crown braids, bun styles embellished with floral jewelry headbands, beachy waves, side braids with natural look. Each look is creative and makes you wanna try it. The blue eyes fashion model knows how to attract everyone's attention with her beautiful, long locks. Anyway, let's take a closer view at these gorgeous styles, which are best for your everyday working hours, school parties, prom nights, cocktail events and even formal events:

Awesome Hairstyles 2014 in Marie Claire France (1)

Braid crown makes her look like a queen.

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Women’s Braided Hairstyles Trends (Pictures)

How about wearing something trendy, popular and versatile? In today's compilation we want to show you pictures of women's braided hairstyle trends for this season. You are about to see French, Dutch, English styles, crown braided looks, quite messy and loose fit updates with braided ponytails, as well as creative updates which are popular amongst students and office workers. Some of these styles are worn very close to the head. If you want a messy look, then it's quite easy to do, but you should use some hair spray, in order to keep the same look for a long period of time. Some women like micro braided hairstyles (it requires an assistance of a professional hairdresser) which are very common among African-American, Mexican and Jamaica women.

Braided Hairstyles Trends 2014-2015 (1)

Keep it semi-casual and wear at work or meetings.

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Braided Hairstyles For Ladies

Many hairstylists season after season think of braided hairstyle new ideas and today we bring you this season's on-trend looks which include fishtail, milkmaid, French braids and many other fun, easy and awesome looks. We have rounded up next season's trendy styles and today we bring you the best ones which for sure will inspire you. These simple options can turn into an attention grabbing hairstyles. You can update your look with just a couple of braids. Each look is unique and perfect for various occasions like weddings, work, prom nights, as well as daily meetings. Here below are presented interesting and incredible updates which for sure will attract a lot of attention and definitely be perfect style for school and showing off. So, get prepared to receive compliments.

2014-2015 Braided Hairstyles For Ladies (1)

Here is inspiration from the runway shows:

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Simple Braids – Best Hairstyles For Women

Some of the stylists say that braids are only for old-fashioned girls and women, well that's not true, as we all know the fact, which says that braids are timeless hairstyle, which makes you look statement, classic and lovely. This look is the best for an everyday wear and can be achieved in many style variations. So, when you are in a rush, then this cool transformation will take you up to the next level. Of course there are really modern styles that feature three, four and even five braids, which might look tight, either loose. Indeed, this technique includes many variations, that's why creation will be considered as a great extra. We have gathered all the best hairstyles for women that can be done in short time.

Simple Braids - Best Hairstyles 2014 For Women (1)

That's an awesome almost side look, which makes you original and chic.

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Braided Ponytail Ideas – Best Hairstyles For Women

Today we want to share with you some brilliant looks that feature braided ponytails. This trend is very popular in Europe for already several years. There are numerous variations of how you can make your hair look awesome. Some like to wear French braids, fishtails etc. What we want to underline, then it's braided ponytail, which can be done in different styles: tightly braided (this option is suitable only for women with thick hair) and easy, careless weaving. You can make such an outstanding look in only five minutes. We hope you already noticed, that this appearance looks alike from Aladdin cartoon movie, where princess Jasmine was wearing exactly the same look. We love the way it is embellished down with rubber bands along the entire length, so that it looks like a braid.

Braided Ponytail Ideas - Best Hairstyles For Women (3)

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How to Create Cool Braided Hairstyles

For those who want to do amazing braids need to know few basic braiding techniques and you will be able to make cool braids by yourself. Here below you will find out how to create braided hairstyles for short, medium and long hair. Let’s start from long hair braids. There are known many gorgeous braided hairstyles for long hair women, let me tell you couple of on trend styles, like braided crown, side fishtail braid and braided halo. If it happened so, that you want to have a sophisticated looking braided crown, then you have to start with two low pigtails, braid and secure. Then take one of the braided sections and secure it one inch from your hairline, after this secure the second braided strand behind the first one and you have got a great style of cool hair braids.

Cool Braided Hairstyles (1)
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