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Top 30 From The Office To After-Hours Dresses For Spring-Summer

Speaking of dresses, then we find it important to share with you the best designs to wear from office to after hours. If it happened so that you have no time to make it home, then these looks are perfect for your inspiration. This compilation includes our personal top-30 from the office to after-hours dresses for spring-summer season. One of the most fun things about such style is the versatility, which comes in exciting color, fit and length. The following office friendly apparels will surely make you happy, as each one of them looks great and ideal for any body shape. We are sure that if you like the way you are dressed up for the working day, you will be more than happy to appear in such look at the cocktail party or a special event. The following styles are not only comfortable, but also modern and professional. If you're going to treat yourself to a new look, maybe one of these fabulous models will make you happy. Here are 30 designs that you can draw inspiration from.

From The Office To After-Hours Dresses 2015 (1)
A.P.C. offers quite simple silhouette look with a wide crewneck collar. The following piece is cinched at the waist with a braided belt.

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Work Appropriate Jackets For Women

This time we want to speak about workwear appropriate jackets for women to wear next year. We are here to show you easy separates that ideally fit your 9 to 5 hour days. Keeping things interesting at the office might sound impossible to you, though thanks to the following looks you might find the one and only style that will update your everyday working life. Looking ahead, we selected 16 wardrobe looks that are ideal for meetings and formal pastime. Of course, everything depends on your countries culture, region, industry and company's dress-code, though we tried to select most universal designs for business professional look. You can be creative with your accessories, by mixing and matching various pieces to make your outfit looking more fresher.

2015 Work Appropriate Jackets For Women (1)
Have a look at these beautiful and workwear appropriate jackets. We see various prints, fits and colors, though each apparel can ideally look on those women who want their selves a sophisticated business professional outfit.

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Women’s Work Appropriate Tops For Spring-Summer

Looking through various fashion shows and lookbooks we have noticed interesting work-appropriate tops that you can use with your work wardrobe. In today's collection we want to share with you best tops which look great under suits. Before we start examining presented looks, we want to say couple of words regarding general tips that are essential to follow before making any purchase: the following piece has to be made of high-quality material, choose the ones that feature muted and classic prints, one-colored styles are best to try. Find the right balance of femininity and professionalism. Look for practical designs that fit you right without looking too casual. The best part in work appropriate tops is that you can wear this piece from the office all the way to the club or evening parties. Keep your heads up and see our favorite essentials:

Women's Work Appropriate Tops For Spring-Summer 2015 (1)
Choose one of these work-appropriate tops to make your working hours festive and brighter.

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Business Attire Comeback: Women’s Pant Suits

Please welcome a great comeback of women's business attire for this season - pant suits. From brocade to evening designs, pantsuits are having a serious moment. In today's post we tried to include our favorite designs that were noticed in various designer brands lookbooks and runway shows. Of course, there is kind of 1970's touch that makes these looks to be somewhat vintage inspired. We see great styles with high-waisted and wide-legged pants with broad shoulders blazers, as well as sportif updates that can be worn with sneakers and slip-ons. It looks like classic design was never really passe, that's why if you want to make an investment in your professional look, then we highly recommend to forget about today's trends and get yourself an expensive, tailored design, as it still is the go to for business meetings, offices and professional classes. So what pantsuits are in for this year and what designs are great for balancing professionalism and modern trends. Let's see the best styles to try on this season:

Women's Pant Suits 2015 (1)
That's a classy work style 3-piece look. We see a wide-legged bottoms, waistcoat and tailored blazer.

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Ladies Work Appropriate Pants For Spring-Summer

What are the ways to wear ladies work appropriate pants for this spring-summer season? In today's post we want to draw your attention to feminine and sophisticated ways of wearing business style trousers in your day and after hours looks. First of all, let's get clear about this bottom wear, why do women wear them? It's quite easy to answer, as they are extremely comfortable and practical than wearing skirts. But they seem to be a little dull and masculine, that's why many ladies try them on with more feminine tops. According to modern fashion shows, you can take your everyday office look to the next level by teaming your pants with modern uniforms. The following collection includes polished, modern and pleated versions what can be styled with boyish and creative tops. Keep your look professional and sophisticated by trying on different variations:

Ladies Work Appropriate Pants For Spring-Summer 2015 (1)
E. Tautz offers pencil style white bottoms what can be styled with smart-casual shirt and navy blazer in white stripes. This outfit is ideal for those women and ladies who are working in big companies and banks.

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Business Attire: Classic Skirt Suits For Office Wear

Today we bring you a compilation of stunning business appropriate classic skirt suits for wearing at the office. The stylish women of the world's fashion capitals share one thing - the confidence. When you see a girl, lady or woman in a suit, you automatically think of an elegance, which exudes from her outfit. That's a classic feminine staple, which is a real must-have for business ladies and bank managers. Thanks to the modern designer fashion brands we have chance to view all the best designs what are ideal for wearing this year. You are going to see retro inspired outfits, classic versions and creative ones. It's very versatile, keeps you looking polished and individual. We think that classic looks will never passe, as it's still the best choice for a business meeting, for office and professional looks.

Business Attire 2015 - Classic Skirt Suits (1)
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Law Firm Dress Code for Women

The ideal law firm dress code for women might be trendy and edgy, with a right dose of classic and preppy touches. We think there is no need describing how appearance matters in the legal industry. That's a really important point in your daily routine, as the way you dress can either make you respected by your colleagues and clients, either making you unnoticed. The polished, professional image is a real must-have in your law firm wardrobe. You might think now that you will have to spend your entire paycheck on looking good, well, it's not true. Your business dress code will need some little advices and simple guidelines, which will help you dress to impress. No matter what is your company's dress code (formal or semi-formal, smart-casual), both casual and business attire should be clean and wrinkle free. There are lots of law firms which adopted casual dress policies, but keep in mind one thing: the more you look conservative, the more respected you are. We advice you to stick to a well-cut and slim-fit suits during your interviews, presentations, clients meetings and formal lunches. Anyway, it's very important to look great during your working hours, that's why we share with you this stunning Polyvore collection of possible looks:

Law Firm Dress Code for Women (1)

How about a grey pantsuit, which features a grey jacket, cigarette pants, black top, black patent leather tote, pointed toe pumps in black color, sophisticated sterling silver earrings, and cat-eye optical glasses. This outfit is ideal for those ladies who are looking for a conservative separates.

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Cute Work Dresses For Spring

Some of you might thinking right now about what to wear to work next week, right? Today we want to share with you cute work dresses for the next spring season. We have observed numerous resort collections finding the best styles for you to wear. How about relaxed, slim-fit, boxy or mid-length styles for your perfect working day. We have some great offerings for this season, as you can see, there are great working wardrobe essentials, which look chic in the office and great after work. Here are presented awesome looks which for sure with underline your uniqueness and professionality, no matter if you are lawyer, publicist, financial analyst, dentist, shop owner or designer.

Cute Work Dresses For Spring 2015 (1)

That's a nice update for financial analyst, you have to just pull on a nice white blazer to make it look preppy.

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Business Pantsuits for Women

This time we want to share with you business pantsuits for women which are going to be in trend next season. We are going to show you some office style everyday suits, various meetings looks, as well as celebrity red carpet ones and some power looks for special events. As you can see from the images below, there are really great offerings, which can be sported at various occasions. The next year's trend is masculinity, that's why we see so many relaxed, sophisticated and loose-fit options, which include breezy trousers and baggy jackets. Of course, one of the simplest ways is to stick to the basics and choose classic outfits, which include slouchy tees and strappy heels, though there are million other ways how you can rock at various events, that's why we offer you to check out these lookbook snaps for ideas on different ways to wear your formal apparel.

2015 Business Pantsuits for Women (1)

How about wearing mannish look, which consists of a fitted white blazer and matching flowy pants. We love that polka dotted tie and gold metallic shoes and bag.

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Trendy Work Dresses

This time we want to share trendy work dresses which are going to be in trend this season. When we speak about office style ensembles, then you have to keep in mind, that the ideal way is to choose design which comes with solid colors, modern prints, color blocking or classic patterns. Try to play with contrasts. Bring on abstract, creative baroque, jacquard, geometric (polka dots, squared, zigzag and striped) and fun prints. When your favorite print is chosen, then it's the right time to find an optimal cut. The knee length is ideal for working hours. We love the ones which feature beautiful necklines, stand up, high necked, scoop and high collars. The length of sleeves can be either, sleeveless (worn with sweaters), short (accompanied with cardigan or blazer), 3/4 or long. This year collections feature amazing sheath dresses, shirtdresses, belted designs, A-line, flared and wrap ensembles. Anyway, let's get inspired.

2014-2015 Trendy Work Dresses (1)

A violet velvet two piece dress with pencil skirt.

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