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Trends: Casual & Smart Casual Jackets For Ladies

Speaking of style trends, then we think it's the right time to share with you some of the best casual and smart causal jackets for ladies to wear in everyday life. It has to be creative, comfortable and versatile. Versatility is one of the main characteristics, as it allows you to wear this outerwear with different tops and bottoms. Many of the styles available at the moment are fun and fresh. This layering piece can look boyish, striking elegant, as well as urban classy.

Casual & Smart Casual Jackets For Ladies - Fashion Trends 2015 (1)

Here we see a tailored safari outerwear that is worn atop white t-shirt and pale pink mini skirt. Try on this Coach outfit when you are on your way to university.

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Casual Black & White Clothing Combinations For Women

In today's post we want to share with you casual black and white clothing combinations which are ideal for women at any age. We have gathered all these awesome looks to show you the best options of b&w styles. As you have already seen, there are thousands of chic possibilities how to look great and combine your white and black attire. We want to give you some valuable tips which will make you noticed. You can try on black outfit with white elements or accessories, so that you look fabulous. In other words, you can try on almost anything you want, starting from sweats with leather shorts to leather outerwear with jeans or chinos. Don't forget to experiment with colors concentrations, as you can make it all in one color and then add some shades of the opposite color. other one. Here are shown possible apparel combinations, which will complete your casual look.

Casual Black & White Clothing Combinations (1)

Keep it urban by wearing a leather biker jacket with simple white tee, distressed boyfriends, high top sneakers, leather backpack, and a cool snapback.

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Women’s Military Polyvore Combinations

There is nothing new about military fashion trend these days. The only thing is the correct balance and pretty details, which are meant for making you noticed. It's okay to say, that military is already a timeless style, which can update wearer's look by only adding a few details, like Georgian or Victorian eras uniform, footwear, or any other accessories. The key elements of the army inspired wardrobe is the army green or sailor naval colors, then goes a great, heavy coat, or field jacket, after you can try on shearling details and shoes, like the aviator boots. Keep in mind one thing- keep your overall look sophisticated and sharp, so that you look fitted and sleek. All in all, keep it chic and somehow menswear inspired. Anyway, we have made several Polyvore combinations which will definitely make you noticed:

Women's Military Polyvore Combinations (1)

Don't forget about the overall functionality, which plays one of the major roles. We advice to go for a quilted outerwear, super skinnies, khaki bag, classic belt, army wedge boots, army style watches and Wayfarers.

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Casual Cashmere Coats For Women

Inject the spirit of adventure into your outerwear, by choosing awesome casual cashmere coat. Today we are going to show you great combinations of women cashmere coats, which are versatile and can be used as multi-task outerwear. You can wear the following styles at work, parties and even open-air events, like weddings, garden parties, etc. This piece is a real investment, which for sure will update your everyday looks. We have selected different designs, lengths and color choices. The best thing about this staple is there is large selection and huge discounts and sales now, so you can find the desirable design for a reasonable price. Keep in mind several things: the coat should have a perfect fit (everything depends on its design and silhouette: is it slim-fit, oversized, regular fit, boyish, etc., to find the right fit, you have to simply go up one size over your suit jacket size), the color has to harmonize with your separates or your dress and the fabric has to be high qualitative and warm, so you can wear something lighter underneath your outerwear. Anyway, we think it's the right time to see our favorite Polyvore combinations:

Casual Cashmere Coats For Women (1)

The mauve pink piece can be worn with super skinny jeans, leather Siberia boots with fur cuffs, duffle bag, stone stud earrings, dusty pink watches and statement sunglasses.

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How to dress like Ryan Gosling – Outfit Ideas & Combinations

Ryan Gosling is a great actor and a real heart breaker. In today's post we would like to bring you the outfit ideas and combinations of possible Ryan Gosling clothing styles. We all have seen movies where Gosling appears in glamor outfits, casual style looks, that's why we want to share with you some of the brightest styles and ideas which feature masculine outfits and laid-back clothing essentials. Let's have a closer view and see a great mix of button ups, chinos, biker jackets, cardigans and evening wear must-haves which are worn by the most stylish man in Hollywood. We love the way he looks holding backpacks in his hand, as well as donning statement accessories, like shades, necklaces and bracelets. Let's get inspired, now:

How to dress like Ryan Gosling - Celebrity Style (2)

A casual weekends look: striped top, biker jacket, moto jeans and black sneakers.

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Trendy Casual Skirts For Summer

In today's post we would like to focus your attention on these awesome and trendy casual skirts which are going to be popular this summer season. You are about to see this feminine update styled with many amazing tops, sweatshirts, blazers and outerwear staples. The main thing which makes this piece look more casual is the color, brighter print, various interesting cuts. This wardrobe must-have will update any look. We love the ones which come in creative, bold prints and intricate details. We advice you to make eye-catching combinations, which will underline your personality. Choose tribal prints, florals, zebra prints, stripes, or you can always pull on solid color skirt.

Casual Skirts For Summer 2014 (1)

Here we see floral flared version teamed with denim outerwear and chambray shirt.

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How To Wear: Women’s Shorts For Summer

Stay in shape this summer, as we are about to share with you women's shorts which are in trend this year. You are about to view possible trend ideas and combinations how to wear and style them. This year comes with lightweight and breathable fabrics which are ideal for workouts, gym and jogging. Our favorites are active Bermudas, sporty cargo shorts with utility pockets. This style can be teamed with cotton shirts, simple tanks, athletic shoes, etc. Each of the presented pair makes your look comfortable and easy to wear. There are known lots of lengths, ranging from short to knee-length, straight leg, slim fit, cuffed and layered. As you all know, this wardrobe staple is considered to be day wear, while there are lots of styles for night-time. Get inspired now!

Women's Shorts For Summer 2014 (1)

These ones are styled with bomber, printed black tee and cuffed sandals.

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Casual Men’s Suits For Fall-Winter

Please welcome into the world of smart casual men's style clothing which features suits. Today we are going to observe this Autumn-Winter season's masculine dress code which makes you look semi-formal. As you can see from the images below, there are various interpretations of the dress code. That's an ideal style for working hours at the office. You are about to view basic looks which will make you own the office. Think of slim cut suits, blazers, Oxfords, trousers or chinos. The casual men's suits have become popular to wear at work or dinners, dates, while everything depends on the type of event you are attending. This look is comfortable, it's sophisticated and inspirational.

Casual Men’s Suits For Fall-Winter 2014-2015 (1)

Here we see model appears in a black outfit where patent leather details make it look more casual.

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Casual Men’s Clothing For Spring-Summer

How about wearing clean and simple style during this Spring-Summer? Let's have a look at casual men's wardrobe which includes many must haves for this warm season. Many brands and designers showed impressive looks that feature sporty touches, earth, neutral, grounded colors and versatile details. If it happened so that you are about to hit the streets of your city during your off duty day, then we advice you to wear simple blazers, washed jeans, light knitwear, striped tees and basic jackets, checked shirts, cardigans in playful colors. We love mixing classics with casual. Every piece should characterize you. All in all, keep it easy yet extremely chic.

Casual Men's Clothing For Spring-Summer 2014  (1)

How about pairing navy blue casual blazer with a simple cream white tee and pleated gray trousers with sandals.

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Awesome Wardrobe Staples For Women Over 50

Some say that women over 50 look old and they loose their style, that's not true! We want to share with you these impressive images that overview different celebrities, who still dress and look awesome and stylish. We want to claim, that no matter what is your age you may dress however and whatever you want. We have gathered together these outstanding images, where women appear in their daily outfits that impersonate their cool appearance. Of course, if you are not twenty years old, then it's possible that you will not wear girlish minidresses and school-inspired outfits, but you can still dress modern and eye-catching. Anyway, let's have a review on these pretty styles of clothing sets.

Wardrobe Staples For Women Over 50 (1)

Marcia Cross appears in casual look: a suede long brown jacket worn with gray fitted pants tucked inside pale brown boots. We love her oversize black sunglasses and that lightweight scarf.

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