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Long Ginger Hairstyles with Bangs

This time we want to show you beautiful long ginger hairstyles which feature timeless bangs. If you have natural red hair, then you are a real lucky one, as it's more than a color- that's an attitude. That's fierce, power and brightness. This post includes sleek and wavy locks which are spiced with impressive bangs. This season many stylists offer us blunt-cut fringe and loose waves. As you can see from the images below, red is a statement, vibrant color and it's a real bang-on-trend which suits self-confident women. This look will for sure make any wardrobe look differently. Of course, everything depends on your personality, if you are a rebel girl, then you can dress in grunge, mannish and punk way, if you are an intelligent person, then you can try an elegant wardrobe. Go for one of these trendy long styles with bangs. Just remember to ask for a fringe which suits your face shape.

2014-2015 Long Ginger Hairstyles with Bangs (1)

Ginger hair and red lips go perfect with printed separates.

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Sleek Wet Hairstyles & Gold Eyebrows – Beauty Looks

This time we want to draw your attention to this season's beauty looks. This spring-summer comes with short sleek and wet hairstyles and eye-catching make-up, like gold eyebrows. These beauty tips were seen in Christian Dior ready to wear show. This side slicked up-dos to the right features a deep side parting which starts at the left temple and sweeps across to the right ear. Those of you who do not want a super slick wet look might try to leave some strands for a loose and softer look. This look is highly wearable, so you can do some slight modifications, like making a left parting. The medium hold gel will definitely ensure to hold your hair in the right position. This side-swept up-do can be updated with golden brows and the same color gorgeous eye shadows.

Sleek Wet Hairstyles & Gold Eyebrows - 2014 Beauty Looks (1)
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Glam Long Sleek Hairstyles For Women

In today's compilation we want to show you Cédric Charlier Spring-Summer collection runway show which features gorgeous glam long sleek hairstyles. This look will for sure make you look bold, outstanding and sophisticated. The comb slick side hair looks elegant and adds your persona a powerful touch. The styling is quite simple and requires a flat iron and gel. That's a polished and preppy style which will always finish your office work look. The smoothed hair will definitely update any outfit, but remember to use a comb to make the right parting and only when you have finished to style your hair you may use your hands to make it steady.

Glam Long Sleek Hairstyles 2014 For Women (1)

The blond hair looks angelic.

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Red Hair Color

In today's post we want to show you beautiful red hair color shades which are going to be popular this season. You are going to find latest color ideas from light to dark shades, as well as vibrant looking tones. We think you have noticed the popularity of this color, as we see so many women wearing it these days. It's a very beautiful shade which looks perfect on all hair lengths and types, starting from straight to wavy and curly. Another great thing about this color is the wide variety of clothing sets which for sure will complement your new look. Start from corals, navys, browns, blacks, pinks, golds and nudes. Check out these gorgeous color styles which are going to make you stand out from the crowd this year.

Red Hair Color For 2014-2015  (1)

Keep your locks a bit messy.

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Women’s Urban Clothing for Winter

What do women wear in the streets during cold weather? When the temperature starts to drop at a considerable rate we see them wearing urban clothing. Today we want to show you the best wardrobe staples that will be popular this cold season. All the showcased looks are warm and stylish, so you don't have to sacrifice with comfort. It seems like retro and 1990's fashion are revived and we see a perfect update which includes elegance and casual edginess. You are about to see urban classics which come in easy and timeless silhouettes. Here are presented statement tailored suits, leather jackets, autumn printed sweaters, stylish jeans, simple tees, etc. Each look is ready to wear and perfectly suits various occasions. Overall, this compilation is a mix between modern and classic style.

Women's Urban Clothing for Winter 2014-2015 (1)

That's an awesome look: a biker jacket worn over short double-breasted blazer, gray turtleneck, slim fit jeans and pointed toe booties with zip closures.

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Casual Men’s Clothing For Spring-Summer

How about wearing clean and simple style during this Spring-Summer? Let's have a look at casual men's wardrobe which includes many must haves for this warm season. Many brands and designers showed impressive looks that feature sporty touches, earth, neutral, grounded colors and versatile details. If it happened so that you are about to hit the streets of your city during your off duty day, then we advice you to wear simple blazers, washed jeans, light knitwear, striped tees and basic jackets, checked shirts, cardigans in playful colors. We love mixing classics with casual. Every piece should characterize you. All in all, keep it easy yet extremely chic.

Casual Men's Clothing For Spring-Summer 2014  (1)

How about pairing navy blue casual blazer with a simple cream white tee and pleated gray trousers with sandals.

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Women’s Blazers and Jackets For Fall-Winter

There are so many ways of wearing blazers and jackets this Fall-Winter season. Today we want to show you amazing ideas and combinations that feature this street-chic piece. It can be a ideal update for any occasion. Just imagine how perfect it looks on simple outfit. This wardrobe staple upgrades your daywear basics and makes is easy for wearing at work, dating or shopping. We would like to show you plenty different ways how to dress down this perfect layer. You are about to see traditional ways of wearing it, as well as smart, classic and sophisticated methods. There is no doubt about the ease of teaming it with various styles, from urban, glamor to boho chic and grunge. Read on for a few different ways to dress down a jacket this Autumn season.

Women's Blazers and Jackets For 2014-2015 - Best Catwalk Looks (1)

How about pinstripe version which can be worn with a simple black tee and tartan trousers with zip pockets.

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Trendy Looks: Women’s Leopard Print Clothing

How about wearing leopard print clothing this year? Today we want to share with you amazing and trendy looks that include awesome leopard print which makes you look elegant, modern and feminine. It's no doubt that this wild print continues to be spotted in the street style images, on the runways and many fashion retailers stores. We would like to share with you amazing looks that come with beautiful fits and lengths. You are about to see here cool skirts, jackets, skirts and outerwear which features all those wild spots. Jungle never ends and we have so many options for you this year, that you will for sure would like to try on. Nowadays, it's quite easy to choose the appropriate styles and fits, that's why keep your eyes wide open and like the one which is your favorite. We think every fashionista has at least one piece with this wild animal print in her closet.

Women's Leopard Print Clothing - Trendy Looks (1)

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Platform Sandals – Best Street Style & Catwalk Looks

Today we are going to speak about platform sandals and the street style fashion which includes many interesting ideas that are perfect for your spring-summer wardrobe.

So, if you are ready to update your look, then here are fresh ideas and looks of how to wear these creations this season. These shoes will suit those girls and ladies who are a bit on the short side, yes, they give some extra height but they are really comfortable and easy to walk in.

The bold ones are the simplest ones, we mean, if you will wear the basic platform style then believe us it will be enough to shine like a star.

Platform Sandals - Street Style (1)

Try to choose essential color, including brown and black with minimum accents and embellishments. They are must haves for summer wear and will match absolutely any outfit. Here are fresh ideas of how you can wear them now.

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How To Wear Ponchos

We all know that ponchos are brilliant winter warmers, as many women tend to wear this outerwear garment only for chilly winter days, while other style them with their favorite hippie style clothes, making their look creative and original. It's no doubt why many brands and designers are trying to integrate this piece in many possible women's clothing styles, just imagine how comfy and relaxed your moves are while wearing it all day long. Today we want to show you some possible ways of this item's proper wear, so that you look chic and awesome. The very first thing is to balance your outfit's volume. As you all know, this piece is quite billowy and it tends to flow, that's why it's essential to wear something fit and tight on your bottom, so that you avoid looking like a balloon-girl.

Ponchos For Women (1)

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