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Jennifer Lawrence Hairstyles

Today we are about to share with you these gorgeous, fun and cool hairstyles from Jennifer Lawrence. You are about to see her amazing and best styles that are not only eye-catching and trendy, but also stylish, simple and very practical. We really do love her looks, that feature fresh and unique styles that are accompanied with amazing make-up and clothing sets. What we like about this American actress, then it's her ability to look sophisticated, youthful and modern. She is a real blonde girl, who loves that special light carelessness and fashionable looks. Anyway, let's have a closer look at the different haircut and styles versions.

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That's a messy evening look.

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Megan Fox Best Hairstyles

I think most of you my dear readers have seen Megan Fox in different teenage movies and you all know, how beautiful and fascinating this girl looks. I am sure each one of you, admire by her eye-look, smile (sparkling white teeth) and of course by her body. But this time, I want to dedicate this post to her shiny and silky hair. Let's begin from the slightly wavy look, which makes her look casual and simple, giving all attention to her overall beauty (face details and silhouette). What I really like about her is the accessories that she uses on her locks, like floral wreaths, which give her sophisticated face kind of sweet touch. Megan Fox was captured on many special events by wearing high hairdos which gave her opportunity to reveal statement earrings.

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How to Create Cool Braided Hairstyles

For those who want to do amazing braids need to know few basic braiding techniques and you will be able to make cool braids by yourself. Here below you will find out how to create braided hairstyles for short, medium and long hair. Let’s start from long hair braids. There are known many gorgeous braided hairstyles for long hair women, let me tell you couple of on trend styles, like braided crown, side fishtail braid and braided halo. If it happened so, that you want to have a sophisticated looking braided crown, then you have to start with two low pigtails, braid and secure. Then take one of the braided sections and secure it one inch from your hairline, after this secure the second braided strand behind the first one and you have got a great style of cool hair braids.

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Hair Color Shades: Auburn Hair Color

Today we will speak about superb shade of reddish-brown color, which is becoming so popular among lots of celebrities and stars. If you want to have the same cool shade, then you need to go to Professional hairstylist, as the kind of shade is considered to be difficult to maintain artificially. Anyway, we will tell you how to get the right auburn shade. There are known many celebrities like Jessica Chastain, Susan Sarandon, Isla Fisher who were born with beautiful auburn hair, while Bryce Dallas Howard and Emma Stone pull off this color with a dye. The easiest way to get auburn hair is when you already have chestnut or dark blonde hair color,then you have three options: 1) medium auburn hair color, which works best with widest variety of skin shades or 2) light auburn hair color, which is more suitable for naturally pale blondes. 3) Dark auburn color looks best on natural brunettes.

Cheryl Cole Unveils Her New Wax Figure at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in London on October 20, 2010
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