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How to dress like Ryan Gosling – Outfit Ideas & Combinations

Ryan Gosling is a great actor and a real heart breaker. In today's post we would like to bring you the outfit ideas and combinations of possible Ryan Gosling clothing styles. We all have seen movies where Gosling appears in glamor outfits, casual style looks, that's why we want to share with you some of the brightest styles and ideas which feature masculine outfits and laid-back clothing essentials. Let's have a closer view and see a great mix of button ups, chinos, biker jackets, cardigans and evening wear must-haves which are worn by the most stylish man in Hollywood. We love the way he looks holding backpacks in his hand, as well as donning statement accessories, like shades, necklaces and bracelets. Let's get inspired, now:

How to dress like Ryan Gosling - Celebrity Style (2)

A casual weekends look: striped top, biker jacket, moto jeans and black sneakers.

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Medium Bob Haircuts – Celebrity Style

How about get some inspiration from celebrities hairstyles? Today we want to share with you medium bob hairstyles that are going to be in trend this season. Here are presented adorable medium haircut ideas that will transform your look drastically. How about to follow the latest hair trends and create something unique and individual? Let's have a closer look at the presented medium bob haircuts that will suit almost every face shape, that's why these classic square bob and graded cuts will amaze everyone around you. So, if you want to look awesome and attract men, then we advice you to have a look at the presented hair styles.

Keira Knightley wearing an amazing bob cut.

Medium Bob Haircuts 2014 (1)

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Awesome Wardrobe Staples For Women Over 50

Some say that women over 50 look old and they loose their style, that's not true! We want to share with you these impressive images that overview different celebrities, who still dress and look awesome and stylish. We want to claim, that no matter what is your age you may dress however and whatever you want. We have gathered together these outstanding images, where women appear in their daily outfits that impersonate their cool appearance. Of course, if you are not twenty years old, then it's possible that you will not wear girlish minidresses and school-inspired outfits, but you can still dress modern and eye-catching. Anyway, let's have a review on these pretty styles of clothing sets.

Wardrobe Staples For Women Over 50 (1)

Marcia Cross appears in casual look: a suede long brown jacket worn with gray fitted pants tucked inside pale brown boots. We love her oversize black sunglasses and that lightweight scarf.

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Men’s Looks: How To Wear A Polo Shirt

What do we have got here, yes, these are real man's wardrobe pieces, that make them look stronger and confident- we are speaking about men's polo shirts. This season is a great comeback of these shirts. We remember that they were absent for a while and this year they are back in town. This is really a versatile look, which can be styled absolutely with everything, starting from casual, semi-casual to formal looks. Many men are wearing them during the golf play as this item is very practical and classic. Many celebrities, movie stars are pairing them with white pants for a yacht walk, for a simple lounge wear or just going at the beach. We think it's the right time to say why this design comes back in fashion.

How To Wear A Polo Shirt  (1)
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Mila Kunis Best Hairstyles

Let's speak about Mila Kunis's hairstyles that were spotted on different events. What we love about her looks is the beautiful locks that make her face fresh and playful. It's very interesting to see the evolution of her hairstyle preferences, as in the past years she preferred her hair long and you can see her wearing chic tresses and voluminous hairstyles. As you can see from the images below, Mila Kunis has tried different kind of hair styles, starting from simple to sophisticated ones. We love her long center part, which has to feature straight hair for this kind of style. Here are shown Kunis wearing long and curled styles which bring volume that goes perfect for various occasions.

Mila Kunis Best Hairstyles 2
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Celebrity Sunglasses Trends For Women

Sunglasses seasons are all year around as even during winter time we wear sunglasses for sun protection, if it's sunny outside. Even celebrities appear wearing sunglasses, some are hiding their eyes and others love to add some cool accessories in their daily outfit. Today we are going to share with you some really hottest sunglass trends, which are going to be popular for decades. Your mission is to find the right ones for yourself, which will suit you and make you look great. Here below you will see lots of beautiful celebrities wearing chic sunglasses, no matter which kind of shape, design or color, every pair looks unique and rich. Why don't you grab one of your favorite sunglasses trends. Bold red shades are perfect on every skin and it pops up any neutral color outfit. You will find here wayfarers which look great with formal attire. Our favorite trends are multicolored shades and neon shades, these trends are perfect for those who like colors.

Celebrity Sunglasses Trends For Women (1)

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Celebrity Pentagonal Sunglasses

Celebrities like wearing everything new, that's why we would like to share with you latest sunglasses trend which comes in new frames called pentagonal. It's a new shape in fashion world which are becoming so popular among stars and models. This trend can easily replace cat eye sunglasses, that's why take a closer look at these images and try to think if they will suit you and your style. Pentagonal sunglasses frame design is divided into five edges, so that the look is original and unique. Many Hollywood celebrities were spotted in those styles including Miranda Kerr, Rihanna, Dianna Agron and many more.

Celebrity Pentagonal Sunglasses (1)

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Celebrity Sunglasses: Clear Frames

Every girl or woman has her favorite singer/actress/celebrity who always inspires her. That's why many brands and designers try they new "innovations" on different celebrities, that's why they are always main trend setters. Every celebrity inspires our fashion choices, that's why when we see our beloved actress in cool sunglasses we already want to buy them. Today we are going to see some really cool images of celebrities wearing clear frames, or so called see-through or transparent frame sunglasses. That's the most popular style of the season, as we see many celebrities wearing that cool and modern style trend. This kind of frame looks great on both sunglasses and glasses, and what is more important is that they are unisex and versatile, so even men can sport clear sunglasses.

 Celebrity Clear Frames Sunglasses
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Celebrity Cat Eye Sunglasses

There are two reasons why celebrities wear sunglasses, the first one is to go incognito and second one is to look sophisticated and edgy. Today we are going go speak about cat eye sunglasses which are so popular among different celebrities nowdays. First of all, it's a retro frame of the 1950's, yet it looks to us, that brands and designers offer us more modern shapes, which mix that vintage touch with nowadays fashion trends and different cool details. Here you will find gorgeous designs of this oh so chic eyeglasses frames including oversize models, irregular shapes and monochrome color designs.

Celebrity Cat Eye Sunglasses (1)
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Channing Tatum Hairstyles

Hello dear fashion readers, today we will speak about Channing Tatum’s coolest hairstyles. We love his usual classic ‘Ivy League’ cut style. He appears with short hairstyles, which gives that special American boy look. How to opt the same style, well, it’s quite easy as you leave little on the sides of the head and get longer at the crown and front hair. Well, this style is quite short, so it’s up to you if you want to get your haircut so short. Well, if you are a strong boy and have such big muscles as Channing and masculine face shape, then why don’t you try the same? As you can see from the images below, Tatum went even shorter, making fully shaved head.

Channing Tatum Hairstyles (1)

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