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Top 10 Mini Skirts

Make it short! Today we want to share with you top 10 mini skirts combinations from Polyvore. You are about to see great styles which are totally amazing for wearing this year. Make it simple, opulent, casual, formal or party-like. The best thing about this wardrobe piece is the easiness of dressing up or down. Keep your legs bare for summer or add tights and boots for winter wear. There are numerous styles which are in trend this season, starting from the flared, pleated to pencil. Choose the ones which are high-waisted, color blocked, floral prints or made of leather. The little skirt will update your persona in one second. Here are shown girlish sets (ideal for cocktail parties and prom nights), as well as business inspired looks. Anyway, let's get some inspiration:

Top 10 Mini Skirts For 2014 (1)

Here we see an outstanding floral print bottom styled with white shirt, light blue denim jacket, patent pointy black stiletto pumps, black leather tote bag, amazing retro sunglasses and gold necklace.

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Best Chic Street Style Looks

How to dress chic in the streets of the big city? Today we want to bring you another compilation of street style looks that are going to be popular all year round. Here are presented gorgeous outfits that are perfect for city walks and night clubs in New York, Paris, Milan and London. You are about to see glamor and chic urban clothing styles that feature denim, billowing skirts, must have accessories, eclectic prints and tailored semi-formal essentials. As you have noticed many girls and women wear business and resort casual attire, while others keep things comfortable and appear in simple tanks, tops, tees, skirts and dresses. Well, it's a funny thing, as city walk has never had a certain dress code, while we see style trends which dominate, while each city has a different idea of street style. The most important thing is to have a comfortable pair of shoes, which will make your walking easy and convenient.

Chic Street Style Looks 2014 (1)

A Parisienne chic in cat eye sunglasses, gray cardigan and flared mid skirt.

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Slip-On Sneakers – Street Style Looks and Chic Combinations

How about a versatile look, which is semi-casual and sporty at the same time? We want to share with you an amazing sporty trend which was spotted quite often lately, we are talking about slip-on flat sneakers that amaze everyone with its incredible comfort and stylish appearance. Of course these shoes are simple and more casual, while the shoes top can be colored in numerous colors, patterns and prints. This model features a slightly thick sole, no laces and simple shape. The great thing about them is they look awesome with any style, starting from Tomboy, model off-duty, California girl, smart-sophisticated to polished business, preppy and It-girl look, in other words, any trend which is ready to wear will be easily updated by these shoes. As you have already understood, they can apply to any clothing set, that's why let your imagination keep on working. It seems like, we should share some chic combinations of street style for you inspiration, right?

Slip-On Sneakers - Street Style Looks and Chic Combinations (1)

Style them with denim jacket, cool black sunglasses and gray turtleneck.

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Chic Street Style: Striped Tops

It looks like stripes will never go out of style, as we see them in summer, winter and transitional collections. They appear to be thick, skinny, black on white, white on black, red on white, white on red, etc. Today's post is about the great variety of styling tips that appear in street style images. All the presented looks are extremely versatile, as they can be used for working hours at the office, business meetings to casual weekends and late cocktail parties. The striped top looks fantastic thanks to the glamor update which can be made by teaming your clean and chic top with bright gold hued accessories. There are other ways of how you can stay 1960's retro inspired and sophisticated wearing this piece, by mixing it with 1990's grunge style essentials, like rolled up boyfriends and leather jacket. Here below are shown interesting styling ideas that will bring you to the next level.

Striped Tops - Chic Street Style Looks (1)

Some girls love wearing navy style clothing combinations in all white, like going sea-side.

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Street Chic Looks: Cuffed Jeans

Fashion moves in a spiral way and everything which considered to be in fashion several decades ago becomes popular lately. The same thing concerns about styling your everyday outfits. Today we are going to share with you street chic looks which feature cuffed jeans. It was reinvented by our beloved celebrities during their appearances on the streets, while many paparazzi spotted them wearing this casual look on a daily basis. That's a relaxed and understated style which updates your style and makes it fashionable, easy and carefree. Basically, this trend suits all possible styles starting from casual, grunge, boho-chic and off-duty looks. Some stylists state that there is something Parisian in cuffed jeans. This update looks simple and sophisticated. If you are wondering how high your cuffs should be, then there is only one answer: how high you want them to be? There exists no incorrect sample in the fashion world, that's why any style of your jeans will look amazing rolled up. If you will ask, what shoe styles will suit with cuffed pants, then the answer is: any shoe, which you want to wear.

Street Chic Looks - Cuffed Jeans (1)

The best sample of oversized jeans are boyfriends, which can be rolled up in one or even two folds. As you have already noticed, this look makes you more bohemian and chic. While the skinnies which feature cuffs may not be so visible, but they definitely will update your shoe wear appearance, as you can style them with ankle heels, tennis shoes and loafers.

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Pointed-Toe Flats – Street Style Looks and Polyvore Collages

Here are presented ideas and styles of the possible pointed-toe looks that can be worn by you in your daily and evening life. You are about to see beautiful styling options where the flats peek out from the hem of wide-leg pants, or teamed with printed dresses. The ways of wearing pointy toe are countless, as we see cool animal print designs that are worn with black jeggings and oversized knit sweater for a cool street style look, as well as feminine options that feature pointed toe ballet shoes styled with sleeveless tops and ruffled floral skirts, while you can always go timeless classic and wear simple black ones to the office with sleek tailoring or on the weekends with boyfriend jeans.

Pointed-Toe Flats - Street Style Looks and Polyvore Collages (1)

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Trendy Playsuits and Rompers For Summer

Today's topic is women's playsuits and rompers that are in fashion this summer season. It's no secret that these two wardrobe pieces are back on track, as many celebrities start to appear wearing it in their daily life. Of course, most of you might say, that this product is quite hard to pull off, while we want to destroy your preconceptions, you are about to see styles that are easy to wear, which have high waists, belt loops (which makes your legs look longer), evening-appropriate designs, that will suit your tuxedo jacket, as most of them are streamlined and suit almost every body shape. Those ladies who are top heavy, then we advice to go for the style where the shorts are slightly flared, so that they balance the upper part, those ladies who are pear shaped then we advice to go for voluminous designs or those which have embellishments around neckline, so that heavy details balance with bottom, and if you are hourglass woman, then try to embellish your waist with a statement and vibrant belt, while petites should choose printed versions with ruffled details. The playsuit can be embellished with simple jewelry, classic heels and cool outerwear, like blazer. This summer main trends for playsuit are loose, light, draped fabric designs.

Trendy Playsuits and Rompers For Summer 2014 (1)

Here we see a plaid version, which has kind of formal look, another one is monochrome print beachwear appropriate and that floral romper which is cinched at the waist will look fabulous in the streets.

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