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Long Coats For Ladies

This time I want to share with you something special, yes, I am talking about ladies long coats for this season wear. This long cover-up is a real must-have for those women who want to feel warmth and comfort no matter where they go. They will make you look elegant and voguish. In other words saying it's a perfect investment of your money, as you can wear long coat for decades without worries this staple will go out of style. If you want to express your inner style and personality, then I highly recommend to try on one of these eye-catching designs. You are going to find here suede, tweed, fur and wool creations colored in red, black & white, Prince of Wales, grey, black, dark blue, burgundy and light brown. The lengths vary from below-the-knee to ankle length styles. Hope you will like this compilation as much as I did:

2015-2016 Long Coats For Ladies (1)

Here we see Rosetta Getty creation that looks vintage inspired. Love the way it's styled with light peach shirt tucked in high-waisted velvet wide-leg trousers.

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Leopard Print Coats For Women

Today we are going to speak about the possible styling of leopard print coats. There are so many interesting ways of how you can wear this animal print outerwear, from casual to downtown cool, from work appropriate to model-off-duty, it's no secret, that leopard print outerwear is a versatile piece for any girl with any personal style, as it can be glamor or grungy, or classic at the same time. Animal print layers will remain trendy even the next fall 2014 season, that's why it's very essential to see possible variations of this outerwear styling. It can be easily pulled on with classic all-black ensembles, pay attention that wearing this outerwear design you automatically make a statement, that's why it's very important to choose the right clothes.

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How To Style: Pink Coats

How about a pink coat for you today? Yes, darlings we are here to speak about pink coats. There is no doubt that pink color is ultra feminine and it gives something girlish to our overall look. This year, pink color isn't something too cute, as you can team it with punk, grunge and rock and roll style clothing. Well, there is something retro inspired in this pink color coat, isn't it? Some girls and women adore neon pink coats and silhouettes of 1950 and 1960's style retro. And there is nothing wrong with that, as pink coats are coming back in the fashion world. Anyway, what can be more cute than a cozy, uber feminine pink coat, right? We say you: "If you like pink coats and you want to wear them in daily life, then do it!"

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Stylish Short Coats for Women

So it’s autumn outside and we have to think about what to dress to stay warm and stylish at the same time. Today WardrobeLooks.com will share with you trendy short coat styles for women. We tell you honestly, it’s not so easy to buy chic and trendy coat, as we see lots of interesting offerings which look perfect on models, but when we try them on, some of them look ridiculous on us. As we already told you, we will speak about short coat designs. If your body allows you to wear short coat, then we advice you to try on double-breasted coats and trapeze forms, the ones with fitted silhouettes. It’s very important to team your short coat with comfy boots and chic trousers.

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