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What To Wear With Long Dresses

If you are planning to wear a long dress, then you should know how to style it. In today's article, I will try my best describing best shoes to wear with long dresses, as well as what accessories, jackets, and other cool details you can add in order to look at your best. Why do I love maxi dresses so much? They do work on every body type, plus you can easily create whatever outfit you like.

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Urban Coats Styles For Women

In today's post wardrobelooks.com wants to draw your attention to women's urban coats styles to wear this year. Back in the 1990's urban fashion was reserved for r&b, hip-hop ready to wear essentials, but now it's something more individual. It's very important to match the effervescent environs of the city, by choosing apparel that complements ultra modern surrounding. I have looked through numerous of fashion collections and now I want to show you some of the best urban coats to try on during chilly mornings and windy days. In this compilation you are going to find amazing designs from the likes of 3.1 Phillip Lim, Band of Outsiders, Diesel Black Gold, ICB, Max Mara, Markus Lupfer and many more.

2015-2016 Urban Coats Styles For Women (1)

That's an outstanding modern looking A-line patent down-coat with furry collar from Sacai Luck.

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Women’s Classic and Tailored Coats

It seems like coats are always in trend. Today I want to show you my personal favorites to wear this season. I am pretty sure you are going to love these awesome styles, as I have gathered the best designs from various lookbooks. Each one of the presented cover-ups looks smart and functional. In this collection you are going to find classic, timeless styles, as well as baggy updates, mannish shapes, floral print versions, double-breasted pieces, checkered, brightly colored models, slim-fit and loose-fit silhouettes.

Women's Tailored Coats 2015-2016 (1)

Carolina Herrera offers a simple shape coat in cream camel color. Love the simple fit and silhouette.

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Vintage & Retro Coats Styles

Put some spin on retro musts. Today I want to share with you this fabulous collection of women's vintage and retro style coats to wear this season. When weather gets colder, we need somewhat cozy to cover ourselves in. But we all want to make it with style, by wearing something preppy, voguish and original. And here are some really cute retro coats to try on this season. You are going to find absolutely cute, vintage styles in vibrant colors, fabtastic details and timeless silhouettes. The following vintage inspired looks are real must haves for the upcoming colds, because each style comes with special shapes and individual details. Hope these designs will inspire you to buy yourself new coat.

Vintage & Retro Coats Styles 2015-2016 (1)

Giulietta offers a blue slim-fit design with front zip closure and white collar.

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Oversized Coats For Women

Bigger doesn't always mean better, but when we speak about investing in a new fall coat, then I suggest you to try on an oversized coat. Today, my mission is to share with you this adorable collection of women's oversized coats to wear from Fall to Winter season. This statement cover-up has number of styles: oversized collars, fur collars, ruffle designs, various prints, etc.

2015-2016 Oversized Coats For Women (1)

Here we see No.21 wrap and belted creation printed in grey and blue stripes.

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Coat Trends For Women

These coats are made for snuggling up! Today I want to share with you this stunning collection of women's trendy coats to wear this year. Thanks to the contemporary designer brands we have chance to see best styles from the latest lookbooks. The following compilation consists of seriously cozy outerwear, as well as lightweight, belted and printed designs.

2015-2016 Coat Trends For Women (1)

Samuji keeps it simple and minimalistic offering its clientèle a dark blue shapeless look.

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Best Women’s Printed Coats For Winter

Let's talk about printed coats. I am going to share with you an awesome collection that consists of best styles to wear this winter season. No, there will be no leopards or tigers. Instead of animals, you are going to see amazing and creative looks, starting from brands logo, geometric, florals to capped mountain jacquard, tribal, plaids and measure tape print. Each creation looks eye-catchy and very practical. I am in love with each one of the following styles. There is kind of special touch in these masterpiece creations. All in all, if you want to stand out from the crowd this season, then I highly recommend to take a look at these pretty, eye-catching cover-ups:

Best Women's Printed Coats For Winter 2015-2016 (1)

Moschino offers a measure tape printed yellow leather A-line coat. I am in love with its relaxed fit.

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Short Sleeve Coats For Women

When it feels like you want to try something new, but you still afraid of wearing modern apparel, then I suggest to look through this compilation of women's short sleeve coats. Each one of these short sleeve outerwear designs will for sure make you look individual. Of course, we all know that coats typically have long sleeves, but the shortened sleeves will allow you to show off your beautiful sweater or blouse. There are different kind of cropped sleeve lengths: 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 3/4... These cover-ups can be paired with wide variety of different bottoms, starting from skirts, dresses, shorts, pants and jeans. This outerwear can also be worn to the office, as you can wear it with white blouse and black skirt. Anyway, look for the perfect short sleeve coat the next time you shop:

2015-2016 Short Sleeve Coats For Women (1)

Antonio Marras offers a light lime yellow colored style worn atop high-neck knitted long-sleeve top colored in purple.

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Sleeveless Coats For Ladies

You know what, you need a sleeveless coat, darling! Today I am going to show you some of the best styles to wear this year. These cover-ups might not bring the goods in terms of warmth, but they are sure to bring a stunning look. You might think they are not practical, but believe me, you can try them with anything you want, starting from formal basics to casual essentials. You can cinch them with belts at work, or let them be opened and loose during weekends. Another great thing is the versatility, as you can wear them during warm days, as well as during chilly mornings styled with your favorite sweaters. Here I've got some eye-catching designs to choose from:

2015-2016 Sleeveless Coats For Ladies (1)
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Robe Coats For Women

If you are looking for something that is easy to wear and style, then you definitely should check out this awesome collection of robe coats for women. The robe style has kind of similarity to bathrobe, though this cover-up can be worn to work and cocktail parties. Why do so many women wear this outerwear? Well, it's because of its versatility and functionality. You can wear it with cocktail dresses and suits, or you can go for a casual style and team it with jeans and tees. This year many designers offer its clientèle classic color palette that includes light grey, navy, sky blue, dark brown, black, and shiny sequined bronze and gold. Anyway, let's have a look at this awesome compilation and choose our favorites to wear from work to parties.

2015-2016 Robe Coats For Women (1)

Rachel Comey offers a relaxed fit light grey option that is cinched at the waist with a black belt.

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