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Trench Coats For Women

When you want yourself classic and elegant outerwear, then you probably should try on a trench coat. Today we are going to look through this stunning collection of women's trench coats to wear now. This cover-up will never go out of vogue. There are so many styles these days, as you can go for classics, more statement ones, as well as leather, lace, colored, flared and printed models. The color palette of this season includes classic beige, blue, light brown, dark brown, navy, pale blue, khaki, black, turquoise, etc. The great news about trench is the timeless look that will always be in fashion. This versatile outerwear can look urban, polished, retro inspired and modern. What is your favorite style after all?

2015-2016 Trench Coats For Women (1)

Michael Kors keeps it classic, though his creation is made of beige leather. The look is finished with leopard print miniature handbag and the same print shoes.

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Women’s White Coats

Let's talk about women's white coats. In this article I want to draw your attention to awesome white coats that are in massive trend right now. No matter what is the style and cut: wrap, oversized, slouchy, bomber-like, double-breasted, robe styles, trench, straight fit, short, medium or long. Why do ladies pick white color? It's quite simple, it looks rich and glamorous. The white color automatically makes you look like a celebrity, business woman who dresses in white regardless of the season. Just imagine yourself in one of these cover-ups with a pair of black sunglasses and black leather gloves, yes, eye-catchy. To get an effortless casual appearance you have to keep everything simple, try on cool jeans, black sweater/ pullover and your beloved cover-up. You will automatically become sophisticated and glamour. Hope this inspirational list will push you up to buy yourself a fabulous white cover-up:

Women's White Coats 2015-2016 (1)

Co offers you a relaxed fit white coat that comes with a simple and oversized shape.

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Ladies Wide Lapel Coats For Winter

The coat is an essential cover-up in every lady's wardrobe. Today we are going to speak about women wide lapel coats for winter season. There are so many awesome designs offered by many brands that sometimes you just don't know what to buy. In this compilation I've included the trendiest styles with wide lapels that are not only elegant and functional, but also comfortable and ladylike. It looks like lapels play one of the major roles in today's outerwear, as I see lots of designers offering its clients statement cover-ups that look rich, sophisticated, sleek and streamlined. Another great thing about this outerwear is the timeless look that will serve you through many good winters to come. All in all, let's have a closer look at these precious designs:

Ladies Wide Lapel Coats For Winter 2015-2016 (1)

Louis Vuitton offers a micro plaid coat that can be worn atop high-neck sweaters and teamed with high-waisted, pleated jeans.

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Modern Coats Styles For Women

I've got something special for you tonight. We have chance to look through this amazing collection of women's modern coat styles to wear from this year to another. You are going to see stunning silhouettes, silvery mirrored designs, color-blocking versions, creative closures, brocade print, lovely fit-and-flare styles, fur creations, rich colors and many other creative details and shapes. All these pretty designs are made not only surviving the winter frosts, but also for looking elegant and chic, without loosing your sense of style. Each one of the showcased models will let you look at your best. Lots of the presented styles create a more feminine shape making you look sweet and voguish. Anyway, I think it's time to have a closer look at these marvelous cover-ups:

2015-2016 Modern Coats Styles For Women (1)

Derek Lam keeps it sophisticated and ultra-modern. I am in love with this beige colored creation.

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Military Style Coats For Women

If you want yourself something cool and mannish, then why don't you go for a military style coat. Today I bring you this excellent compilation of women's army style coats to wear this season. The injection of military influences keeps on moving up offering us trendy styles of tops, pants, jackets, coats and accessories. This season army trend dominated the runways once again, exploring new shapes, colors and details. The army style coat takes a comfortable position in the fashion world. We see various lengths, shapes, colors and prints.

2015-2016 Military Style Coats For Women (1)

I am in love with details that can be seen in Rebecca Minkoff khaki green creation. Try this stunning, tailored cover-up with your everyday essentials.

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Long Coats For Ladies

This time I want to share with you something special, yes, I am talking about ladies long coats for this season wear. This long cover-up is a real must-have for those women who want to feel warmth and comfort no matter where they go. They will make you look elegant and voguish. In other words saying it's a perfect investment of your money, as you can wear long coat for decades without worries this staple will go out of style. If you want to express your inner style and personality, then I highly recommend to try on one of these eye-catching designs. You are going to find here suede, tweed, fur and wool creations colored in red, black & white, Prince of Wales, grey, black, dark blue, burgundy and light brown. The lengths vary from below-the-knee to ankle length styles. Hope you will like this compilation as much as I did:

2015-2016 Long Coats For Ladies (1)

Here we see Rosetta Getty creation that looks vintage inspired. Love the way it's styled with light peach shirt tucked in high-waisted velvet wide-leg trousers.

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Leather Coats For Women

This collection features awesome leather coats for women to wear from fall to winter months. Here are shown great options, starting from edgy designs to classic, belted, bomber jacket inspired, double-breasted and glamour, evening appropriate ones. This cover up will for sure add an instant edgy touch to any style. You can wear a frilly ruffle dress underneath, or you can be ready for special business meetings by sporting a stunning pantsuit underneath your leather outerwear.

2015-2016 Leather Coats For Women (1)

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Jacquard Coats For Women

That's an awesome compilation of jacquard, brocade and tapestry coats for women to wear through this season. What is so special about these coats anyway? Well, everything becomes clear as soon as you take a look through these images. Yes, they are excellent choice for those ladies who want to be in center of everyone's attention. We see marvelous designs in florals, abstract prints, stained glass inspired looks, etc. Each creation is a must-have that makes you look special and very individual. All in all, if you want yourself a wearable piece of art, then I highly recommend to look through this stunning collection:

2015-2016 Jacquard Coats For Women (1)

Roberto Cavalli makes a tailored fit cover-up that looks elegant and sophisticated. In love with high black leather boots.

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20 Best Ladies Fur Coat Styles For Fall-Winter

What is a real must-have that every woman needs during fall and winter months? Exactly, the fur coat. In today's compilation I am going to share with you 20 best ladies fur coat styles that are ideal for Autumn-Winter season wear. Each one of these voguish cover-ups will for sure make us look trendy, feeling comfort and cosiness. As you all know, fur is one of the biggest trends this season. Of course, it's a bit pricey piece, that's why you should invest your money carefully, knowing exactly what you want. Thanks to these fashionable designs you will easily express your style and personality. Thanks to awesome Fall-Winter lookbooks we have chance to look through these trendy fur outerwear pieces.

Best Ladies Fur Coat Styles For Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (1)

Stella McCartney keeps it exaggerated and fun. Try on this statement oversized piece belted at the waist with a statement wide leather belt.

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Fur Coats For Women

I think you have already noticed many ladies in street style images wear awesome fur coats, right? In today's post I am going to share with you fur coats that are absolutely gorgeous and ideal for women to wear from fall to winter months. In this compilation you are going to find amazing looks, starting from wrap styles, teddy bears, duffle styles to 1970's inspired, glossy black leather with inner fur, long and oversized versions. This year color palette includes classic black, brown and white to dark blue, red and color-blocking. Every model comes with ladylike touch that makes it look sophisticated and for sure get you noticed in the crowd. Straight from the runways, here is my favorite collection of your cold days must-haves:

2015-2016 Fur Coats For Women (1)

Fashion brand Co brings us a classic black colored piece with fur collar and details.

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