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Casual Cashmere Coats For Women

Inject the spirit of adventure into your outerwear, by choosing awesome casual cashmere coat. Today we are going to show you great combinations of women cashmere coats, which are versatile and can be used as multi-task outerwear. You can wear the following styles at work, parties and even open-air events, like weddings, garden parties, etc. This piece is a real investment, which for sure will update your everyday looks. We have selected different designs, lengths and color choices. The best thing about this staple is there is large selection and huge discounts and sales now, so you can find the desirable design for a reasonable price. Keep in mind several things: the coat should have a perfect fit (everything depends on its design and silhouette: is it slim-fit, oversized, regular fit, boyish, etc., to find the right fit, you have to simply go up one size over your suit jacket size), the color has to harmonize with your separates or your dress and the fabric has to be high qualitative and warm, so you can wear something lighter underneath your outerwear. Anyway, we think it's the right time to see our favorite Polyvore combinations:

Casual Cashmere Coats For Women (1)

The mauve pink piece can be worn with super skinny jeans, leather Siberia boots with fur cuffs, duffle bag, stone stud earrings, dusty pink watches and statement sunglasses.

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Pointed-Toe Flats – Street Style Looks and Polyvore Collages

Here are presented ideas and styles of the possible pointed-toe looks that can be worn by you in your daily and evening life. You are about to see beautiful styling options where the flats peek out from the hem of wide-leg pants, or teamed with printed dresses. The ways of wearing pointy toe are countless, as we see cool animal print designs that are worn with black jeggings and oversized knit sweater for a cool street style look, as well as feminine options that feature pointed toe ballet shoes styled with sleeveless tops and ruffled floral skirts, while you can always go timeless classic and wear simple black ones to the office with sleek tailoring or on the weekends with boyfriend jeans.

Pointed-Toe Flats - Street Style Looks and Polyvore Collages (1)

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How To Style: Zebra Print Dresses Polyvore Combinations

Many of you wondered if it goes perfect wearing a leopard print, then what about other animal prints? Today we are going to speak about zebra print dresses that are going to hit the streets this year. This monochrome print makes you stand out the crowd at once, that's why it's essential to know what and how to style your eye-catching piece. Of course, there are numerous ways of how you can wear your zebra print, while we want to share with you some amazing images that were found on Polyvore. Here are presented the ways of how you can combine your dress with different accessories, like sunglasses, hats, shoes to look fabulous this spring and summer season. The ideal thing about this ensemble is that it suits for almost any occasion. So, before you proceed further, we have to advice you to embellish your gown with the right accessories, as you can either go all black for a sophisticated touch, either all white for a sweet and girlish vibe, so it means you can wear simple or bold accessories. Let your wild animal out...

Zebra Print Dresses Polyvore Combinations (1)

Flare skirt and high neckline sleeveless zebra dress is styled with yellow wool scarf, Chanel purse bag, white and black leopard print cat-eyes with mirror lenses and lace up ankle boot style shoes.

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Women’s Grunge Street Style Looks

It is official- the grunge is back in town! Today we want to speak about possible street style looks that feature amazing touches of this 1990's inspired sub-culture. Ah, those 1990's street looks which inspire us to think through our wardrobe staples, thanks to these style inspiration we can think over our next day's outfit. You are about to experience grunge and understated glamour street styles that will update your everyday look. Here are presented street style images that come with cool accessories, like beanies, camouflage and plaid pieces. As you have already noticed, the classic 90's look is given a modern makeover for the latest street styles, as we see different combinations of classic, punk and grunge inspired silhouettes.

Women's Grunge Street Style Looks  (1)

That's a perfect streetwear look, which includes 90's revival - denim jacket, striped beanie, loose fit tee with rock band print, impressive and colorful leggings and military style boots with DIY embellishments.

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Women’s Footwear: Block Heel Sandals Which Can Inspire You

We are really grateful to designers who offer us chunky block heel sandals, that make us stable and statement. These shoes are great because of their appeal, comfort and functionality. No doubt, block heels are your best shoes for this season. They are really easy to walk in, they are comfortable and chic. We personally think, that these designs have a bit of Parisian flair, which makes any girl or lady to pair them with everything from skinnies to mini skirts. We want you to check out the gallery below and pick your favorite one. It's no secret for today, that fashion and function can be teamed together, thanks to these beautiful sandals.

Block Heel Sandals  (1)

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Evening and Wedding Pumps Which Can Inspire You

Every woman wants to feel special during her wedding day and one thing has to be really comfortable and statement, yes, we are talking about shoes. Every girl or lady wants to find footwear which will match the event, that's why shoes play one of the major roles after the bridal dress, that's why we want to share with you these ultimate and stunning choices that will make you look outstanding and statement.

Here are presented eye-catching selections that can be worn during the ceremony, as well as at the evening of fine dining and entertainment. You are about to see very special choices that will match your gorgeous look.

Evening and Wedding Pumps (1)

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Awesome Wedding Rings For Women

So, you have finally made it and now it's time to find the appropriate wedding rings. So, how should these rings look like? Everything depends on your personal choice, but you have to find them online only the plain ones, as they symbolize smooth relations between husband and wife. We want to share with you a great compilation of exclusive wedding rings which exude eternal love, beauty, loyalty to each other, wealth and health. These rings have to represent your individuality, style and taste.

The rings should be chosen together by groom and bride, that's a crucial moment before the wedding ceremony. For some of you it seems to be the most easiest part, but we will disappoint you, as nowadays, the choice is so great, that you might spend way too much time before you select the right ones.

Wedding Rings For Women - Collages and Combinations (1)
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Stylish Slippers For Women

How about sporting comfy, flat shoes for your everyday wear? Today we are going to speak about women's slippers that are extremely practical and will look great as your daily footwear. If you are searching for the styles that will look great with your casual wardrobe, then let us share with you these pretty designs that will update your look in one second.

First of all let's speak about the possible fabrics use that make these shoes so must have. You are about to see models that are made of satin, leather, faux shearling, neoprene, suede, cashmere, fleece and many other comfy materials use, in other words the possible fabrics use is simply countless.

Slippers For Women (1)

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Women’s Footwear: Wedge Pumps

The wedge pumps will always be in fashion, as it's one of those footwear designs that are both stylish and comfortable. We want to draw your attention on this fantastic collection of wedge pumps that are not only impressive and timeless, but also classy, cool and versatile. We really hope that you will find the one and only design that will compliment your daily and special occasion look, as well as complete your web searches and you will finally take a freely breathe. So, here are presented various styles, shapes and designs that fit different style of clothes, you are about to experience strappy sandals, wedge espadrilles, as well as wedge mules shoes. Anyway, let's take a closer look at this season's must haves.

Wedge Pumps (1)

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Women’s Designer Shoes: Platform Pumps

How about buying shoes that are unique as you? Yes, we are talking about platform pumps that make any woman look impressive, statement and self-confident. The platform makes women look more visible to everyone, as they make you look higher than you are in real life.

The other great plus of these shoes is that they fit almost any style outfit, starting from glamor, dressy ones to casual and urban-chic looks. As we have already told you about the extra height, then it's worth to mention their amazing style looks, that vary from opened toed, slingbacks to clogs, strappy, wedge espadrilles and wedge pumps.

Platform Pumps - Women's Designer Shoes (1)

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