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How Should A 30 Year Old Modern Women Dress

If you are 30 year old woman, then this post is related to you. Today we bring you best fashion tips of how should a 30 year old modern women dress in their daily lives. Here are presented some basic ideas for those who are heading to their 30, so if you are from 27 to 30, then we advice you to take a closer look at these interesting and timelessly trendy looks. Never, we say never think about your age, otherwise you will look like you have resigned yourself to the fact that you are over thirty now and ca not wear anything trendy. But, there are some things you should know about the wardrobe rules for women of your age. Start taking caring of yourself: better food, more exercises, run, fruits, vegetables, manicure, yoga, etc. Nest thing is the worth of clothing, it's okay to spend more money on the clothes, you just have to be a little more classy, but keep on experimenting with layers and prints.

How Should A 30 Year Old Modern Women Dress (1)

That's a perfect combination for those ladies who want to feel comfy and look trendy. Here we see a chambray shirt styled with cuffed skinnies, white silk crepe blazer, straw fedora and leatherette tote in patent blue. Love the following rock studded ballerinas.

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How To Dress If You Are 35 Year Old Woman

Today we are going to show you how to dress if you are 35 year old woman. You are going to see awesome and unique looks which are ideal for business, casual and workdays wear. These outfits are perfect for those ladies who want to wear individual style clothes. All the presented styles can't be copied, as every look is an extension of your personality. As we arrive at our thirty fives, it's time to check classic outfits, where the key looks are those in which you look good. For example, if you are curvy woman, then it's better not to wear skinny pieces, or if you have stretch marks on your stomach from your kids, then do not wear string bikinis, but if you have a pretty body, which you want to show off, then we see no problem why you can't wear those skinnies. For instance the same sheath dress looks differently on 20 year olds as well as on 70's and 35's old women. All depends on the way how will you accessorize your look. The thing is that every woman wants to look fresh and modern. Our advice is to invest in a higher quality pieces that are ideal for various occasions.

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Women can rock in menswear style clothes. As you can see, lady appears in a pinstripe white 3-piece suit, which is styled with the same color fedora, pointed toe monochrome flat shoes and golden watches.

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Polyvore Clothing Combinations For 25 Year Old Woman

When you are turning 25, then you really should think about your look. Today we bring you best polyvore clothing combinations for 25 year old women. When you reach that age, then, darling, you really need to ask yourself, if this mini skirt fits your office look or not. You just have to weigh up and rethink your wardrobe and find there elegant and sophisticated pieces. Keep your eyes on colors, they still are your best friends, but keep the length more classic, try to avoid minis and cropped tops. When you are in your 25, you have to start considering whether or not an outfit is age appropriate. If you ask us, what type of clothes are considered to be your age appropriate, then the answer is: as soon as you don't feel natural wearing something, then you should avoid this.

Clothing Combinations For 25 Year Old Woman (1)

The checked shirts should be always in your closet, no matter what's your age. This piece has that special masculine touch, which gives you more sophisticated look. There is kind of western touch in this piece.

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Tomboy Style For Women – Polyvore Clothing Combinations

The tomboy style is in trend this year, as we see lots of women appearing in the streets wearing masculine inspired clothes, while looking stylish but still boyish. The menswear trend in women's wardrobe works perfectly for all ladies in all ages. We are going to show you this season's best polyvore clothing combinations, which feature brightest and unique tomboy style outfits. It's no secret, that most of girls want to be more brutal, stronger, as it's quite boring to always look feminine and girlish. We have gathered boyish and tomboy style outfit ideas that work perfect for work, casual parties, rock conceerts and dates. You are about to see stunning blazers, chunky derby shoes, crossbody bags, untucked tops, block heel oxfords, military accents, luxe totes, chic sunglasses, etc. Keep in mind one important thing: choose only those clothes, which are comfortable and elegant. Think about freedom of choice, experiments and self expression.

Women's Tomboy Style (1)

How about casual retro touches, which will underline your individuality and uniqueness. Try on low-slung boyfriend corduroys, white asymmetric tee, V-neck buttoned black cardigan, Oxfords, circle sunglasses, black bowler hat, mustache necklace, and various wrap bracelets.

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With What To Wear Women’s Moccasins – Polyvore Combinations

Let's talk about sweet women's flat shoes that are real must haves for relaxing and comfort wear. It's no secret, that nowadays flats are becoming popular. Many brands and designers tend to offer more masculine inspired clothing. Today, we want to share with you this year's eye-catching design that will not only make your walks more comfy, as well as convert you into trendy person. How about sheepskin moccasins for cold days? We would like to share with you some of the best designs, that will make your feet feel comfort, warmth and look timelessly elegant. There are lots of interesting offerings, like traditional leather-sole styles (slippers) made of sheepskin with fur inside, that can be worn in summer as well as in winter time, but these ones are meant for home wearing only.

Women's Moccasins (3)

How about wearing fur lined moccasins with your favorite checked turquoise shirt, light blue jeans, brown biker jacket and circled sunglasses with light blue lenses.

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How to dress like Ryan Gosling – Outfit Ideas & Combinations

Ryan Gosling is a great actor and a real heart breaker. In today's post we would like to bring you the outfit ideas and combinations of possible Ryan Gosling clothing styles. We all have seen movies where Gosling appears in glamor outfits, casual style looks, that's why we want to share with you some of the brightest styles and ideas which feature masculine outfits and laid-back clothing essentials. Let's have a closer view and see a great mix of button ups, chinos, biker jackets, cardigans and evening wear must-haves which are worn by the most stylish man in Hollywood. We love the way he looks holding backpacks in his hand, as well as donning statement accessories, like shades, necklaces and bracelets. Let's get inspired, now:

How to dress like Ryan Gosling - Celebrity Style (2)

A casual weekends look: striped top, biker jacket, moto jeans and black sneakers.

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Women’s Fashion Trends For Summer

Hello there fashion readers! In today's post we bring you an amazing compilation of this summer season's women trends which are going to make you look strong, feminine and confident. You are about to see this year's essentials and all the key new updates. Here are presented details from the Spring-Summer catwalk shows. We have rounded up the trends which stood out the most, so, this warm season comes with tribal prints, sports influence, metallics, art prints, feminine and oversized florals, shiny and metallic fabrics, bold brushstrokes, pleats, transparency, checks, lace, grunge, double denim and 1990's style vibrations. Anyway, let's have a detailed look:

Women's Fashion Trends For Summer 2014 (1)

Tribal details are everywhere, starting from tops, dresses, shorts, shoes, accessories and nail art.

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Modern Hippie Style For Women

We saw lots of hippie inspired clothing during the runway shows and today we want to share with you this upgraded comeback style for this season wear. If you are a fan of music festivals, fringed details, tribal prints and boho touch, then these clothing combinations are meant for you. We want to show you amazing and daring combos which for sure will inspire you. This time hipsters go aside, as it's more hippies inspired season. Flowing fabrics, feminine details, comfortable and alluring must haves. As you have noticed, this style can be unique and beautiful, so you don't have to be a Greenpeace member to pull it off. There is kind of 1970's vibe which makes these looks more vintage inspired. Anyway, let's have a closer look at these awesome wardrobe staples.

Modern Hippie Style 2014 For Women (1)

The amazing red blue silk tunic with beads and embroidery is styled with Aztec print denim cut offs, canvas tote, platform sandal heels, mirrored aviators and embroidered headband.

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Formal Skirt Suits For Work – Fall-Winter Catwalk Looks

If you are a real power woman who wants to dress seriously, look and act like a business woman, then you should have functional work appropriate attire. Skirtsuits may be the ultimate clothing set for working women. We think everyone loves this trend but not sure how to pull it. The classic choice so far is the monochromatic color designs that underline your professionality and willingness to work. Today, we officially declare, that this office style look is back in a big way. We'd like to show you how designers turned this attire on the fall-winter runways. This season many brands pushed tailoring out front and showcased lots of variations on this look. Anyway, there are several must-try options that will hit the streets this Autumn.

Formal Skirt Suits For Work - Fall-Winter 2014-2015 (1)

Banana Republic and L'Wren Scott jacquard business attire.

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Circle Skirts For Autumn-Winter Season

In circle skirts we trust! Today we want to share with you dear fashion girls one trend, which will be our favorite wear during cold season. For the past few years full skirts have become very popular, that's why many brands offer us various shapes and styles, including feminine, vintage, modern, long, mini, full, fit-and-flare silhouette, high waisted, slightly pleated and knife-pleated. It looks like we will have plenty of them this year, so it's up to you which one to choose. We are going to share our favorites from various shows, lookbooks, runways and street styles. If you still wondering will it suit you, then have a closer look at the presented samples and choose your favorite.

Circle Skirts For Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 (1)

Here we see a girl wearing a glamor style look, which features a mini pink high-waisted style worn with shirt collar sleeveless blouse, high-heel pumps and blue clutch bag.

The following compilation will show you all the possible combinations which will update your look once and for all. It's obvious that for the last years many girls and women started wearing shorter versions instead of longer ones. Just for reminder: this clothing piece is extremely versatile and season-less. If you ask Wardrobe Looks: "which one to choose?" Then everything depends on how much leg you are willing to show. Anyway, here are shown this autumn-winter 2014-2015 seasons gorgeous styles which for sure will inspire you.

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