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Evening Long and Maxi Dresses

If you are looking for a marvelous evening long or maxi dress, then you should check out this stunning collection. I have found amazing designs to try on this year. This is an ideal option for those ladies who do not wish to show off their legs. The great thing about maxi gowns is the season's versatility that allows you to wear it from summer to winter months. It's a perfect style for heading off on a glamour party, red carpet event or a special formal occasion. Be bold and choose bright colors or go for sophisticated prints. Here are presented floor-sweeping and figure-skimming looks that feature amazing prints and embellishments. In this compilation I have collected fabulous styles to choose from, so, I really hope you will find the one and only to wear on your very special day.

Evening Long and Maxi Dresses 2015-2016 (1)

A La Russe brings a V-neck, sleeveless gown with a fitted waist. The print is sophisticated and boho inspired.

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Top 20 Evening Dresses For Spring-Summer

We think it's time to show you our personal top 20 evening dresses that are great for wearing next spring-summer season. We are obsessed with these looks. You are going to see pastel colored numbers, jacquard printed gowns, glossy, sophisticated flowery styles, monochromatic essentials, floor length and pencil knee-length versions. The best part of these designs is the versatility, which allows you to wear them at evening events, ball parties, prom nights and many other crowdy events. The spring and the start of the summer season is the best time for showcasing some of the season's best formal attire. We promise, you will find unique, show-stopping and statement looks that for sure will automatically make you spotted. No matter what type of event you are attending, an evening ensemble is the perfect touch. All in all, there are many options to choose from, so keep your heads up for the best styles to try on this year:

Evening Dresses For Spring-Summer 2015 (1)
The pale blue highneck. Here we see Lyn Devon shapeless piece that is ideal for summer cocktail events. We advice to wear it with classy heeled sandals and lush updo.

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Short Evening Dresses For Cocktail Parties & Formal Events

Let's talk about evening attire. Today we bring you short evening dresses for cocktail parties and formal events which are versatile, eye-catching and extremely practical. We have collected the best combination ideas which are timeless and always in style. It's obvious, that night out attire might be the hardest thing to get right, as every lady and girl wants to look unique and individual. Here are presented awesome looks which are elegant for showing off during formal and special events. If you’re among those women who wants a real must-wear ensemble, then these are truly go-to outfits. Of course, these designs are not quite as formal as full length gowns, yet they are fun, semi-formal and still elegant and graceful. We hope you will like the presented combinations the same as us:

Short Evening Dresses For Cocktail Parties & Formal Events (1)

The pale beige wrapped and ruffled style can be worn with black blazer, glamour sandals, shimmering silver evening bag, the same eye-catching necklace and earrings.

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Fabulous Evening Dresses

It's time to find a beautiful, fabulous dress for this season, right? You need something versatile which goes ideally for a wedding, evening event, fancy party, formal occasions, like dinners and proms. That's why we have decided to make this great compilation of special occasion ensembles which will gently cover your skin and for sure will bring style and elegance to any event. No doubt, a fabulous dress is a great way how you can stand out the crowd. If we speak about weddings, then you need something glamorous and spectacular, which will underline your uniqueness and complement your silhouette, that's why new season offers flowing gowns which are timeless and contemporary designs which come in shorter versions and modern twists.

Evening Dresses 2014-2015 (1)

Floor length brownish sleeveless gown cinched at the waist and belted with a lace strap.

If we speak about prom, then you are about to see youthful and juniors ensembles in trendy colors and stunning designs, which for sure make your night a memorable one. For those ladies who prepare for a night out, we suggest to choose a perfcet cocktail ensemble, which will make your moves comfortable. Here are shown great options for parties, night clubs and corporate work events ideal for restaurants and disco clubs. Are you ready for an endless assortment, then let's go!

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Cocktail Dresses and Evening Looks For Summer

Summer is in the air! Today we bring you an outstanding collection of women's cocktail dresses and evening looks that are perfect for warm weather wearing. You are about to view chic cocktail dresses in bright colors, that are perfect for evening events like opera and theaters, as well as formal occasions. Every piece looks bright, fresh and individual. We love the ones which come in bright colors, feminine prints, neutral versus pastel hues. Let this summer make you look special and elegant. Each of the showcased pieces will for sure underline your individuality and beauty. Some presented pieces are extravagant, others remind us of 1950's styles. Those ladies who want a versatile outfit, which can be both formal, playful and casual will find here pretty separates, like feminine blouses and trousers. Every woman will be inspired by these gorgeous styles that will suit any wardrobe.

Cocktail Dresses and Evening Looks For Summer 2014 (1)

A sleeveless tailored yellow pencil dress with a slimming peplum waist and metallic inset.

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Evening Dresses

Every girl or woman dreams of an evening dress that would complement her tastes, style, shoes and hairstyle. There are lots of different events that take place in the evening time, that's why you have to know what kind of occasion is there going to be (festival, prom, party, formal dinner), so that you can choose the right ensemble. It's vital to choose the ideal evening gown that will suit the overall style, but will stand out from the rest. We want to share with you various colors, textures and fits that are in trend this year. Before you make any decision, we advice you to keep attention on the shape, as it's essential to know which silhouette will suit you the best and which will definitely go wrong.

Evening Dresses 2014 For Prom (1)
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Evening Dresses For Girls

If you want your little lady to look adorable at a number of special occasions, then you have to organize the prettiest apparel for her, so that you have no worries, that she will amaze all the boys and girls around her. We want you to check out the beautiful assortment of girls’ evening dresses that she can wear at school's festivals or some other formal event. This collection includes stunning white an angel like gowns, pretty lace numbers, pleated and floor length versions. What you have to do now is to just browse the wide selection of presented vibrant colors, modern patterns and stand out designs and choose your favorite. The ensemble should be ultra-feminine and make your child look happy (inner and outer), by evoking radiant beauty.

Evening Dresses For Girls (1)
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Cocktail Dresses For The Fall

Women do love appearing in awesome looks during special events. The cocktail dress is one of the go-to garments which is perfect for social meetings, like work parties, cocktail events, weddings and formal occasions. For some of you getting a cocktail dress might be an easy job, but nowadays it's quite hard to choose the right one, as we see the real spread of countless web shops, which offer so many creative designs that we simply get lost. Some of you might follow the good old classic shapes and colors, while others will blindly follow the trends. One thing is important to know, before purchasing new design: you have to know your body type and during which season you want to wear it (as you need light fabrics for summer and thick texture for fall and winter).

Cocktail Dresses 2014-2015 (1)

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Latest Fashion Trends: Day to Night Dresses

We think every woman dreams about versatile clothing that would be just right for work and parties, that's why we want to underline our attention on these pretty day to night dresses that are real savings and shopping strategy that always pays off, as these are real investment pieces. What we love about these designs is the real versatility, which can take you from work office to cocktail party and formal occasions. It's no doubt, that you already have interest, then here you go- great dresses that are perfect for day to evening wear. All the presented pieces will look terrific along with simple handbag or clutch and statement shoes. If the presented dress is too much festive, then you can always dress on it a nice blazer or tailored jacket for an effortless office look. What we personally love about these voguish dresses is the easiness and comfort. As you can see, the color palette starts with pale pink, dark blue, white to dark red and monochrome.

Day to Night Dresses (1)

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Best of Night Out Dresses

Today we have great news for all of you, as we are about to share some brilliant and eye-catching night out dresses for all those glamor and elegant girls and women who want just have some fun during the Fridays nights and weekends. It's no secret, that working till the late nights disturbs us and makes wanna cry, but when your best friend calls you and asks you to go with her in the bar or attend crazy party, what you gonna say- you are totally right, you are gonna say YES! This year has many style variations of cool and bright dresses, as it can be a simple LBD or really creative masterpiece that will make you individual and really voguish. Anyway, I have gathered lots of options that can be found online at uterque.com, asos.com, massimodutti.com and pullandbear.com sites. So hurry up, as these pieces will not be available from the cradle to the grave.

Night Out Dresses (1)
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