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Fall-Winter Women’s Fashion Trends

This time we want to show you this fall-winter season's top women fashion trends that all will be focused on for upcoming season. We want to reflect the best ones for your consideration, featuring bold new silhouettes, modern and high quality materials, as well as bright colors and styles. This time we see comebacks of retro and classic shapes, bright colors, sporty touches, statement furs, as well as astrakhan furs, shearling outerwear, western updates, post-apocalyptic touches, isle prints, oversized silhouettes, cozy knits, cozy robe coats and pretty ensembles worn with pants. The color palette is divided in two contrasting camps, where the one is autumnal and the other one is bright. We see typically wearable fashion essentials with touches of creativity, commercial updates, unexpected classics, luxurious and confident ready to wear garments, as well as experimentations and fashion forward looks. We see experimental, classic, feminine, mannish and very modern outfits. Here is our short list of the top 14 trends combinations.

Fall-Winter 2014-2015 Women's Fashion Trends (1)

Robe сoats? Really? Yes, this season is all about major comebacks, like this awesome topper, which looks like a real bathrobe to us. Pair it with your favorite jeans or chinos and bright shirts.

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What Women’s Bomber Jackets Are In Style

Today we bring you a compilation of women's bomber jackets, which are in style this season. The first thing which comes in our minds when we hear bomber jacket is the sports, active life and urban wear. Thanks to many celebrities, fashion models, bloggers and fashionistas, we have summed up the best designs which might be in fashion next year. You are about to see awesome pieces in black with floral sleeves, brightly shimmering and printed ones, light pink with white sleeves, khaki military, quilted, varsity-like and greenish updates. We have summarized every street style image and now we know the best ways how you can wear this amazing outerwear. This piece is perfect for pulling off the off-duty looks, as well as adding sportswear inspired trends. There is no secret, that sports and athletics apparel and details are dominating the catwalks, streets and shops right now, that's why it's our duty to let you know how to wear this trend.

What Women’s Bomber Jackets Are In Style For 2015 (1)

This street style ensemble is the perfect spring look, as you can wear it during chilly transitional days. Keep it black with floral sleeves and style it with leather black sweatpants, awesome backpack (where are all your day essentials, starting from work folders and textbooks to university books and notebooks), sling back mules and awesome necklace.

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Winter Outfits For Curvy Women

This post is dedicated to all curvy women who want to look fabulous this winter season. No matter what is the season now and what's the time you are reading this, as we are going to show you the timeless styles and tips which are ideal for more full-figure women. We are about to show you the best plus-size finds and combinations which for sure will inspire you. We have rounded up the most wearable styles of clothing and now it's the right time to share with you ready-to-wear looks and all the wardrobe needs. Each piece is perfect for wearing during the cold and transitional weather. You'll be turning heads the upcoming winter season wearing one of the presented looks, which include downtown urban, pink sweet, office, casual, basic everyday, sporty denim and street styles.

Winter 2014-2015 Outfits For Curvy Women (1)

How about this cool downtown update which features grey sweatpants, white pullover, red biker jacket, beanie, high top trainers and transparent sunglasses. You can always update your look with a bright blue handbag.

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Denim Trends For Women

Denim will always be our favorite fabric. Today we are going to share with you this season's denim trends for women, which are going to be in style for a long time. We see marvelous updates which make every woman look very unique and individual. This fabric looks more like a canvas to personalize and less of a staple. There are many interesting designs which are embellished with various studs, patches, emblems and cuts. You are about to see wide cuff, flared pants, jumpsuits and overalls, buttoned ensembles, 1990's patch trends, awesome dresses, crop tops, as well as striped versions, light colors and oversized apparel made of denim. Please note, that all the presented looks are based on factual analysis, as we have seen so many shows, lookbooks and street style images, therefore we've decided to make these combinations for your personal inspiration.

2014-2015 Denim Trends For Women (1)

First thing which comes in our minds is the wide cuffed jeans which can be paired with your everyday essentials, like khaki field jackets with patch pockets, cozy grey knitted sweaters, leather driver cap, booties, awesome backpack and aviator sunglasses.

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What Dresses Are In Style For Fall-Winter

It's the right time to start thinking of cold season wardrobe. Today we want to introduce to you what dresses are in style for Autumn-Winter season wear. We have picked out the best must-wear designs for winter, thanks to the fall ready to wear shows and lookbooks. We hope you are ready for a new warm wardrobe, as we have twenty five different styles and lengths for you to try on. Every woman seeks for a garment which can be suited for every occasion. You are about to see here dramatic, long and glamor designs, flowy and feminine silhouettes, which can be combined with your favorite blazers, jackets and accessories. If you’re among those women who wants to update her cold season wardrobe then you’ll certainly appreciate this guide.

What Dresses Are In Style For Fall-Winter 2014-2015 (1)

Keep it simple and try on a pale blue below the knee slim-fit piece teamed with a fur vest and styled with white, mannish flat shoes.

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18 Ways How to Wear Leather Skirts This Winter

Let us introduce to you the best 18 ways how to wear leather skirts this winter season. In today's post we are going to show you possible ways how you can update your everyday wardrobe. We have gathered various styles starting from sculptural to voluminous, mini and long lengths from Fall-Winter fashion shows and lookbooks. There are numerous of options how you can style this feminine bottom piece, as you can add a crisp white button-down, cool knitted cardigan and tights for an office wear, or you can try on a fuzzy sweater, printed tights and statement jacket to play with an off-duty look. You can go short, extra long, ladylike full, streamlined mini, midi and style it with grunge, punk rock, glamor or Dandy street style garments. So, if you are planning to stay on trend this season, then we advice you to take a closer view at the presented trendy combinations:

Leather Skirts For Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 (1)

How about styling your edgy bottom piece with a zebra print sweater. Thanks to the crinkled effect pleat detailing you will have an updated full silhouette with a fitted waist and youthful take on the trend.

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17 Trendy Pants Styles To Wear This Winter

Today we want to show you 17 trendy trousers styles to wear this Winter season. It looks like brands and designers agreed to offer wide range of pants styles, starting from skinnies to wide and loose-fit designs. We have studied many looks from various shows and lookbooks and now we want to share with you our favorite looks, which come in modern, vintage and timeless silhouettes and colors. We want to underline the black straight ones which are extremely versatile (just like LBD) and classic, so that you can style them with anything you want with, starting from warm pastel and pale colored sweaters to printed blazers and shirts. Speaking of creativity, then we have here tracksuit inspired sweatshirts, drop crotch leather styles, shortened, wide-leg wool pair and high-waisted quilted design. Every piece has that special touch which can be featured either in details, colors, prints or design (shape).

Women's Pant Styles For Fall-Winter 2014-2015 (1)

Speaking bout gym and athletics, then we advice you to choose the ones which feature quilt details. Pair them with a cool printed top and high sandals.

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18 Cool Ways to Wear Sweatshirt This Winter

Sweatshirts certainly are perfect for sessions at the gym, yet in today's post we are going to share with you some of the best cozy top styles for this winter season which can be combined and incorporated into other outfits. We have studied lots of shows and collections and now we have chosen the 18 cool ways how you can wear this sporty and at the same time elegant wear. If you do everything correctly, by pairing them with your favorite pencil skirts or skinnies, then there will be no doubt in creating a serious style statement. Many fashion weeks street styles feature models, fashionistas and bloggers who appear wearing this bulky and chic top garment. What we love about this piece, then it's the ultimate look during winter days, as the temperature starts dropping, all we want is to feel ourselves wrapped up and cozy, that's why a nice sweat will do its job perfectly. All in all, here below are showcased chic and key pairings of sporty crew-necks with amazing shoes and bottoms balancing textures and colors.

Women's Sweatshirts For Fall-Winter 2014-2015 (1)

Discover this versatile by teaming it with some high quality garments, like pairing simple, black design with creative slogans with a retro hat and blue pencil skirt.

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Women’s Sweatpants For Autumn-Winter

We'd like to show you this Fall-Winter season's best women's sweatpants which can be paired not only with athletic style clothes, but also with semi-formal basics. Of course, this kind of wear is not the most elegant garment, but they are extremely comfortable and can be paired with many interesting tops and outerwear designs. We have chosen practical and functional styles which have pockets and elastic waistbands. Each pair is perfect for wearing with your favorite clothes. The following looks can be worn at home, going shopping, on a picnic or country-side trip, workout or simple walk around town with your friends. The sweats make you feel confident, comfortable and sporty. Anyway, let's see all the cool joggers and classic styles which look casual and slouchy.

Women's Sweatpants For Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 (1)

Keep it cool and dandy-like, by wearing a nice cowboy hat, two-tone color coat (camel and black), cozy pullover, white-greyish sweats and white slip-ons.

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What Women’s Jackets Are In Style For Winter

The best way to transition your wardrobe into colder months is to wear cozy outerwear. Today we show you what women's jackets are in style for winter season. You are going to see versatile and super stylish outer garments which will keep you cozy, when the temperature drops. The best option is to find a quirky, polished, bright and versatile design, which is not only fashionable, but also functional. We have spotted lots of classic and essentials outerwear that are real must haves for any wardrobe. Try pairing your outer garments with office and casual outfits, so it can fit for everyday and special occasion wear. Check out these awesome looks, which can change your regular look completely and let us know what you think about it.

What Women’s Jackets Are In Style For Winter 2015 (1)

If you want kind of fashion-forward look, then we advice to go for this kind of style.

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