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Where to get  fashion advice from professional stylists

If you want strategically show your skin, so you look sexy and not vulgar, I guess you need to know several tips to do it right way. Believe me, some things look great only on plastic dolls in the shop window. Ladies should be aware of their flaws and virtues and focus on outfits that will bring only best features. Many celebrities, actresses, singers spend so much money on stylists and I think such things should be for free. I discovered an online place called StyleDiscussions.com where you can find and ask styling secrets online. You will get answers and tips from professional stylists that will help you look fabulous. You can ask how to make your outfit more interesting or what things you can add to update your everyday look. Trust me, you will have free insider style secrets and tips about how to rock your look. When you need a fashion advice, just ask it. It's simple. 

Fashion Community: StyleDiscussions.com

How To Wear: Loafers For Women

Thanks God the spring is coming and we can have fun during the day off outdoors. It's the right time to walk down the streets and something comfortable. Today we want to share with all of you this gorgeous compilation of women's loafers that can be styled in different ways, starting from office tomboy styles to retro chic and biker style sets. Of course you may look like a real granny if you wont look at these style tips, but we really advice you to take a closer look at the presented images and make some notes. The key of a great look is to balance every detail and piece, that's why it's important to consider every piece before wearing and teaming it with the shoes. The best practice is to keep it simple and add some bright details. As you have already noticed, most of them have quite masculine look, but what we really love about these shoes then it's an amazing vibe that gives you a smart look. Anyway, let's have a look at these bright ideas, which will make you standout the crowd.

Women's Loafers - How To Wear & Street Style Looks

Here is a perfect office style, which includes belted trench coat in black worn over a beautiful blouse featuring Peter Pen collar and blue fitted wool crew neck. Of course we do not see what is underneath the trench, but it may be a mini skirt. As you can see the shoes look classic and retro. We love the pink circular sunglasses.

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Modern Women’s Spring-Summer Vests

We have already spoken with you about winter vests and it looks like we have to move further and see some of the brightest spring-summer gilets that will underline your femininity and make you stand out the crowd. As we have already mentioned the styles, then you should know: everything depends on you and it's up to you which style you will choose. Many brands and designers offer us different layers that might make you look like a rock star, grunge girl, Bohemian, hippie, glamor lady or urban denim lover. Anyway, let's see some bright looks that were snapped on the catwalk, streets of big cities and photo shoots.

Women's Vests (1)
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Modern Women’s Autumn-Winter Vests

Today's topic are women's vests. We would like to discuss with you some of the brightest models that are in fashion now, as it's winter outside, that's why it's essential to know all the basics and characteristics of today's fashion vests. Everything depends on you, as no one else can say, which style suits you the best, as it can be a laid-back Bohemian vibe, that makes you look more feminine and a bit casual, or it can be modern style outfit, where the gilet underlines your contemporary spirit, or you can go grunge, sporty, retro etc. We hope you already understood, what are we trying to tell you, right? Anyway, it's our mission for today to give you some tips, advices what sleeveless jackets are in fashion these days and which ones you can already wear.

Modern Women's Autumn-Winter Vests (1)
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How to Wear Timeless Retro Looks

No matter what fashion dictates, you should know, that retro looks will always be in style. Today's topic is timeless vintage looks, that will make you stand out the crowd and add kind of glamorous touch to your overall appearance. These outfits are easy to wear, as most of them come in comfortable shapes, that allows you to make moves with no worrying that something will look too tight on you. Nowadays many brands and designers offer us high quality vintage clothing, starting from coats to suits and dresses that have kind of 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s appearance. There is also a great plus regarding retro clothing is the fact, that you might not meet a person in exactly the same vintage look. And the second plus is that most of times these garments are handmade.

Timeless Retro Looks - Chic Style (1)
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How to Mix Vintage with Modern Women’s Clothing

Let's speak about mixing vintage clothing with modern looks. You outfit is your's business card, which gives people first impression of you. That's why if you want to become a good business woman, then you should know how to look timeless and contemporary at the same time. Our mission for today is to show you the great options of mixing modern with retro. It's no doubt, when people see gorgeous retro looks mixed with classic contemporary street wear garments, they loose their minds, as it really makes a great impression on people. Wearing retro clothing during the every day life makes a huge impact and adds serious skill to your overall appearance.

How to Mix Vintage with Modern Women's Clothing (1)
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How to Wear Denim And Boots

Today we are going to talk about denim looks that look simply outstanding with edgy footwear (leather, suede). First of all, this shoe-wear look cool with jean skirts, pants (skinnies, boot cut), shorts and double jean looks. As you can see from the images below, there are so many possible options, that are countless, that's why you have to choose one and make sure that it really fits you, your body, face and keep attention on your comfortability. Skinny pants will look great with boots. You can style it with a nice blazer or cool biker jacket, just keep attention on the fit. If it's winter time, then wear skinnies tucked into your shoes, no matter if these shoes are knee-high, ankle booties or even thigh-highs, you will look perfect with any style. Make sure, that your jeans are tight enough to be tucked in (they don't cause a fabric roll), or the jeggings will also work perfectly, if you want to tuck them inside the footwear.

How to Wear Denim And Boots 1
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How To Style: Tartan Skirts

Today we will speak about tartan skirts and how to wear them correctly and with what. The modern fashion world never stops and it brings so many styles and combinations together that we simply can not keep pace. Nevertheless, we would like to underline several tartan skirt styles that never go out of fashion: pencil skirts, A-line skirts, pleated and circle designs. Many girls and women want to look differently in their everyday life, that's why we will share with you all the possible ways of tartan skirt styling. Some girls make it look kind of grunge inspired, other make it full retro, others go punk inspired and some make schoolgirl look.

Tartan Skirts Street Style (9)
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Fashion Tips For Men: How To Combine The Dapper Style Clothes

I think you already dig it, that the Dapper look is becoming more fashionable these days. Lots of celebrities and actors wear dapper style looks, that's why I'd like to speak about how to combine different clothing elements together to get the right look, so here are some fashion tips for you my dear readers. To make it clear, dapper means to be gentleman and looking smart and stylish, so if you want to get the same style look, then here are very simple tips you should know about. These tips are not expensive and essential for every dapper looking man. First of all, wear handkerchief folded in a pocket near the chest area, that's a must have of every gentleman, then do not fasten all buttons of your suit (leave one unbonneted at the bottom), pay attention to your ties length, as it should reach the belt; cuffs look best if they lean out of your suit jacket at about 5-6 mm.

Dapper Style Clothes for Men (1)
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How To Get The Perfect Smoky Eye Look

Today we are going to talk about the perfect smoky eyes make-up. As you already noticed many celebrities, singers and actresses look hot with smoky eye make-up. It happens time after time that we need to get this kind of make-up style for special occasions, that’s why it’s our mission step by step tell you how to achieve this hot celebrity look.

First of all, start with clean and well primed lid, then take a medium sized eyeshadow brush and apply brown shade all over the lid, starting in an arch shape from the crease, then in short strokes take the same brown color down the lid and blend it well. When you are done with the lid form a soft wing take a soft black eye pencil and trace the upper lash line and after gently smudge with your finger, then use a blending brush to blend the smudged kohl over the eyelid. After this, line the lower lash line with the same kohl pencil and smudge the lower lash line as well. Apply dark matte shade all over the lid with large blending brush and to finish generously apply mascara.

How To Get The Perfect Smoky Eye Make-Up Look (1)
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