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Polka Dot Style For Summer

How about wearing statement spots this summer. The polka dots will never o out of fashion and today we want to make a review of this year's beautiful looks which feature this fun and fresh print. It's about versatility and bright color use which make every woman stand out from the crowd. In recent months we saw lots of models off duty styles which featured polka dot blouses and tops teamed with skinnies, that's why we can assure you to try mixing dots with jeans clothing. This season is all about print mixing, that's why try to team stripes, geometries, florals and animal prints with dots. If we speak about night outs, then make your look statement and use leather, glitters, metallics and other bright accessories and details to make your outfit shine. Keep it bright or neutral. The polka dots are easy to wear and it seems like there are numerous shops which sell exactly this kind of wear.

Polka Dot Style For Summer 2014 (1)

Mix your prints. How about red dots and striped pencil skirt. Pattern mixing is so popular this year.

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The 10 Wardrobe Essentials You Need For Summer

The summer is in the air! Today we want to share with you 10 amazing wardrobe essentials which will complete your summer wardrobe. This year comes with many beautiful and trendy styles, which gets us excited. You are about to see on which items, wardrobe staples we should be focusing on this upcoming warm season. In this compilation you will find amazing jumpsuits for everyday and evening wear, as well as modern shoes, like mules and chunky sandals, beautiful Oxford shirts, sweet floral dresses, astonishing palazzo pants, tee-length skirts and pleated ones, matching separates and gorgeous pastel bags. If you are ready to meet your summer wardrobe and find the best must-haves, then dive into new season with these closet updates.

The 10 Wardrobe Essentials You Need For Summer 2014 (1)

If you are not feeling to wear dress, then try on the fabulous, colorful or languid jumpsuit. Wear it on the beach, during formal events. Embellish it with superb metallic accessories.

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Women’s Fashion Trends For Summer

Hello there fashion readers! In today's post we bring you an amazing compilation of this summer season's women trends which are going to make you look strong, feminine and confident. You are about to see this year's essentials and all the key new updates. Here are presented details from the Spring-Summer catwalk shows. We have rounded up the trends which stood out the most, so, this warm season comes with tribal prints, sports influence, metallics, art prints, feminine and oversized florals, shiny and metallic fabrics, bold brushstrokes, pleats, transparency, checks, lace, grunge, double denim and 1990's style vibrations. Anyway, let's have a detailed look:

Women's Fashion Trends For Summer 2014 (1)

Tribal details are everywhere, starting from tops, dresses, shorts, shoes, accessories and nail art.

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Sunglasses Trends Spring-Summer For Women

Here are shown the best women's sunglasses trends that are going to rock this spring-summer season. We think no outfit looks complete without sunnies, that's why it's essential to find real impressive design which will update your look and make you individual. Anyway, let's have a closer view at these pretty designs.
The first design trend is odd-shaped glasses, which are whimsical and make a real accent to your creativity. Those ladies who are thinking to buy themselves the ones like these, should note that these are main accent of your outfit, so you better keep your other accessories minimal.

Sunglasses Trends Spring-Summer 2014 For Women  (1)
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Fashion Trends: Wedge Sneakers Which Can Inspire You

It's official: wedge sneakers are still in trend for this Spring-Summer season. It's obvious that sneakers are comfortable wardrobe staple and wedge design adds a little more height. There are loads of affordable options that you can choose from. Some models look like regular sneakers, some designs come in colorful patterns, colors. Of course, the main thing about these shoes is they really elongate wearer's legs, that's why if you are a petite girl, then it's pretty sure, if you will get the regular sneakers, you will still look short. There are so many affordable options now on sale in different shops, that you can buy on-line. Lots of girls wearing this design because of the comfort. Of course some of them are not in trend, but they are still stylish.

Wedge Sneakers 2014 (1)
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Palazzo Pants – Fashion Trend

Please welcome back the reinvented style of this year- the palazzo pants. These loose, large and flowy pants of the 1960's and 1970's are back in trend, but it's very important to know, that they do not suit petite, short women, while if you are tall, then you can style it with many combinations, while the best one is looking hobo-chic. You may try to team them with oversized tops, funky and chic easy flowy tanks in solid colors, throw on a blazer to make your look a bit streamlined, or you can simply cinch you waist with a belt and pair your pants with a cool tank top and a long light cardigan. Some women wear palazzos at work, by teaming them with classy 1970′s inspired looks.

Palazzo Pants - 2014 Wide Leg Pants For Women (2)
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Fashion Trends: White Sneakers For Women

Women may feel differently, as one day they feel like wearing all 1990's inspired grunge clothing, next day they want to wear glamor outfits styled with high heels, and the other day they feel Tomboy or moderl-off-duty like. It's normal, as everything changes in this crazy world, trends are modernizing, fashion offers creative updates, etc. Today's topic is women's white sneakers, which are this 2014 season's must haves fashion trend. We see so many light, puffy minimal colors that appear in apparel as well as in accessories. It's no secret, that kicks, chucks and high tops go minimal this year, that's why this color makes them look trendy.

White Sneakers 2014 For Women (1)

The white sneakers are this year trend, which makes every outfit look unique and awesome. We have gathered various style images which show us models wearing low tops, chucks, thick soled, high tops and other designs in white color as well as styled with different ensembles, starting from semi-casual to sporty outfits.
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Women’s Bomber Jackets For Fall-Winter

Hello there our dear fashionistas, we want to share with you some interesting style tips for fall-winter that will help you to make your bomber jacket look awesome with your daily outfit. This outerwear piece is back on track and nowadays it comes with various textures, prints and colors. Today, this jacket can be seen on girls, ladies and grown ups, that's why we can not say if it's meant only for little girls, as the streets are full of this style garments. Thanks to its appearance, we feel a sporty edge, which is ultra-fashionable and practical. As we have already mentioned all-age women, it's time to go further and see bloggers, off duty models who wear this gorgeous urban piece.

Women's Bomber Jackets (1)
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Floral Print Dresses For Spring-Summer

Let's see this spring-summer season's trends which will make you look voguish and eye-catching. Today, we are going to start from floral print dresses. We advice you to go simple and wear feminine designs teamed with leather layers, like jackets and cool over-the-knee boots for a tough look. Well, we tell you honestly, there are known timeless of possible styling options, but today we want to share with you the floral print colors, possible print shapes and shades. The color can be feminine or tough giving kind of masculine influence. We love delicate ones, that are sweet and vibrant at the same time. You can wear it with ladylike silhouettes and relaxed cuts.

Floral Print Dresses For Spring-Summer 2014 (1)
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Sunglasses Trends For Women

Let us share with you this year's must have sunglasses that are best for women's wear. This year comes with fashion-forward punches, fierce colors, intricate details and luxe finishes. We love those fabulous shapes that feature every single frame. All the showcased eyewear designs have practical benefit, as they are meant for original purpose- wearing. Just imagine yourself wearing these pretty items during the night outs or early mornings, no matter what- you are looking awesome. This year comes with understated classics and ultra reflective shades that were stolen directly from the runway shows.

2014 Sunglasses Trends For Women (1)

You are about to see mirrored styles that reflect 1980's fashion. Each pair comes with bright colors, including vibrant blue, red, green and neon hues.

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