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Hearts On Clothes For Valentine’s Day

How to make your Valentine's Day very special this 2018 year? Today's story is dedicated to my favorite outfits that are complemented with lovely hearts print. This might be the most romantic day of the year, that's why it's important to make it very special. Cherish your love and celebrate it with your man. How to make things look festive? Well, as we all know, hearts are the symbol of love, that's why you can choose a beautiful heart printed outfit to make things look fresh, bright and chic. Anyway, let's have a detailed look, shall we?

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All The Best Bodysuits Outfit Ideas To Copy Now

Let's talk about something cool and feminine- BODYSUITS. In this post, I am going to show you my favorite outfit ideas you can easily create with this functional one-piece garment. It's no wonder why this awesome clothing staple is making a comeback this year, it's functional, easy to wear and extremely versatile. In other words saying, this is a safe choice for women who want to look their best and feel confident. It's like wearing a one-piece swimsuit on the streets, but you better cover it with some jeans, pants, skirt, and top. Anyway, let's have a more detailed look through these street style images.

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Fashion Trends: Skirt Suits

Let's talk about feminine suits. In today's blog post I want to draw your attention to women's skirt suits. This outfit is ideal for ladies who want to underline their professionalism and femininity. It's no secret that skirt is the defining element in women's wardrobe. I am a big fan of simple A-line silhouettes. It's the same as mixing women's fashion with men's style. I am not saying that women's pantsuits should be forgotten, but I do like that special femininity of skirtsuit that looks both modern and easy to wear.

Skirt Suits 2015-2016  (1)

Peach-orange set looks relaxed and urban inspired. I am so in love with this double-breasted jacket. Complete this outfit by adding heeled glossy loafers and studded shiny golden clutch.

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Fashion Trend Spotting For Women

In this article you are going to see latest fashion trend spotted in the recent lookbooks. Here are gathered seriously fabulous outfits that are great for street walks, work, parties and many other creative events. In this collection appear such designer brands like 6397, Acne Studios, A La Russe, Antonio Berardi, Chalayan, Giorgio Armani, Lanvin, Marissa Webb, Rebecca Minkoff, Thakoon Addition, Stella McCartney and many others. We are going to see beautiful prints, various silhouettes, starting from fitted to exaggerated ones, bright and faded colors, interesting fabrics and pretty details.

Autumn-Winter 2015-2016 Fashion Trend Spotting For Women (1)

It looks like stripes and plaids haven't gone anywhere. Try on 6397 look that consists of a striped tee, long plaid print skirt and cool sneakers.

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Fashion Trends: Matching Separates For Women

Today I want to speak with you about one of the biggest fashion trends for this season, yes, I am talking about matching separates for women. Pay attention to details, it's better to use less accessories or keep it minimal, instead of using bold and vibrant jewelry on colorful matchy-matchy styles. These separates often come in fabulous prints and fancy fabrics. They are here to stay keeping you fresh and fun. The versatility makes these clothes look unique and individual. I am in love with each one of these must-haves. I have this serious obsession with the following tops and bottoms. Hope you will like this exciting compilation the same as me:

Matching Separates For Women 2015-2016 Fashion Trends (1)
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Women’s Hats Trends For Spring-Summer

We see many interesting hats trends this spring-summer season. In today's post we want to show you best models that were shown in recent spring fashion collections. This accessory is a great addition to any outfit, as it adds a touch of creativity and individuality. in other words, that's a stylish way to top off your outfit this summer. No matter what is your favorite, we've got a perfect collection of cool fedoras, vintage inspired cloches, bucket hats, straw styles, floppies, knitted beanies, berets, visors, snapbacks, etc. We want to draw your attention to this great selection of colorful and high quality styles that come in exquisite shapes and designs.

Women's Hats Trends For Spring-Summer 2015 (1)

You are going to see panamas, that are casual and ideal for warm season wear. Here we see cool offerings in bright prints and colors. The straw hats are perfect for picnics or summer brunches. The floppies come in feminine, Bohemian flair that makes them look vintage and eye-catching. Keep them bright, big and feminine. All in all, stylish hat is a must-have when it comes to accessorising your outfit.

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Top 20 Ladies Jumpsuits For Spring-Summer

In today's post we want to share with you next spring-summer season's most wanted pieces- jumpsuits. We have rounded up numerous ready to wear fashion shows and lookbooks to make this top 20. We see fabulous options that feature bold prints, mannish tailoring, minimalist styles, bold colors and functional silhouettes. We see gorgeous models that are appropriate for any occasion, starting from travel to work and black-tie events. There are still girls and ladies who afraid of wearing this trend, though we see lots of celebrities and models who appear in the streets and special events wearing this must-have design. It's fair to say, that it's a super easy garment that makes a stunning impact. The shape, style and prince point is for everyone, so don't tell us that you can't afford it. Plus, there are thousands of ways to rock this garment, no matter the season or occasions. Get inspired now, as we have best designs and ways to rock this trend.

Designer Ladies Jumpsuits 2015 (1)

Each designer offers something original and very must-have. We have rounded up numerous of collections and that's what we've got for you.

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Top 15 Geometric Print Dresses For Spring-Summer

If you are bored of mono-colored dresses, then we recommend you to take a look at these amazing top 15 geometric print dresses for the next spring-summer season. We have examined bold geometric prints from various lookbooks and runways. Today we want you to have a look through these summery looks. Keep in mind one important thing: the patterned ensemble makes a serious splash, that makes you easily noticed, that's why keep the accessories minimum (choose a solid-color bags and clutches) and stick to white, black or the same print shoes. No matter if the geometric pattern comes in bold hues or classic monochrome black and white, these designs surely update your spring wardrobe. Anyway, let's have a look at these gorgeous outfits and see possible ways of styling.

Geometric Print Dresses For Spring-Summer 2015 (1)
If you want yourself a stunning outfit, then let it be a geometric printed dress. Keep your eyes on these beautiful designs.

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Top 30 Creative Print Dresses

Keep it printed! Hey there fashionistas, why don't you keep your eyes on creative print dresses for the upcoming year. We have looked through dozens of awesome lookbooks and runways and today we would like to share with you top 30 designs that can be worn at work, parties and various occasions. We see vintage inspired looks, shifts, pencil silhouettes, maxi options and minis in various bright, monochrome, pixelated, geometric and graffiti like prints. Each design will automatically add an interest to your outfit. No matter if the shape of your ensemble is simple, the important thing is the print that adds a dramatic effect to your look. If you ask what is the perfect age for wearing such creative designs, then the answer is - there is no age limit! You have just to look after your overall style and see if it suits you or not. You are about to see saturated colors that create a fun design and playful accent complementing each ensemble. The best part of the presented designs is the perfect playtime look that makes them special and individual.

Trendy Creative Print Dresses 2015
Juan Vidal offers a delicious strawberry print that automatically makes you look special. This flared bottom ensemble in a chambray color will ideally fit creative events and cocktail parties.

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