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Spring-Summer Denim Trends For Women

In today's post we want to draw your attention to women's latest spring-summer season denim trends. We see gorgeous and fun designs that come in various shapes, colors and styles, in other words- for every mood and every day. We see beautiful cuffed regular and wide-leg boyfriends, amazing trench coats, crewneck A-line T-shirts, wide legged shorts, casual polo shirts, mini cut-offs, denim work jumpsuit/onesies, jean daywear dresses, loose-fit sweatpants-like trousers, shorts jumpsuits, overall dresses, jean jackets, pinafore ensembles, patch pants, denim coats and many other interesting updates that are going to be in trend next spring. We see functional and comfortable layers that come in clean, washed, indigo, worn-effect and patched appearance. Anyway, here are some of th best trends that we think we will be all seeing in the streets.

Spring-Summer 2015 Denim Trends For Women (8)
That's a fun, preppy Tomboy look. We see Net Net creation that includes an essential pullover in gray color that is teamed with boyfriends, isle printed red socks and flat shoes.

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Top 10 Sweater Dresses For Spring

In today's post we want to share our top 10 favorite sweater dresses to wear next spring season. If you ask yourself: Is it ok to wear a sweater dress in the spring? Then the answer is: everything depends on the weather. Some designer brands advice us to be ready just in case if the next year will be chilly. Anyway, this essential is perfect for cool spring evenings. Of course, most of us think that this kind of piece is mainly for winter wear, as we tend to pair it with tights or leggings, some tall boots, cardigans and cute beanies, but the spring and summer time will also give you an extra warmth during your evening and night promenades. There are many cool options to choose from in stores right now, though we wanted to share with you our favorites from the latest catwalks. All in all, thanks to the modern fashion it's very easy to find the perfect sweater dress.

Top 10 Sweater Dresses For Spring 2015 (1)
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Which Coat Trend Should You Try This Spring-Summer

What every woman needs for the streets? The statement cover-up! Today we are going to observe which coat trends you should try this spring-summer season to look statement, fabulous and voguish. For some of you spring season might sound ridiculous for wearing a coat, but we live on different continents where climate is either cold, moderately warm or sultry. The following compilation is appropriate for those countries where temperature is about 68 to 77 degrees during the daytime. Of course, cosiness plays one of the major factors, but we tried to collect those pieces that express your style personality. As you can see, the upcoming warm season is flooded with a wide range of trendy outerwear pieces, starting from long to shortened lengths, shawl necks, shimmering and patent styles to denim offerings. We are really excited by all those creative experimentations, bold colors and fits to choose from. Get inspired now:

2015 Long and Maxi Coats For Women (1)

Here we see Galetsky label's creation in black color. The length is almost reaches the knees. Model appears on the runway looking like an urban chic of the 1990's. We love those white sneakers and cool baseball cap.

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Fall-Winter Women’s Fashion Trends

This time we want to show you this fall-winter season's top women fashion trends that all will be focused on for upcoming season. We want to reflect the best ones for your consideration, featuring bold new silhouettes, modern and high quality materials, as well as bright colors and styles. This time we see comebacks of retro and classic shapes, bright colors, sporty touches, statement furs, as well as astrakhan furs, shearling outerwear, western updates, post-apocalyptic touches, isle prints, oversized silhouettes, cozy knits, cozy robe coats and pretty ensembles worn with pants. The color palette is divided in two contrasting camps, where the one is autumnal and the other one is bright. We see typically wearable fashion essentials with touches of creativity, commercial updates, unexpected classics, luxurious and confident ready to wear garments, as well as experimentations and fashion forward looks. We see experimental, classic, feminine, mannish and very modern outfits. Here is our short list of the top 14 trends combinations.

Fall-Winter 2014-2015 Women's Fashion Trends (1)

Robe сoats? Really? Yes, this season is all about major comebacks, like this awesome topper, which looks like a real bathrobe to us. Pair it with your favorite jeans or chinos and bright shirts.

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Best Spring Apparel Essentials for Women

After months of cold and wintry days, it's finally warm outside. Today we bring you best Spring apparel essentials for women which are versatile, bright and can easily light up your closet, making you look fun, carefree and refreshed. It looks like summer is almost here, but it still a bit chilly outside, that's why we need some transitional clothing to feel comfort by sporting it outside. You are about to see floral prints, exotic details, bright and happy colors, feminine and mannish silhouettes. Keep in mind one thing: you should choose the silhouette and the fit to be comfy and functional. These are the top essentials to wear for work, holiday or everyday use. Here's our guide to the best spring basics you can wear next warm transitional season.

Best Basics to Wear This Spring 2015 (1)

If you love wearing comfortable looks, then try on this T-shirt striped dress, which can be teamed with your favorite white slim-fit trousers.

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Women’s Military Fall-Winter Trend Looks

Welcome back the military trend looks, that are timeless as retro garments. We think this trend is not popular already, but it has some items that will be classics in next decades, like these great combat jackets, military print shirts, trousers and parkas that will be teamed with modern days trends. This pure soldier combat fashion took over the streets of big cities for already couple of years and we still see some shades and inspiration in runway shows and in bloggers daily wear wardrobes. It looks like retailers still keep on offering their clients some eye-catching looks which feature army patterns, cuts and colors. Everything speaks by itself, as we see this trend being versatile in every little fashionista looks. That means many women try to mix up all those patterns and silhouettes with their beloved styles, like hipster, grunge or punk.

Women's Military Fall-Winter 2014-2015 Trend Looks  (10)
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Fashion Trends: Veiled Beanies

We would like to draw your attention on this glamour and quite famous fashion trend called veiled beanies. This trend appeared in 2012 and now it makes a slight and promising comeback. Well, to be honest, this creation looks mysterious and the time will pass, while it will be popular among lots of fashionistas and bloggers, but those who are self confident and look forward, then we advice to try it, look how amazing this fine sheer black fabric looks on your face. Today many designers and brands offer quite interesting headwear items that feature those pretty and sophisticated veils. This veil is kind of connection between the past and modern life. We love when girls and women wear everything that is practical and what really makes them comfortable, that's why fashion is all about being yourself and experiment with style and different looks.

Veiled Beanies (1)
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Women’s Military Trend Clothes & Accessories

It's no secret that military trend comes back in our fashion world. The street style is taken over by khaki, military prints and silhouettes. Designers and brands showcased us many colors, cuts, patterns of military green and khaki, yet we've seen even other color variations which are not from military theme, but have that army vibe. It means that military trend has become more versatile. It feels like we are at the peak of styles mixing, as we see lots of cool vibes mix and matched together. The same can be said about punk style which has a huge comeback, as well as 1990's Grunge theme, that's why wearing army-inspired jacket can be meant you are following one of those trends.

Women's Military Trend Clothes & Accessories

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Rock ‘n’ Roll Style: Women’s Motorcycle Boots

Hello fashion readers, we are back with interesting rock and roll style inspired accessory, which is so must have in the street style nowadays, yes, we are talking about women's motorcycle boots. It's kind of punk rock vibration which is reinvented and modernized with cool pieces. As it gets cold outside and it's time to layer up things. These winter boots are fantastic, who doesn't want cool rock and roll boots, that are comfy, edgy and practical. Sometimes girls and women are too sick of wearing glamor and effortless outfits, that's why they start to think of Tomboyish looks. It's very essential of wearing winter boots with right wardrobe looks, like leather pants, punk dresses, skirts or grunge style inspired garments.

Women's Motorcycle Boots (1)

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Street Style: Women’s Hats

Autumn-Winter season comes in town and it's time to choose the favorite headwear which will save you from cold winds, rain and snow. We are going to share with you beautiful hat street style compilation for this season. Here you will find a beautiful designs of fedora hats and floppy hats. As you can see the street style comes with various models, colors, textures, prints and shapes. Winter hats trend comes with 1940's and 1950's inspired designs, so it means we go more classic. Keep your accessories (hats, gloves) in retro inspired way, while make your style look completely different, I mean you can easily mix up styles: punk, grunge, but never mix up accessories, keep it classic or retro.

Women's Hats - Street Style Looks (1)

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