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Slip-On Sneakers – Street Style Looks and Chic Combinations

How about a versatile look, which is semi-casual and sporty at the same time? We want to share with you an amazing sporty trend which was spotted quite often lately, we are talking about slip-on flat sneakers that amaze everyone with its incredible comfort and stylish appearance. Of course these shoes are simple and more casual, while the shoes top can be colored in numerous colors, patterns and prints. This model features a slightly thick sole, no laces and simple shape. The great thing about them is they look awesome with any style, starting from Tomboy, model off-duty, California girl, smart-sophisticated to polished business, preppy and It-girl look, in other words, any trend which is ready to wear will be easily updated by these shoes. As you have already understood, they can apply to any clothing set, that's why let your imagination keep on working. It seems like, we should share some chic combinations of street style for you inspiration, right?

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Style them with denim jacket, cool black sunglasses and gray turtleneck.

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Pointed-Toe Flats – Street Style Looks and Polyvore Collages

Here are presented ideas and styles of the possible pointed-toe looks that can be worn by you in your daily and evening life. You are about to see beautiful styling options where the flats peek out from the hem of wide-leg pants, or teamed with printed dresses. The ways of wearing pointy toe are countless, as we see cool animal print designs that are worn with black jeggings and oversized knit sweater for a cool street style look, as well as feminine options that feature pointed toe ballet shoes styled with sleeveless tops and ruffled floral skirts, while you can always go timeless classic and wear simple black ones to the office with sleek tailoring or on the weekends with boyfriend jeans.

Pointed-Toe Flats - Street Style Looks and Polyvore Collages (1)

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Women’s Pointed-Toe Flats

Today's topic is women's pointed-toe flats that are still on-trend, stylish and fashionable. Thanks to these shoes there will be no additional need of adding a splash of retro glam to your outfit, just pull off them and you are ready for glamorizing the city streets. There is always a chance to add more dramatic and edgy look, by choosing sharply pointed toes.

The flats with such toes will be a great option for shorter women who do not want to wear heels. As you have already noticed, there is a great variety of flats, that are not only comfortable and easy to wear, but also great looking.

Women's Pointed-Toe Flats (1)

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Flat Sandals For Women

It's almost summer outside and you still wondering which shoes to wear now. We want to help you with this hards decision, as today's topic is flat women's sandals. We are about to share with you perfect shoes that will underline your uniqueness and individuality. If you are beach babe and you like wearing comfy and cool shoes, then we advice you to look at these poolside essentials, like retro slide sandals, sugar sweet flatforms and two-part flats, as well as gladiator styles. This warm season is all about back to the basics and cool comfy designs that are best for vacations and laidback evenings. Stick to these eye-catching flats to wear them on the beach or by the pool.

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Lace Up Flat Shoes For Women

It's not a secret anymore, women are looking for shoes that are comfortable. Yes, real women are wearing flat shoes that still look fashionable and bright. While the real thing about these flats is the comfort and practicality that makes no harm to your health. Many girls and ladies tend to wear shoes with low heels and rounded toes nowadays. May be it's not in the massive trend nowadays, as we see not so many magazines that make editorials and campaigns with the low heels, yet we see women wearing them in the streets, and it's true. Why women started to wear them? When we see women in the offices wearing the brogues and Oxfords we think of them, like: they are real smart ones.

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