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Trendy Metallic Dresses

Every woman should have at least one metallic dress. Today we bring you this great compilation of trendy and dressy ensembles which can be worn for a night out on the town. The presented ensembles come in wide variety of styles (including form fitting, long, short, A-line, flared, etc.) and metallic shades including gold, silver, light gray and more. Here below, you will find how to rock this season's sparkles and glitters. If you have decided to try on a metallic dress, then we highly recommend you to leave all statement jewelry at home, as they will anchor your look. All the showcased designs are perfect for New Year's Eve, some of them are great for office wear, special occasions, etc. All in all, these sophisticated, glamor and chic ensembles will never go out of style.

Trendy Metallic Dresses 2014-2015 (1)

Pretty sleeveless coatdress.

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Women’s Metallic Accessories For Fall-Winter

Today we want to update your look with these beautiful metallic accessories, which are going to be in trend this Autumn-Winter season. This shimmering look adds a more dressy appearance to your outfit, that's why it's up to you which suits you best: light and shiny or darker and more sophisticated. This trend is more appropriate for evening wear: clutches, shoes in metalized fabrics will be a great choice for updating your outfit from day to night. Before you buy gold or silver shades, we highly recommend you to pick your color so it is versatile and modern. Here below are presented gorgeous items which for sure will work great with your overall look. Try belts, shoes, bags, bangles, necklaces, nailpolish, etc. If you still wondering which color best suits you, then here are some tips: gold is meant for those persons who are warm and silver is for those who are cool. Please note several things: wear only one piece at a time, keep other accessories minimal, pair shiny fabrics with neutral colors. Anyway, let's have a closer look at these precious items:

Women's Metallic Accessories For Fall-Winter 2014-2015 (1)

Bronze clutch.

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This Year’s Trend: Golden Attire For Women

It's no secret that many of you noticed golden hues, colors and shades which start to appear in many brands collections. We personally have spotted numerous looks that are made of this metallic-like fabrics, which add a special chicness to the wearer. We want to share with you this timeless collection of women's golden hue attire. You are about to see here amazing pants, opulent dresses in outstanding skin, opulent and rich pantsuits and statement heels. It seems like golden takes over the fashion world, as we noticed many brands offering their clients shiny golden metallic accessories, that look awesome with many wardrobe staples. Here below, you will find the best designs that are offered by many designers and brands.


Gold Pant Suits For Women (1)

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Wedding Jewelry: Rings For Brides

Here is another post about wedding items and this time we are going to share with you some awesome rings for brides. It's obvious, that most of them are made of classic precious metals, like silver, platinum and gold (white, gold), but alongside the traditional metals there are also known such materials as wood, titanium, black zirconium and ceramic. However, the most popular designs are yellow gold and diamond, as they are classic, striking and eye-catching. The designs vary widely, from classic to much more decorative.

If you favor timeless elegance and you love classics, then try to search for simple and traditional plain bands, or for unique designs that suit your oh her personality.

Rings For Brides - Wedding Jewelry (1)
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Awesome Engagement Rings for Women

Today we are going to observe engagement rings that are so must have this year. It's no secret that the classic engagement ring is a one with a diamond in the center, right? Today we have gathered a beautiful collection of brides-to-be rings, that will not only amaze you, but will make you want a real husband already. Here are showcased the engagement styles that are timeless classic, as the one with a diamond in the center, as well as modern and alternative to classic ones. So, here below you are going to find some beautiful highlights that feature big and small diamonds, stones etc., and if you are willing a style which is made from gold, silver, yellow gold or platinum, then we have them right here, below.

Engagement Rings for Women (7)
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How To Style: Diamond Hoop Earrings

Let's talk about beautiful accessories for women- Diamond Hoop Earrings. This accessory is a real sophistication and real treasury for ladies who want to look classy and modern at the same time. These earrings are in style for already 30 decades. That's a real symbol of glamour and kitsch of 1980's and funky disco time. We remember the 1990's when every girl wanted those earrings so much, as that time these earrings looked glamour and grunge. So, if you want to look voguish, then that's the right thing to buy. It's simple and sophisticated, so you can wear them at the evening occasions, at office or in the mornings.

Diamond Hoop Earrings (1)

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