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New Amazing Hairstyles in Marie Claire France

Let's take it to the next level with a help from Barbara Palvin, who looks amazing in the June's issue of Marie Claire France. She is a real spring beauty, as we see showing off trendy looks, which are worn by Barbara. The dark-haired model appears in portrait images donning crown braids, bun styles embellished with floral jewelry headbands, beachy waves, side braids with natural look. Each look is creative and makes you wanna try it. The blue eyes fashion model knows how to attract everyone's attention with her beautiful, long locks. Anyway, let's take a closer view at these gorgeous styles, which are best for your everyday working hours, school parties, prom nights, cocktail events and even formal events:

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Braid crown makes her look like a queen.

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Wedding Hair Accessories For Brides

We know, that most of you check wedding gowns, shoes, make-ups and hairstyles, but we forget about eye-catching and beautiful hair accessories for brides, that's why we decided to share with you the most classic and essential items that will underline your individuality and style. The first item is called comb and it really never go out of style. This popular style can be used not only as a decoration, but it also hold up your hair, we have gathered beautiful designs that make you look sweet and flawless. Our favorite ones are decorated with delicate leafs, pearls, rhinestones and gold plated florals. Another item which can underline your beauty is called tiara.

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Wedding Hair Accessories For Bridesmaids

Today's fashion offers wide range of amazing hair accessories for brides and bridesmaids. Every shop or brand gives us creative and unique items like stunning bridal tiaras, wedding hair combs, wedding fascinators, as well as bridal hair vines and wedding hairpins. Most of these items are handmade and come in amazing color variations which will complement the bridesmaids outfits. We want to share with you our dear fashion readers this amazing wedding headpieces and accessories which will make you look terrific during the very special day. You are gong to find here various hair combs, hair bands, stunning jewelery and other interesting items. We hope that these interesting ideas will complement your overall look and style, as we have gathered together elegant and some really worth-to-wear items.

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Long Hair Decorations and Embroideries for Everyday

Summer season can be a perfect time for you, as you can experiment with your hair as long as you want, making a glorious looks. Let's have a look at the most outstanding decorations and embroideries for everyday wear. The world of beauty offers fancy leather jewelery that is perfect for embellishing the center part or around the wearer's head. That's kind of grunge style to me, but you can always go for a sweet princess, as there are lots of beautiful crowns, that can make you look like a real queen. Nowadays, many brands offer real crowns with jewels, these metal decorations are usually worn with festive outfits, but you can always make a statement to your daily look. This diadem will make you stand out the crowd.

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Ancient Greek Hairstyles For Women

The women of Ancient Greece are known for wearing loose and wavy hair, but there are plenty of other options which let women make different kind of styles. If you really want to look like a real antique goddess, then you have to read the presented beauty tips and make one of these Ancient Greek hairstyles. It's quite simple to do, as you can simply choose your favorite and make it happen. Flowing curls is the main feature of Greek culture, that's why the first step is to curl your strands, so that your locks look layered. It's essential to use the curling iron with permanent cover, but keep in mind, that your strands have to be perfectly clean and dried before this procedure.

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