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Women’s Short Stacked Hairstyles (Pictures)

We want to highlight women's short stacked hairstyles for this year. The most versatile cuts so far are bobs. You can try on different styling options that will for sure update your overall appearance. Today we want to share with you stack cut which is easy to maintain and requires minimum styling afterwards. This update is ideal for those girls and ladies who love active way of living. Another great plus of this style is that it's ideal for those who have thin hair, as the layered hair close to the crown of the head makes an illusion of a full look. This update will suit all face shapes. While the minuses are: a) you won't create a sophisticated updo; b) growing the hair will require much more time, by keeping your hair ending smooth; c) if you have super curly look then it's better avoid this style. Anyway, the stacked look is great option for those ones who want a sharp and experimental look.

Women's Short Stacked Hairstyles 2014 (Pictures) (1)
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Top Hair Color Ideas For Women

Today we bring you top color ideas which for sure will update any face shape, hair length and personal style. These ideas for sure will make you look different, while most ladies are afraid of making changes, as you never know which is your best suited shade. We have some good news for you, as this year comes with softer shades, while the choices are multitude. Here are presented warm shades of red, brown with blonde highlights, natural colors with modern highlights, metallic accents and brilliant brunettes. What are you waiting for just add glamor boost to your locks, and experiment with a versatile color palette that can be combined with your base shade. Some women are conservative and use natural-looking highlights, while others love experimenting with vibrant hues. Here below are presented different colors, that will inspire you for sure.

Top Hair Color Ideas 2014 For Women (1)

Natural brown with light shades.

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Women’s Formal Short Haircuts Which Can Inspire You

Today's topic is women's short haircuts that are ultra versatile and can be used as casual as well as formal looks. Thanks to these ideas you will know for sure which one of these will suit you best. The short length of your hair is a great plus, as you can save money and time in your daily preparing, just imagine yourself waking up late in the morning and you have so little time to get ready, but thanks to short hair you will be ready in couple of minutes. The presented hair inspiration ideas will make you look eye-catching and individual, that's why keep your outfit simple and make-up bold. Here are shown messy styles, glamor updates, asymmetric cuts and creative side-partings. We hope these images will inspire you and you will try on one of these interesting and modern looks.

Women's Formal Short Haircuts 2014 (1)

curly bob

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Simple Braids – Best Hairstyles For Women

Some of the stylists say that braids are only for old-fashioned girls and women, well that's not true, as we all know the fact, which says that braids are timeless hairstyle, which makes you look statement, classic and lovely. This look is the best for an everyday wear and can be achieved in many style variations. So, when you are in a rush, then this cool transformation will take you up to the next level. Of course there are really modern styles that feature three, four and even five braids, which might look tight, either loose. Indeed, this technique includes many variations, that's why creation will be considered as a great extra. We have gathered all the best hairstyles for women that can be done in short time.

Simple Braids - Best Hairstyles 2014 For Women (1)

That's an awesome almost side look, which makes you original and chic.

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Wet Look Hairstyles For Women

Spring-summer season comes with amazing wet hair look styles that are ideal for special events.

Thanks to the modern special texture sprays and gels you will change your appearance drastically and believe us, you will see how these products may add a glance shine and terrific addition to your overall look.

Those ladies who have short hair will look amazing sporting this wet style, while those women who have medium locks should not overdo with the wet effect, otherwise you will look like a grunge girl.

2014 Wet Look Hairstyles For Women (1)

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Voguish Bun Hairstyles For Prom

Let us share with you this amazing gallery of voguish bun hairstyles that are simply ideal for prom and evening occasions. We would like to give you only the best season's buns that will look gorgeous and elegant on you. The great thing about this style is that you can make it in couple of minutes and it won't take much time for using hair sprays to fixate it. What you have to do is to use your ponytail and turn it around a rubber band and hide the hair ends inside of the bun and fixate it with invisible pins. As you can see, the making of this style is not hard, that's why it is an ideal option for those ladies who do not want to waist much time on their hair before the prom night.

Bun Hairstyles 2014 For Prom (1)

A side part statement look.
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Best Ponytail Hairstyles

Today we want to share with you this compilation of women's best ponytails for this season wear. This year's hairstyles come in various looks that suit long and medium hair lengths. You can choose either to make classic, sleek or messy style that will underline your personality. We love those messy ones that feature several strands around the face. It's no wonder why so many women choose exactly ponytail hairstyles, as this style is practical, confident, universal and timeless. The best thing so far is the fast styling, which takes up to 5 minutes to make it perfect and great. Thanks to easy styling you can use it while you are doing sports or at the business meetings. Some women love bouffant that volumize your locks on top, while others adore side ponytails, classic, tight ones and messy.

Ponytail Hairstyles 2014 (1)

Elegant smooth updo

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Half Side Braid Hairstyles For Women

The braids were always beautiful and many women and girls tried to don this amazing style during their working days as well as for special occasions. That's a traditional hairstyle, which can be either classic or glamor and modern, that's why we want to share with you these perfect and eye-catching options that will for sure make you look creative and sophisticated. The thing is that each style is unique and everything depends on how you will make it, that's why we are going to share with you all the best ones. Get inspired, now! We really love this style, which features one side hair and half side three braids. As you already noticed, this look will suit women with heart shape faces. That's a magnificent look which will underline your creativity.

Half Side Braid Hairstyles 2014 For Women (1)

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Center Part Hairstyles For Women

This season's runway shows featured collections with hair part in the middle and side. Today we to share with you some eye-catching looks that feature exactly middle parting which either can look sleek and combed, slightly disheveled. Of course, there are lots women who think that this middle hair parting will look quite ridiculous on them, but listen, you can look through this great compilation of celebrities, models etc. who rocked the red carpets and catwalks in a middle part, that's why it's better to risk once and fell in love with it for all your life. This style is a versatile, as you can keep it casual, as well as going for a concert.

Center Part Hairstyles 2014 For Women (1)

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Women’s Hairstyles: Plaited Buns

If you feel yourself like a princess Leia from Star Wars, then this post is meant just for you our dear readers. We want you to channel your inner Princess Leia two plaited buns for this season, as we saw several fashion shows which featured similar hairstyles, like Miu Miu models during Fall collection, as well as at Marc Jacobs shows. It really doesn't matter if your hair is long or short, as if it's too short, then you can always recreate the wanted look by the great range of clip in buns, that are available on-line nowadays. This style is really simple, but, as you can see, it's quite effective hairstyle, that doesn't even require a stylist.

Plaited Buns 2014 Women's Hairstyles  (1)
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