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Bags with Floral Appliqués

Today we are going to share with you some outstanding bags that feature floral appliqués. You are about to see here standout pieces that will complement any outfit, no matter if it's casual or formal. We personally felt in love with Prada creations, that feature naive flowers, as well as satin appliqué baskets, trimmed with fur and leather clutches. Every creation wins an it-bag status.

Anyway, there are countless other brands that use East inspired techniques to offer Oriental cherry prints, daisies, Hybiscus designs that are inspired by Andy Warhol works.

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Evening Bags and Clutches For Spring-Summer

Many brands and designers offer us impressive and standout accessories for this Spring-Summer season. We have seen so many fashion shows that feature gorgeous styles that can be worn for different occasions and events. Today we want underline our favorite evening bags and clutches that will complement any formal and special look. It's essential to have an eye-catching piece that would make you look unique and individual, that's why we have some brilliant options that might be of interest for you. You are about to see wooden designs, original prints, creative shapes and embellishments. Anyway, let's start our little trip into the world of evening accessories.

Brian Atwood offers sequined style which for sure will complement ivory dresses, as well as dark gowns.

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Perfect Women Beach Bags For Spring-Summer

It's no secret that recently beach bags have become popular. Today we want to share with you perfect women's designer bag styles that are going to hit the stores this spring-summer and we tell you more, some experts say that these accessories are going to be best selling. You are about to see some really striking designs and fabrics that will make your so awaited vacation comfortable and voguish. The main thing about these accessories is the spacious forms, comfortable design and striking look (prints, colors and embellishments). We are about to share with you these amazing, versatile and unique styles that will make your summer vacation perfect and fresh. New season is full of comfortable and spacious bags, which are real must haves of the beach fashion.

Women Beach Bags For Spring-Summer 2014

Tod's offers a perforated leather design which features comfortable handles.
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Neon Shoes and Bags For Women

What can be better than neon clothing for the upcoming spring-summer season, right? Today we will speak about how to wear this clothing to look great and stylish. We will share with you some of the brightest street style and clothing images which will help you to imagine yourself wearing modern outfit. Here below we will see fun and tricky styles that will make you stand out the crowd. So, what are we waiting for, let's get some inspiration. Some like mixing neons with neutrals, we mean, why don't you try wearing neutral outfit accessorized with cool vibrant color satchel or handbag, which can be colored in pink, green or blue.

neon satchels
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Striped Accessories to Wear Now

In our previous post we have discussed striped garments and how to wear them, so today's mission is to share with all of you these gorgeous accessories that are striped. Here you will find a compilation of beautiful items, which will for sure underline your persona and make your outfit stand out the other ones. So, what are we waiting for, let's get inspired by these pretty accessories. One bold accessory which can make you stand out the crowd are the striped heels, that will look gorgeous teamed with muted clothes. We love striped pumps that come in multi-tonal hues (starting from classic white and black to gold and brown). It's time to choose something luxe and statement, so why don't you try on these striped shoes, which are so must have this year.

striped heels (6)
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How to Wear Red Accessories This Year?

Today we would like to speak about red clothing and accessories which are going to rock this year, so let's begin our little trip into the world of red fashion. It's no secret, that red is the color of passion and sophistication and believe us, it's isn't just for Christmas and New Year's eve celebration, it's perfect for bold and self-confident women, who want to underline their uniqueness and originality.

First of all, if you want to accentuate your persona, then the best way is to choose some cool and fashionable red stilettos, which will underline your individuality, that's why we have gathered some great looks which feature these lovely shoes.

Red Accessories
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