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What To Wear With High Heel Sandals

This time we want to show you what to wear with high heel sandals this year. High heel sandals are a casual take on a classic heel, that's why wearing this footwear at the daytime you are making more sophisticated look. The shoe varies in thickness of the heel, its height, number of straps and the overall style and design, that's why every shoe should be carefully considered by the wearer. Do not forget about the overall look, as it's essential to find the perfect combination which will make you look stunning and elegant. Today, we want to help you to find the right look for you. The first rule which is really important- experiment. It's very common for girls and ladies to experiment with various styles, colors and fits, that's why we recommend you to take a risk and make combinations till you find the best look. This footwear is ideal for formal and special events, wearing with glitzy, frilly, lbd's, or lace dresses. Style them with any outfit to make it look more feminine. As you can see, they look great even with black pants and conservative ensembles. Let's see the best polyvore combinations to make some notes:

What To Wear With High Heel Sandals (1)

How about black high low silk dress which can be styled with strappy caged heels. Update your glamor look with golden bracelet, coin necklace, moon leather clutch.

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How to Wear Knee High Gladiator Sandals

Gladiators make you look statement, powerful and sophisticated at the same time. This trend will undoubtedly continue to be worn this year, as they are comfortable and look good. We love them because of their versatility, which takes them from casual to elegant and formal appearance. In today's post we would like to draw your attention to Polyvore combinations which feature these sandals successful looks. Wear them with shorter dresses which sit above the knee, short skirts and shorts. Be very careful with the high leg gladiators, as they will catch the whole point of attention of your outfit, so balance your look and do not overdo it, by making the only focus on the sandals. That's a big trend this season, that's why try on various styles and materials. By the way, these shoes are extremely versatile as you can take them from casual to elegant in just the change of an outfit. Once again, wearing knee high length shoes, always think about balance of your entire look. Let's start our trip in the world of gladiator sandals combos:

How to Wear Knee High Gladiator Sandals (1)

How about simple tee in white embellished with metal chain belt, jean cut offs.

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Classic High Heels

We have decided to share with you this season's best classic high heels which are not only timeless and elegant, but also comfortable and versatile. The presented collection consists of beautiful high heels, skinny strap pumps, pointed toe booties, sheer open toes and knee boots. Thanks to these models you will allure in the streets and make statement moves during special occasions, like weddings, prom nights and Christmas eve. We are totally in love with these steel metal heels, colorful styles in gold hue, black suede, matte leather, light blue, velvet, red and green. We think it's the right time to have a closer look at these feminine shoes.

2014-2015 Classic High Heels (1)

Green open toe formal sandals.

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Street Chic Looks: Cuffed Jeans

Fashion moves in a spiral way and everything which considered to be in fashion several decades ago becomes popular lately. The same thing concerns about styling your everyday outfits. Today we are going to share with you street chic looks which feature cuffed jeans. It was reinvented by our beloved celebrities during their appearances on the streets, while many paparazzi spotted them wearing this casual look on a daily basis. That's a relaxed and understated style which updates your style and makes it fashionable, easy and carefree. Basically, this trend suits all possible styles starting from casual, grunge, boho-chic and off-duty looks. Some stylists state that there is something Parisian in cuffed jeans. This update looks simple and sophisticated. If you are wondering how high your cuffs should be, then there is only one answer: how high you want them to be? There exists no incorrect sample in the fashion world, that's why any style of your jeans will look amazing rolled up. If you will ask, what shoe styles will suit with cuffed pants, then the answer is: any shoe, which you want to wear.

Street Chic Looks - Cuffed Jeans (1)

The best sample of oversized jeans are boyfriends, which can be rolled up in one or even two folds. As you have already noticed, this look makes you more bohemian and chic. While the skinnies which feature cuffs may not be so visible, but they definitely will update your shoe wear appearance, as you can style them with ankle heels, tennis shoes and loafers.

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Red Pumps and High Heel Shoes – Amazing Polyvore Combinations

Hey there ladies and girls, today we are about to view this gorgeous Polyvore combination which features red pumps and high heel shoes styled with different and amazing outfits. You are about to see here urban styles that will make you look like a rock chic, glamor Tomboy, bad school girl, etc. For some of you wearing these bright heels means hard hours of thinking through your wardrobe, as it's quite hard to find appropriate pieces that will combine each other. We want to share with you these pretty styling looks that will for sure underline your personality and make you standout the crowd immediately. Here are presented attention grabbing clothing sets that are still in trend and will for sure draw a lot of attention. Let's see the possible styling tips:

Red Pumps and High Heel Shoes -  Amazing Polyvore Combinations (2)

Red pointed toe pumps can be worn with classic slim white jeans, black lace top, creative hat with ears, black circle sunglasses with metal lace details around the frames, evening black blazer and gold clutch.

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Women’s Formal Shoes: Peep Toe Pumps

The peep toe pumps are meant for warm and sunny weather wear, as their design is not meant for rainy, gray and wet days. Today we want to share with all of you this great compliation of women's pumps that are ideal for different vacation trips, walkings down the streets, glamor parties and special occasions, like celebrities cocktail parties, etc. So, if you really want to add some special style to your daily outfit, then these stylish shoes will for sure make you look special and versatile.

While, there are different interesting options that will suit your office day wear, thanks to these shoes you will add an impressive element of powerful confidence. We advice you to look for patent leather styles that come in black color, as they will suit various suits and business appropriate ensembles, we hope you will choose the right ones that will for sure update your closet.

Peep Toe Pumps  - Women's Formal Shoes (1)

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Women’s Shoes: High Heel Pumps

When you have to complete your head to toe workweek or study week look, then the first thing which comes in your mind it's a pair of cool and fashionable pumps. Today's fashion offers a really great variety of these shoes, starting from thick to thin heels, as well as tall and short ones, color blocked to printed ones, from classic to fashion forward designs, etc. Anyway, we want to share with you some really impressive, embellished and eye-catchy designs that will perfectly suit your daily skirts, dresses and trousers sets.

The pumps look great during warm seasons, like summer and spring, that's why if you want to be fashionable, then we offer you some really comfortable and statement looks that will not only excel you, but will give you the right dose of effect and uniqueness. We want to give you some special designs that feature various detailing which makes you both casual and professional.

High Heel Pumps (1)
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Business Attire: Women’s Shoes

Today's topic will be women's best office shoes for this spring-summer season. As you all know, women seek for practicality, as they spend the most time wearing these designs, that's why our mission for today is to show you all this magnificent compilation of ready to wear footwear designs that will make you feel and look awesome! All this footwear are made of qualitative materials, that's why you do not have to worry that your feet might be in danger. Of course, you are about to see a great variety of shoes, but listen, you don't have to be an expert to know, which one is your best, that's why keep calm and see everything by yourself.

Women's Shoes 2014

Sergio Rossi offers the ones which can be styled with formal attire.
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Women’s Office Shoes

This Spring-Summer season will be possible to look professional while showing off your signature style. We are going to share with you office fashion shoes, which are eye-catching and come in classic, bold color/print and modern shapes. Of course, most of them are timeless, while some are real trends nowadays. It's no secret, that these styles will make any outfit look chic and perfect. You are about to see various heel heights, that's why it's up to you which ones to select and which of them will suit your workplace. As you already noticed the quality construction and details are very qualitative and statement. Anyway, let's start our trip into the world of work shoes:

classic pumps by Pierre Hardy

These classic pumps by Pierre Hardy will compliment your beige office pantsuit or beige separate look.
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High Heel Wedding Shoes For Bride

Today we want to make you look outstanding at your very special day called wedding, as we have collected the most eye-catching and trendy high heel wedding shoes for brides. It looks like this special fashion can be divided into two different sections, where one is classic & timeless, while the other one is trendy and modern. As we have already divided our post into two significant diverse camps, then it looks like we need to make a tiny introductory part about each of them. So, the first one which we want to discuss is called the timeless fashion and it features high heel shoes which are made in classic shapes, basic colors, which are well known and loved by all. The classics are usually made of leather.

High Heel Wedding Shoes For Bride (1)
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