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Power Suits For Women Are Back Best Ideas How To Wear Them

If you are into powerful, smart and courageous style, then power suit is what you really need. Sure, you better avoid looking like a girl from the 1980s, that's why I recommend balancing the outfit by adding modern pieces. Trust me, every lady can nail this look, it's super easy to adapt the suit to your own style. In this article, we are about to see different styles of power suits to try out now. Be sure to check them all and choose your favorites. Get inspired!

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Modern Hippie Style For Women

We saw lots of hippie inspired clothing during the runway shows and today we want to share with you this upgraded comeback style for this season wear. If you are a fan of music festivals, fringed details, tribal prints and boho touch, then these clothing combinations are meant for you. We want to show you amazing and daring combos which for sure will inspire you. This time hipsters go aside, as it's more hippies inspired season. Flowing fabrics, feminine details, comfortable and alluring must haves. As you have noticed, this style can be unique and beautiful, so you don't have to be a Greenpeace member to pull it off. There is kind of 1970's vibe which makes these looks more vintage inspired. Anyway, let's have a closer look at these awesome wardrobe staples.

Modern Hippie Style 2014 For Women (1)

The amazing red blue silk tunic with beads and embroidery is styled with Aztec print denim cut offs, canvas tote, platform sandal heels, mirrored aviators and embroidered headband.

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