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Trends: How To Style Outerwear With Dresses

A few weeks ago I posted about various ways of layering dresses. Today I’m going to share with you best tips on how to style outerwear with dresses. You are going to see beautiful tailored vests worn atop maxi florals, safari uniform jackets styled with fit-and-flare cocktail numbers, cape-coats worn atop evening appropriate silken ensembles, as well as many other interesting options. In other words saying the sky is the limit, as you can use various cardigans, shirts and jackets to layer up your beautiful dress. The most important thing while combining your gown with a jacket is the right combination of gown's silhouette and the outerwear's length. Well, according to modern collections, we see daring crashes of the balances and proportions.

Outerwear With Dresses - Spring-Summer 2015 Trends (1)
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How To Style Women’s Down Coats

In this post we are going to observe the best ways how you can style and update women's down coats. If you are looking for great ideas, then we advice you to take a closer look at these timeless and awesome apparel combinations which stay popular year after year. There are popular styles, which come with sporty touches, oversized looks, denim separates, office style garments, down town urban details, casual updates, as well as grunge touches. We have gathered the best looks which for sure will keep you cozy in the cold. There are so many styles to choose from, which are ideal for wrapping up in the cold weather. There are pretty designs which keep you looking sophisticated and fashionable. All the presented outerwear staples are suitable for any kind of athletic activities. So, if you’re thinking about wearing new trendy wardrobe essentials, then we highly recommend you to check these trendy fall styles.

Women’s Down Coats (1)

The first look is all about grunge touches. We see flannel shirt paired with grey and cozy pullover, biker style jeans, black leather booties, cool fedora hat, transparent umbrella and long patent down coat.

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How to Style Skirts

We know many interesting ways of styling skirts this season. You can either go professional, classic, timeless or bold and modern, everything depends on your mood and style. There are so many different ways pairing it with awesome tops, jackets and blouses. Today we bring you best styling tips that you should get your hands on. When it comes to choosing appropriate top and bottom for matching your shape and style, you are pretty much scared, as you are afraid of overdoing it, either making it looking too much simple. We have chosen glamorous, as well as clean and sleek updates to simplify your choice. Pay attention to the cut of your bottom, as most ladies want to accentuate and emphasize it in the most flattering way.

How to Style Skirts In 2015 (1)

How about contemporary update by sporting a relaxed top with leather sleeves and wrapped, asymmetric cut skirt.

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What Pants Are In Style For Spring

Today we want to share with you what pants are going to be in style next year. We are going to show you images from resort season's lookbooks. As you can see, some of the styles are borrowed from the male wardrobe in shortened versions, while there are wide-leg, boot-cut models, etc. In other words, in the big city life anything goes perfect in terms of fashion, as we see ladies walking down the streets sporting impressive new silhouettes in delicate fabrics and shapes. Designers and fashion brands prepared for us truly classic and timeless slim-fit and cropped solutions, cuffed and baggy ones. Everything depends on your overall style, if it's more professional, then we advice you to choose classics, instead of maxi-lengths, but let's take a closer view at the most favorite ones:

What Pants Are In Style For Spring 2015 (1)

If you are creative person, then try on striped and patched version which looks a bit baggy, yet cuffed. This design can be styled with a knitted top and pretty heeled sandals.

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How to Style Wide-Leg Pants

We have seen lots of resort collections and we must admit, that wide-leg pants are still in fashion this year. Usually stylists offer us to wear a tight tops with these trousers, though many designers and brands offer us more mannish looks with loose-fit shirts and blouses. There are pretty styles which feature shaped jackets with hourglass shapes, which add unique fit-and-flare silhouette. You can always pair them with a form-fitting sweater (V-neck, turtleneck, etc.) for chilly mornings. We love layered shapes, that's why we advice you to go for knitted shrugs, or slouchy and relaxed cardigan. Those of you who want to keep feminine touches, then we advice to go for extra waist accentuation, by making it more visible. Anyway, here are presented some eye-catching looks, which for sure will inspire you.

Maiyet Resort 2015 Collection

If the weather is quite cold, then we advice you to try on a dark camel trench, statement scarf and wide-leg trousers.

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White Pants In Style

Yes, white pants haven't gone anywhere, that's why we can assure you, that white pants are in style for this season. Today we want to share with you latest resort season lookbooks which are full of wide-leg, skinnies, slim-fit, wedge and cigarette styles. They can easily update your classy outfit looking more business like or casual, everything depends on your personal choice, that's why we want to show you some tricks how you can pair your clothing essentials. First rule is that you have to mix and match your separates, by sporting different textures and colors, by looking more sophisticated or fresher. The same colors of your separates will make you look like a doctor, that's why keep the contrasts a bit, or you can always add different color belt, or other accessories which will break that monochromatic image. This year is the year of white shades, that's why keep on experimenting with different color tones. So, if you are wondering what outfit ideas would be best for you next year, then let us show you the most versatile and simple looks.

Maiyet Resort 2015 Collection

Totally white look is styled with black blazer.

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Fedora Hats For Autumn-Winter

Fedora hats are a popular accessory not only for men, but in today's life it's a great additional for women, as it looks cool and casual headpiece which compliments almost any style. We want to share with you possbile styling looks of fedoras which featured many catwalks during fashion weeks. The Fall-Winter season keeps your voguish side on a higher ground and gives you plenty variations of hats which will update your wardrobe in a moment. As you can see from the images below, there are no lack of stylish ideas, as we see stunning styles for the whole new cold season. We personally find this style very masculine and retro inspired, as it's a real reminiscent of the Old Hollywood style. If you want an occasional playful twist, then wear your fedora as a casual accessory. Keep it smart-casual and go for a "city chic" look.

Fedora Hats For Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 (1)

Go vintage and pair your black sheath with a cool beige cardigan. Complete the look with black headpiece.

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Denim On Denim – Men’s Style For Summer

We would like to show you men clothing styles inspiration for this summer season which include denim on denim trend. We think every man owns at least something made of jeans fabric in his closet. This year many brands and designers offer us double denim outfits from pants to jackets. We love this masculine and rugged fabric for its comfortability and practicality. While, in fact we love this fabric for its versatility. You can make any style you want by simply balancing these clothes and creating either smart-casual ensembles, business-casual, semi-casual, sporty and dandy looks. We have observed numerous fashion shows and lookbooks, that's why we have some favorite looks which feature modern staples, perfect essentials, effortlessly casual and masculine updates including slim-fit shirts, blazers, vests, patched and loose-fit trousers and washed separates. All in all, please welcome statement and cool compilation:

Denim On Denim  - Men's Style For Summer 2014  (1)

A washed style look which features suede men shoes.

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Black & White Outfit Combination Ideas for Summer

If you are one of those ladies who wants to create a contrast clothing combination by wearing black and white outfits, then let us share with you this awesome compilation of dark colors, smooth textures and feminine silhouettes. That's a gorgeous comeback which draws everyone's attention, it gives additional elegance and it's very easy to accessorize. The black and white clothing for sure will hide figure flaws, like black side panels at the waist which create curvier illusion, while vertical lines make the illusion of height. These outfits can be either dressy or look casual. Keep everything sleek and simple, while make accessories shine and glitter. The monochrome outfits can be either classic or striking modern, everything depends on your imagination and event. The work appropriate outfit is always black skirt/ trousers and white top (make it contrary)- looks effortlessly chic. Anyway, we think this compilation of runway and lookbook ideas will for sure help you to make an outstanding outfit look.

2014 Black & White Outfit Combination Ideas  (1)

A classic dress worn with long coat.

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How to Wear Knee High Gladiator Sandals

Gladiators make you look statement, powerful and sophisticated at the same time. This trend will undoubtedly continue to be worn this year, as they are comfortable and look good. We love them because of their versatility, which takes them from casual to elegant and formal appearance. In today's post we would like to draw your attention to Polyvore combinations which feature these sandals successful looks. Wear them with shorter dresses which sit above the knee, short skirts and shorts. Be very careful with the high leg gladiators, as they will catch the whole point of attention of your outfit, so balance your look and do not overdo it, by making the only focus on the sandals. That's a big trend this season, that's why try on various styles and materials. By the way, these shoes are extremely versatile as you can take them from casual to elegant in just the change of an outfit. Once again, wearing knee high length shoes, always think about balance of your entire look. Let's start our trip in the world of gladiator sandals combos:

How to Wear Knee High Gladiator Sandals (1)

How about simple tee in white embellished with metal chain belt, jean cut offs.

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