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How To Dress Like A Lawyer

We think most of ladies will agree with us, that being a lawyer is one of the most respected and important jobs today, but there is one important thing, which is essential for everyone- looking perfect at work. In modern life most workers dress more casually, but it doesn't mean you have to wear jeans. We tried to find the balance in comfort and formal details, so that you don't have to compromise with your preferences. We mean, you don't need to wear suits all the time, you have to combine formal pants with semi-formal tops, like sweaters, blouses, business appropriate dresses, etc. Stick somewhere between business casual and business formal look. So, if you want to look professional, then stick to these Polyvore sets dear friend.

How To Dress Like A Lawyer (1)

That's what we call business casual style. Here we see a wool turtleneck sweater in grey color, which is styled with pleated navy trousers, pale pink blazer, camel gloves and pretty light brown handbag.

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Glam Rock Clothing Ideas For Women

We are here today to help you with awesome glam rock clothing ideas. We want to show you the brightest apparel which will help you to achieve that special glam rock look. You all know that this style has both punk and goth details, that's why we have some great tips which for sure will inspire you for making a fabulous wardrobe staple. The following Polyvore sets combine glam metal, gothic rock and many other fashion influences, which will make you look bold in the streets of big city. As you can see, these creations are ideal both for young and older generation. You are about to see great biker jackets, flared skirts, casual rock band tees, shiny, shimmering accessories, fringes, and other statement details. All in all, I hope you are prepared and ready to be rocked:

Glam Rock Clothing Ideas For Women (1)

Hello Dear Bowie. Here we see a stylish greyish biker jacket styled with high-waisted, glossy flared, pleated skirt, Bowie tank top, high sole chunky sandals in white color and a perfect clutch-bag.

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Men’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Style Clothing

Today's topic is men's rock and roll style clothing and possible apparel combination ideas which will help you to look fabulous, edgy and masculine. In the past rockers were dressing in clothes which was accessible and common, like skinnies, slim fit jeans, leather jackets, while nowadays, there are some exclusive prints, details and colors which can underline your uniqueness. No matter if you are into heavy metal, grunge or glam rock, here are real looks which will make you look noticeable and confident in the streets and various events. We have made these 10 wardrobe combinations, which are our favorites and can easily inspire you. Of course, this style of clothing is all about breaking rules and pushing boundaries, but we think it's better to be done in a more elegant way. Keep it simple and easy-to-wear, these are main rules, but keep the details noticeable.

Men's  Rock ‘n’ Roll Style Clothing (1)

As we have already mentioned, keep it simple and try basic denim trousers, black and white shirt, high top sneakers, studded belt, awesome neck-tie and mannish sunglasses.

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10 Best Rock ‘n’ Roll Style Ideas For Women

This one is dedicated to all the girls, who are crazy and creative in their lives. We are about to show you ten best rock and roll styles ideas for women to wear this year. This style can be created by modifying existing clothing, as well as adding some edgy details and accessories. This look was popular back in the 1980's, when the punk music genre was famous. We remember those awesome lady hawks, explosive bobs, mohawks, studs and leathers. This clothing is based on self-expression, that's why it's up to you how bold you can go with this look. There is now right and no wrong rules, there is only yours imagination and happy emotions to complete your outfit. We want to share with you must-have outfit ideas for an edgy and rock and roll wardrobe. We hope these outfit ideas will inspire you to make an awesome look. The today's fashion mixes all styles together letting your imagination creating unique and individual outfits. We absolutely adore these rock chic concert clothing ideas, which will for sure give you some great tips on creating edgy and stylish look.

10 Best Rock 'n' Roll Style Ideas For Women (1)

Keep the overall appearance elegant, but add some details which will identify your personality, like a tee with cool prints and studded necklaces.

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1970’s Inspired Clothing To Wear This Season

Modern Past Influence. Today we are going back for 1970's fashion inspired looks, which are easy and ready to wear this season. We want to share with you stylish combinations of beautiful bell-bottoms, hippies styles, platform shoes, wide-legged and flared jeans, trousers, as well as disco look suits and wrap dresses. The designs are slightly relaxed and feature elongated silhouettes. If we speak about colors, then earth tones come back in fashion, as well as vibrant and eye-catching colors, including yellow, green, pink, orange, red, blue, etc. We felt in love with furs, biker jackets, party ensembles, casual and night out outfits. It really feels like we are back in 1970's. You are about to see plaid patterns, stripes, fringes, hippie inspired accessories and jewelry. Our personal favorites are tight fitting pants, high cut boots, low cut pants, cowl necks, leisure suits.

1970's Inspired Clothing (1)

A relaxed daywear wrapped ensemble in boho print

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How To Style: Maxi Dresses Best Polyvore Combinations

Today we are going to share with you this amazing Polyvore maxi dresses combination set, which features gorgeous ideas of how you can style your best beach ready look. We all know, that this type of dress is very easy to wear and can be pulled off absolutely with everything, but there is always a big but, like how to wear them this year? That's why we have decided to make it clear for you and show some brilliant designs that can be easily styled and combined with lots of accessories, including hats, sandals, bags, sunglasses and bracelets. You are about to find interesting fashion advices and styling tricks which will for sure help you look your best in a maxi. All the showcased options which will suit various body types, that's why we really hope you will find here your favorite combination.

How To Style Maxi Dresses 2014 Best Polyvore Combinations (1)

That's a fantastic look for spring-summer 2014 season, which includes straight strapless neckline ombre maxi dress in shades of blue, straw fedora, Lolita sunglasses, cool shopper bag, cuff bracelet and patent leather espadrille sandals.

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Red Pumps and High Heel Shoes – Amazing Polyvore Combinations

Hey there ladies and girls, today we are about to view this gorgeous Polyvore combination which features red pumps and high heel shoes styled with different and amazing outfits. You are about to see here urban styles that will make you look like a rock chic, glamor Tomboy, bad school girl, etc. For some of you wearing these bright heels means hard hours of thinking through your wardrobe, as it's quite hard to find appropriate pieces that will combine each other. We want to share with you these pretty styling looks that will for sure underline your personality and make you standout the crowd immediately. Here are presented attention grabbing clothing sets that are still in trend and will for sure draw a lot of attention. Let's see the possible styling tips:

Red Pumps and High Heel Shoes -  Amazing Polyvore Combinations (2)

Red pointed toe pumps can be worn with classic slim white jeans, black lace top, creative hat with ears, black circle sunglasses with metal lace details around the frames, evening black blazer and gold clutch.

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10 Best Polyvore Combinations “How To Style Transparent Frames”

Today we are going to speak about possible styling variations that can be opted by you for combining clothing sets with transparent frames. For some of us it's quite hard to style clear glasses with our everyday basics, that's why we want to help you with these bright Polyvore combinations that will underline your uniqueness and will make you stand out the crowd. We have gathered different styles so that you can find your perfect match which will inspire you to look for the same clothing sets while you are shopping. You are about to see here sporty, hippie, preppy, casual and many other styles that are so popular these days. We really hope that you will like this beautiful compilation.

How To Style Transparent Frames - 10 Best Polyvore Combinations (1)

Here we see:
Nautical wrap watch
Tory Burch Metallic Rim Sunglasses
TOPSHOP Amy Textured Blouse by Jovonna
Burberry Double Cashmere Trench Coat
ONLY Ultimate Soft Reg. Skinny Pimsl13 Noos
VANS Grindle Authentic Womens Shoes
CHANEL Tote in velvet touch calfskin with interior removable pouch

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Amazing Street Style Combinations & Looks For Summer

Today we want to share with you an amazing street style combination looks that are perfect for this summer season. You are about to see girls wearing botanical prints, denim skirts, amazing halter dresses, short shorts, ripped jeans and moto looks. We love these pretty tailored looks, that make a kind of preppy French style looking. Let's observe all these looks in a detailed review, as we want to share only the best ones that are not only preppy, but grunge, edgy and Tomboy inspired. Let this warm season be casual, sportswear inspired and consist only of practical and comfortable staples. We have gathered together all impressive and vibrant styles that will make you standout the crowd at special occasions, work or cocktail party. All in all, it's time to watch this summer trends.

Amazing Street Style Combinations & Looks For Summer 2014 (1)

That's a nice combination for your city walk: a light suit jacket styled with mannish shirt tucked in jacquard print short belted with a skinny strap.

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Stylish Ponytail Hairstyles – New Ideas For Women

We want to share with all of you this beautiful and stylish compilation of women's ponytail hairstyles for this year that features some bright and new ideas worth to be tried. Many girls and women want to try this elegant and feminine style. This look is easy to be achieved and no matter how you make it - messy or classic, you will always look fabulous. You can wear it at work, business meetings, formal dinners or during your city walks and night outs. This year ponytail comes back in fashion, that's why you can try different styles that will underline your individuality. By the way, if you still think that these looks are too simple, then you can always update it with gorgeous jewelry, including earrings and necklaces or beautiful make-up, like smokey eyes or cat-eyes. We hope this compilation of different styling tips will inspired you to style it in a right way.

Stylish Ponytail Hairstyles 2014 - New Ideas For Women (1)

That's what we call messy ponytail

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