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Bomber Jackets For Women

When you want yourself an outerwear that is both cool, sporty and mannish, then go for bomber jacket. Today I bring you an awesome collection of this season women bombers that are functional and voguish. If you haven't already noticed, bombers are having a fashion moment right now. They are ideal for making an awesome impression in the streets, making yourself look off-duty and sporty. This cool cover-up is an essential tool in every fashionista's arsenal made especially for chilly days. It can be used as a lightweight layering piece from mornings to evenings. There is kind of boyish basic touch that makes this effortlessly, striking elegant look to be a must-have for this season. If you like the balance between casual and classic styles, then I highly recommend you to try one of these awesome cover-ups on. Want to know what bomber jackets are in this season? Read on!

2015-2016 Bomber Jackets For Women (1)

Here we see a fur black-and-white version that is probably the most original look. It's perfect for evening events. It comes from No. 21.

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Double-Breasted Jackets For Women

There are a lot of classic and essential jackets to wear. Today I am going to share with you double-breasted jackets for women. These styles are not only practical to keep us warm in the colder months, but they accent and compliment your outfit. In this compilation you are going to find amazing pea-coats, denim coats, tailored cozy creations, cropped versions, exaggerated blazers, as well as loose-fit designs. There are so many interesting cuts and lengths that need to have in your wardrobe this year. So if you’re looking to spice up your wardrobe, look for these 11 classic and essential double-breasted jackets.

2015-2016 Double-Breasted Jackets For Women (1)
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Women’s Military Style Jackets

Today I want to draw your attention to women's military style jackets to wear now. You are going to find absolutely gorgeous styles, starting from olive cargo jackets to tailored belted cover-ups. This trend is incredibly versatile and can work from warm to cold seasons. The next plus of this style is the versatility and timeless look, so you can definitely give your personal twists to this trend. Indeed, you can always incorporate this jacket with other trends making your look fabulous. Hope this style guide will inspire you to buy something new and ultimately strong.

Women's Military Style Jackets 2015-2016 (1)
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Suede Jackets For Women

I think you all know that suede is one of the most wanted fabrics in fashion scene. The posh quality of suede jacket will make any woman look special and it's true. I personally love these styles for sleek, crispy look, rich texture and soft touch. This year we see pretty cool soft designs that are both comfortable and voguish. You are going to see casual styles that are both classic and timeless. No matter if you go for casual nights around town, or work, suede jackets will get you from place to place. The great thing about this outerwear is that never goes out of style, that's why it's an ideal investment (plus this type of cover-up will last season after season). In this compilation you are going to find durable creations in short waistline styles, asymmetrical hems and feminine shapes. I am 100 % sure, with these stunning cover-ups you will reach new levels of sophistication.

2015-2016 Suede Jackets For Women (1)
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Street Style Statement Jackets For Women

If you want yourself a street style statement jacket, then I've got an awesome collection for you to look through. Today we are going to observe this season statement cover-ups that for sure will brighten up any day. Here are presented polished, studded, printed, wrap, grommet creations. Each one of the showcased styles will fit your basic outfit, no matter if it's a casual or work attire. Speaking of different kind of embellishments, then I recommend you to think twice before adding any bright jewelry on, otherwise you will look like a Christmas tree. Better keep it simple. You are gonna be wowed by the creativity and functionality of these go-to pieces. This outerwear will become the most defining part of your wardrobe. Anyway, let's have a look through these images and choose our favorites:

2015-2016 Street Style Statement Jackets For Women (1)
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Trends: How To Style Outerwear With Dresses

A few weeks ago I posted about various ways of layering dresses. Today I’m going to share with you best tips on how to style outerwear with dresses. You are going to see beautiful tailored vests worn atop maxi florals, safari uniform jackets styled with fit-and-flare cocktail numbers, cape-coats worn atop evening appropriate silken ensembles, as well as many other interesting options. In other words saying the sky is the limit, as you can use various cardigans, shirts and jackets to layer up your beautiful dress. The most important thing while combining your gown with a jacket is the right combination of gown's silhouette and the outerwear's length. Well, according to modern collections, we see daring crashes of the balances and proportions.

Outerwear With Dresses - Spring-Summer 2015 Trends (1)
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What Women’s Jackets Are In Style For Winter

The best way to transition your wardrobe into colder months is to wear cozy outerwear. Today we show you what women's jackets are in style for winter season. You are going to see versatile and super stylish outer garments which will keep you cozy, when the temperature drops. The best option is to find a quirky, polished, bright and versatile design, which is not only fashionable, but also functional. We have spotted lots of classic and essentials outerwear that are real must haves for any wardrobe. Try pairing your outer garments with office and casual outfits, so it can fit for everyday and special occasion wear. Check out these awesome looks, which can change your regular look completely and let us know what you think about it.

What Women’s Jackets Are In Style For Winter 2015 (1)

If you want kind of fashion-forward look, then we advice to go for this kind of style.

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How To Wear Women’s Shorts With Jacket This Spring

If you ask yourself how to wear women's shorts with jacket this spring season, then let us make it clear and share with you this great compilation of possible combinations of how you can create an eye-catching and statement look. We have observed many resort collections and today we bring you the best looks to be inspired from. You can either pair bright tops with shimmering styles, you can go totally in one color, keep it sporty, elegant, make a perfect suit for work or casual parties. If you go for patterned shorts then you can go either for plain either for the matching top to balance the look. The outerwear features statement blazers, anoraks and casual updates. Since warm season is all about bright colors, then we advice you to go for cheerful hues, but do not forget about the well known classics, like black and white. The entire collection includes bottoms with various lengths, starting from short to long ones. If we speak about shoes then here are presented dressy and smart-casual low heel pumps and timeless flats. Anyway, everything depends on you, which of the showcased looks is a perfect outfit for you?

2015 Women's Shorts With Jacket (1)

Keep it modern and try on yellow jacket styled with leather shorts.

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What Women’s Jackets Are In Style For Spring

If you wondering what women's jackets are in style for next spring season, then we have got for you this pretty compilation of stunning outerwear. We have chosen the latest and most awesome designs for you to try next season. As you can see there are cool bikers, anoraks, bombers and cropped versions. When it comes to spring time, designers offer us lightweight versions made of warmth fabrics, so that transitional and freezy weather can't make us catch a cold. Every outer garment shown in this gallery is functional, fresh, trendy and wearable. We are sure, that all these options will get you through the next warm season. Thanks to our team we have rounded up the best options or you to try. All the presented items are worth to be bought.

Women’s Jackets 2015 (1)

We see a classic bomber in modern print, which is worn atop knitted sweater and leather pants.

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How To Style Skirt With Jacket This Spring

We'd like to draw your attention to the next spring season, as it's time to show you various options how you can style skirt with jacket. As you know, fashion never stops and moves forward offering us new trends, while stylists observe each collection and mark everything what is wearable and can be worn in daily life. You are going to see maxis, minis, midis, asymmetric, pleated, regular fit, wrap, A-line and airy skirts which are teamed with sporty, modern, elegant, cropped, short, belted, regular, casual and formal outerwear. Actually, this kind of combination is very feminine and it's perfect for those women, who are confident and love wearing ladylike separates. So, we think it's the right time to get started observing next year's easy-to-wear looks:

2015 Skirts with Jackets (1)

Here we see incredibly practical and comfortable high-waisted style in polka dots paired with a short down jacket.

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