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Best 1980s Fashion Trends For Women To Follow This Year

We have a huge comeback in the 80s this year. In today's blog post I am going to show you stunning fashion ideas and tips on how to use the best tricks from the 1980s fashion that can make you look fabulous. We have seen many cool details during runway shows, including fabulous glam rock style, sporty workout chic looks, stunning denim pieces, including denim jackets, overalls and high-waist jeans, leopard and polka dots print, etc. That's why it's time to implement them in real life to wear on the streets.

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15 Best Jumpsuits

I've got an awesome compilation for you tonight. We are going to see 15 best jumpsuits for this season. This piece is bigger than ever for the new season ahead. The onesie stealing the show, as many designer brands offering us sophisticated day and evening styles to wear from office to cocktail parties. Here are shown surprising smart casual alternatives for the workplace and elegant events.

Jumpsuits 2015-2016  For Women (1)

Milly offers a rich blue colored style that is both ideal for work and parties. Finish the look by adding grey colored pointed toe pumps.

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Top 20 Ladies Jumpsuits For Spring-Summer

In today's post we want to share with you next spring-summer season's most wanted pieces- jumpsuits. We have rounded up numerous ready to wear fashion shows and lookbooks to make this top 20. We see fabulous options that feature bold prints, mannish tailoring, minimalist styles, bold colors and functional silhouettes. We see gorgeous models that are appropriate for any occasion, starting from travel to work and black-tie events. There are still girls and ladies who afraid of wearing this trend, though we see lots of celebrities and models who appear in the streets and special events wearing this must-have design. It's fair to say, that it's a super easy garment that makes a stunning impact. The shape, style and prince point is for everyone, so don't tell us that you can't afford it. Plus, there are thousands of ways to rock this garment, no matter the season or occasions. Get inspired now, as we have best designs and ways to rock this trend.

Designer Ladies Jumpsuits 2015 (1)

Each designer offers something original and very must-have. We have rounded up numerous of collections and that's what we've got for you.

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What Jumpsuits Are In Style

We have seen awesome jumpsuits in the latest resort collections and today we want to share with you the best styles seen so far. If you are asking yourself what jumpsuits are in style, then you are on the right page, dear friend. We truly believe that anyone can pull anything off, even jumpsuit. The only thing which really matters is the cut and the accessories. The one piece garment was popular back in the 1970's and 80's during the hippie years. It seems like today's fashion kicks them back. In this post you are going to see various colors, textures, patterns and silhouettes. That's a real statement-making piece, which makes every woman stand out from the crowd. All in all, it’s all about finding the right fit and style for you.

What Jumpsuits Are In Style For 2015 (1)

The first thing which catches everyone's eyes is the color and prints, as you can see this one has a colorful umbrella print. Go with 1970's inspired touches and choose sleeveless t-shirt silhouette which can be paired with heeled open-toe mules.

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Women’s One Piece Jumpsuits

In today's Polyvore combination we are going to share with you beautiful women's one piece jumpsuits for this season wear. Give them a try this year and see the great versatility of this piece. We would like to show you dressy options which can be worn under jackets, as well as business appropriate options, which are perfect for dinners and formal meetings, office appropriate wide leg styles and other creative styling ways. So, the presented compilation consists of sleeveless, open back, wide leg, tuxedo, one shoulder, denim, hooded, lace, sheer, leather and draped designs. Each look is outfitted in different style, starting from business, semi-formal, opulent, special occasion to urban and sporty variations.

Women's One Piece Jumpsuits for 2014 (1)

First one is ready for the beach look. It consists of sleeveless, buttoned jumpsuit (which can be belted with a braided belt), polka dot trilby hat, caged buckle strap wedges, tote in polka dots and statement floral necklace.

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Chic Outfits: Evening Jumpsuits for Women

Those ladies who want to show off at the special event, like prom night, New Year Eve celebration, weddings or formal dinner will for sure like this compilation of chic evening jumpsuits. Here are presented elegant and festive designs with sophisticated details and silhouettes. You are about to experience 1970's inspired styles, glamorous sequined, bold color options and silk-crepe, silk satin designs. The colors come in bright yellow, black, polka dot, red, classic black, burgundy and gray hues. All the showcased models can be embellished with high heel sandals or stilettos, statement jewelry, earrings and cuffs. We hope these jumpsuits will totally change your look.

Evening Jumpsuits for Women (7)

Silk belted black

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Beach Jumpsuits For Summer

How about wearing jumpsuit for this summer? That's an ideal outfit for the beach by the way. We have decided to share with all of you our dear fashionistas some bright and beach appropriate options that will underline your style and will for sure make you stand out the crowd. Many designers and brands offer us various designs, different silhouettes, colors and textures that can be worn this season. Today we are about to view this year's most popular outfits that can be bought in many on-line shops. The great thing about this piece is the timeless relevance that stays season after season. It's official- jumpsuits won't go away, contrary, it seems they are gaining back its popularity. For those of you who still can not decide which one to choose for this summer, we are here to help you! Here are presented amazing looks which are great for the the beach. You are about to see relaxed silhouettes, light colors, thin fabrics that makes all these models to be lightweight. All you have to do is to embellish your favorite look with statement jewelry and glamorous hats.

Beach Jumpsuits For Summer 2014 (1)

Here we see amazing floral print V-neck sleeveless style cinched at the waist, a jacquard print spaghetti strap and festive style which can be embellished with a cool handbag.

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Black Jumpsuits For Prom

If it happened so, that you are about to attend a prom night, or a nice evening event or kind of special party, but you don't know what to wear on, then we have a great solution for all of you, yes, you can try on a nice black jumpsuit. Yes, you are may be a bit shocked, as you thought we are going to advice you some kind of dress, or a nice LBD, right? No way, darling, this year is all about jumpsuits. That's a great alternative to a dress, as it comes in so many styles, cuts and embellishments, that we simply lost count. That's truly a must have item, as it's sophisticated and rebellious. It really makes girl or lady look 1970's inspired, like a real Disco diva. What we really love about this item is that it shows less skin of the wearer, but it really underlines her femininity and looks awesome and contemporary.

Black Jumpsuits For Prom (6)
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