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Functional Knitwear Trends

It wouldn't be fall without knitwear, that's why I want to share with you knitwear trends to follow this season. Many designer brands revealed so many interesting takes on knits, starting from pretty and cozy accessories to matching separates, long dresses and trousers. In other words saying, I see a fresh spin that makes every piece look individual.

Knitwear Trends For pre-Fall 2015 (1)

Antonio Marras keeps it slouchy and relaxed. In love with abstract pattern.

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Knitwear: Sweaters For Ladies

Say hello to the knitwear trend, as we are here to share with you awesome ladies sweaters. In this collection you are going to observe fun and practical sweaters to wear from work to evening parties. Thanks to the cozy fabrics you will now have chance to survive the most terrible frosts. Indeed, each one of the showcased designs will keep you warm on the coldest days. The great plus of these creations is the voguish style, that makes you individual and trendy. You don't have to worry about long walks in the town, as many designer brands offering us numerous of cozy sweater styles that will warm up you evenings. I am pretty sure, you will definitely find here something that will suit you.

Sweaters For Ladies - 2015-2016 Knitwear (1)

MM6 Maison Martin Margiela offers a neon lime green cable knit top worn with black ankle-length pants teamed with black mannish boots.

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Women’s Knitwear: High Neck Sweaters

Make some fun with your knitwear this season, as I've got an awesome collection of high neck sweaters to share with you. You are going to find here clean lines, close-fitting essentials, awesome prints, slouchy fits, elongated sleeves, structured knits and oversized shapes for cool cover-ups. If you think it's too tricky to look chic and stay warm, then I recommend to look through these awesome images of cozy essentials.

High Neck Sweaters 2015-2016 Women’s Knitwear (1)
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Women’s Knitwear: Cardigans

Today we are going to speak about the most versatile knitwear for women called cardigans. It's a sweater with front buttons that comes in various shapes, wool thickness and lengths. This type of cover up will always successfully complete any type of outfit, no matter if it's a casual or formal look. Thanks to its versatility, you can successfully complete any type of outfit, even a very modern look. The fit of nowadays knitwear styles varies, as you can go for a simple, exaggerated one or choose the slim-fit option. Anyway, it's a perfect choice for those ladies who want to create a layered outfit by adding this awesome knitwear atop dress, or a maxi skirt.

Cardigans - Women's Knitwear 2015-2016 (1)

Band of Outsiders keeps it casual and cozy. In love with this white blazer-like look.

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Top 25 Ladies Knitwear Garments For Spring-Summer

Keep yourself in a cozy garment this spring-summer season. In today's post we want to show you our top 25 ladies knitwear designs to wear next warm season. The following looks are meant for those chilly and wet days when you want to stay at home, but you have to go out and meet up your business client/friends in the town. There are pretty beautiful looks that come in voguish shapes, starting from slim-fit to oversize, where the sleeves are tight, baggy, cocoonish, three quarter and elongated. We see stunning designer brands jumpers, cardigans, sweater dresses, cropped tanks, wrap styles and many other interesting looks. Speaking of colors and prints, then we see gorgeous pastels (pink, blue, cream), deep shades and colorblocking creations. Every fashionista will surely like these pretty and easy to wear garments that are not only comfortable but also eye-catching and trendy. Anyway, keep your eyes on these warm and lightweight knitwear for your everyday wear.

Ladies Knitwear For Spring-Summer 2015 (1)

How about wearing a statement gray wool piece with an exaggerated 3d braided details. Try it on with glossy leather skirt and suede thigh-high boots.

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Top 10 Sweater Dresses For Spring

In today's post we want to share our top 10 favorite sweater dresses to wear next spring season. If you ask yourself: Is it ok to wear a sweater dress in the spring? Then the answer is: everything depends on the weather. Some designer brands advice us to be ready just in case if the next year will be chilly. Anyway, this essential is perfect for cool spring evenings. Of course, most of us think that this kind of piece is mainly for winter wear, as we tend to pair it with tights or leggings, some tall boots, cardigans and cute beanies, but the spring and summer time will also give you an extra warmth during your evening and night promenades. There are many cool options to choose from in stores right now, though we wanted to share with you our favorites from the latest catwalks. All in all, thanks to the modern fashion it's very easy to find the perfect sweater dress.

Top 10 Sweater Dresses For Spring 2015 (1)
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Women’s Knitwear For Spring

Thanks to the latest resort collections we can predict which women's knitwear designs are going to be in fashion next spring season. As you all know, warm months by your calendar doesn't mean you can wear light clothes, as it can be quite cold outside, that's why you need something cozy, which will leave you looking chic and keep you warm. So, the transitional months come with light knits, which are cozy enough to save you from the winds. The following compilation includes classic updates with clean cuts, timelessly elegant shapes and different colors, starting from the dark to bright and colorful ones. As you already understood, the showcased looks come in as many designs and styles as possible to suit various occasions. We love the wool chunky updates which are styled with awesome trousers, chinos, skirts, belts and pretty outerwear pieces. You are about to see oversized cardigans, dresses, cropped tops, sporty crewnecks and 1990's inspired silhouettes.

Women’s Knitwear For Spring 2015 (1)

That's a perfect investment for transitional season wear. You can easily combine this wrap cardigan with your favorite casual looks, as well as keep the basic separates minimal, like we see in this image, where model appears in totally white look and layered by this awesome knitwear.

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What Women’s Knitted Sweaters Are In Style

If you are searching for information what women's knitted sweaters are in style this year, then you have landed on the right page Dear! Today we want to share with you this awesome compilation of women's cozy knitted tops with modern shapes and timeless styles. There are numerous of stylish designs that will keep you look chic and warm at the same time. Many brands and fashion designers are now offering us pretty much amazing knitted looks to wear these days. Cover up this cold season with soft, ribbed or sharp top which has an easy and comfortable appearance. Here are presented the prettiest knits which are worth wearing next cold season. If you need some fashionable layers to stay comfortable and cozy, then the following collection will for sure help you to deal with freezing.

Women's Knitted Sweaters 2015 (1)

Cable knits are classic and always refresh your fall look. Select the ones which come in vibrant and fresh colors, like the ones we see in the image above.

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How To Wear Scarves This Fall-Winter

Today we'd like to share with you amazing designs and ways how you can wear scarves this Autumn-Winter season. When it comes to layer up the look before going out in winter cold days, then it seems like we can pull on everything on. But the thing is, you should not prepare for a kind of post-apocalyptic weather, as you can wear simply a cozy coat or jacket and style it with a statement scarf. Today's fashion offers so many different styles to choose from, as you can go nuts wondering which of the scarves to buy for this cold winter season. That's why we've decided to make this post and give you some clues and styles of the best styles so far. Keep in mind one thing, this accessory should not be only fashionable, but also cozy, as it has to protect your neck from the cold winds. So here are a some of our favorite and adorable this winter must haves:

How To Wear Scarves This Fall-Winter 2014-2015 (1)

Try on a multi colored style which looks statement and oversized. That's a real attention grabbing piece, which makes you look great worn with a plain sweater or and neutral hue top teamed with boyfriend jeans or simple blue skinnies. Just wrap it around your neck and make it look bold.

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How To Style Sweaters With Skirts This Spring

In today's post we are going to show you how to style sweaters with skirts this spring season. If you really want to look fashionable and layer your knitwear like a real blogger or fashion addicted fashionista, then we have plenty of interesting ideas for you. We have gathered 15 different looks from resort collections from various brands and designers, which are easy to wear and perfect for windy&sunshine days. You are about to see awesome formal, smart casual and weekends brunch styles for real ladies. Some of them look preppy, grungy, retro, monochromatic and funny youthful. This combination is a popular option for all year round, as there are many variations on different style. As you can see, here are presented oversized, turtleneck, cropped, elongated, fitted and plain knits, while the bottoms can be short, pencil-like and midi. All the images will for sure give an inspiration how to wear a well known outfit next season. We advice to launch the gallery and see some awesome styles.

2015 Sweaters With Skirts (1)

How about elongated sky blue knitted top paired with a black and white checked flared skirt.

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